rearview 2014
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looking back at 2014

With great pleasure I will take you back through past year and wish you a very good 2015.
In 2013 I returned from Delft/Rotterdam in the Netherlands to my childhood home; a farm in the Northeastpolder (Noordoostpolder) more to the Nord of the Netherlands. Since then I live and work on the farm where a nice studio is created. In January 2014, after a large renovation, I could use my new workspace. More pictures of my new studio you can find here .

Photo Estera Knaap.
Participation in the art fair presented by gallery Hommes.
facet egg-tempera on linen 30 x 30 cm
untitled egg-tempera on linen 17 x 49 cm
february & march
Mural in theatre 't Voorhuys. More photo's of the mural standing, waiting, lingering you will find here. The mural can still be seen during opening hours and performances at the theatre.
A solo exhibition with corresponding title; standing, waiting, lingering, consisting a large number of work on canvas run parallel to my working period in theatre 't Voorhuys.  

keuvelen (chatter) egg-tempera on linen 140 x 200 cm
Photo of Reyer Boxem used for the photo reportage local heroes published in the Cultural magazine 14-15.
id11 artists talks and presentation of work by Artists-in-Residence Darryl Lauster and Inge Hoefnagel... and myself on the farm in the Nordeastpolder. With artist initiative foundation I curate exhibitions and organise Artists-in-Residence projects in Delft and on the farm in the Nordeastpolder.
Mural in a historical building in Woudsend, the Netherlands, where the remains of the users are still visible. More photo's of the mural can been seen on my website.

untitled acrylic life size
july & august
id11 organised the visual arts at the Car Art festival in Delft with existing art works and new work made by seven Artists-in-Residence. Photo's of the visual art you will find hereWith artist initiative foundation I curate exhibitions and organise Artists-in-Residence projects in Delft and on the farm in the Nordeastpolder.
Participation in the art fair presented by gallery Hommes.
ruth egg-tempera on linen 27 x 27 cm
untitled egg-tempera on linen 20 x 45 cm
business card
october & november
Artists-in-Residence in Kristiansand, Norway. 
Mural achtereen acrylic | mixed media 285 x 1085 cm. More photo's of my AiR in Kristiansand, Norway you here.
achtereen acrylic | mixed media 285 x 1085 cm
Exhibition Temporary Threads Ekserserhuset, Kristiansand, Norway. 
Exhibition Temporary Threads Ekserserhuset, Kristiansand, Norway. In March-April 2015 a selection of the works on canvas will be presented in a duo exhibition with Pim van Halem at gallery Hommes in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
verstoppertje (hide and seek) egg-tempera on linen 40 x 28 cm
omvatten egg-tempera | mixed media on linen 27 x 18 cm
In Kristiansand, Norway I accompanied 150 students (14 years) of the Grim Skole when making a mural consisting of 50 self-portraits (from behind) in mixed media; acrylics, fabrics and wallpaper. More photo's of the schoolproject are available here.
The huge Rotterdam art calender (Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender) 2015 shows every day the work of another contemporary Rotterdam artist. I represent 20 March 2015 with part of the mural standing, waiting, lingering
standing, waiting, lingering acrylic life size (part of the mural)
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