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WA Telstra Business Awards 2015  

Tuesday night saw the team from Microanalysis swap our lab coats for tuxedos and gowns as we attended the 2015 Telstra Business Awards at the Crown Grand Ballroom. It was a fabulous evening celebrating the achievements and innovation of small businesses in WA.

After an extensive application process that analysed all aspects of business processes from customer satisfaction to financial management and a thorough judging by industry leaders, 23 finalists were invited to attend this prestigious evening. Microanalysis was honoured to be among them as a finalist in the small business category.

The evening treated us to some inspirational speeches by past winners and in particular keynote speaker Carolyn Creswell, founder of Carman's. Carolyn is a true inspiration and an example of what hard work and determination can achieve. She took a small backyard muesli making operation and built a strong, successful business retailing in multiple countries around the world, all whilst raising 4 children. This down to earth incredible woman was a delight to meet. The parallels of Microanalysis starting in our backyard shed with two toddlers were not lost on us! Perhaps perseverance will see us there again next year, as we take a leaf out of Carolyn’s book, having entered the awards 16 times herself prior to winning.

The WA Small Business category award went to inuryConnect. Congratulations to them on this fabulous achievement.

Executive Risk Solutions were the overall winners on the night taking out both the Telstra WA Medium Business Award 2015 and the Telstra WA Business of the Year Award 2015.  Well done guys!

We would like to thank our incredibly talented and dedicated staff for making Microanalysis the amazing business we are exceptionally proud to be a part of.

We would also like to thank you, our clients who appreciate accurate, innovative analytical problem solving. Clients who expect the best and enable us to deliver.

The Unknown Sample

A complete unknown (How does it feel?)
Blocked pipes? Scale buildup? Weird particulates? Interesting rocks? Mysterious dust?
We can help you find out what it is and where it came from.
Identifying an unknown sample is always an entertaining challenge. Without any idea of the origin of a sample, the first step is visually assessing the most appropriate analytical technique (smell and texture can help too). From there we can pick which technique or series of techniques will be the most appropriate.
Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (SEM EDS) can be used the determine the elemental composition of the unknown and the morphology (shape) of the particles. Sometimes this is enough to identify the material and the possible origin.
X-ray Diffaction (XRD) is appropriate for crystalline samples, materials where the atoms form a repeating pattern. We choose to do XRD if the material appears clearly crystalline or if the SEM indicates that the material is likely crystalline and that the elemental composition could indicate the presence of multiple substances. XRD will give the type and relative concentrations of the crystalline phases in the unknown.
Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy (FTIR) is able to identify certain organic compounds, so if the SEM shows an elemental composition indicative of an organic substance (or if the initial assessment shows that the unknown is likely organic) then FTIR could help to identify it.
We also have a wide range of other techniques at our disposal, including GCMS, ICP, XPS, BET, Brightness/Colour and much more. Each step of the way, we assess what we've found out and what the next step should be, if there even needs to be one. 
We transform a complete unknown to a story to be told.

Keep an eye out for Nimue and Rick at the AusIMM Iron Ore 2015 conference next week being held in Perth. Rick will be chairing the last session of the conference, Agglomeration III and Ferrous Burden Performance II.

Image Of The Month
Judi Williams took this month's SEM image. It is of a shell we recovered from a seiving sample.

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Image taken by Judi Williams
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