Hello Friends, Partners and Supporters,

It has been just over six months since we have fully relocated the office from San Antonio to Irving, Texas.  With this move, there also have been several changes that have been implemented along with plans for our next Midyear Meetings and Annual Meetings.  Let me share some of the highlights that have occurred.
First, I would like to introduce Chip Mansfield from KAIROS Marketing.  Chip is our new marketing consultant that will work closely with me on taking the work that the Marking Committee has done to the next level.  This includes developing a new ACCE website, reactivating and managing our LinkedIn and Facebook ACCE group pages, assisting with the further development of our collateral marketing materials, creating and editing the periodical ACCE Newsletter, assisting with the design, development and acquisition of other ACCE brand materials, and providing expertise for an effective marketing campaigns that will target academia and industry. 
Chip will be with us at the Midyear Meeting in Jacksonville so be sure to introduce yourself while there.
During our meetings in Philadelphia, I informed you that I would be taking an active role in meeting with the different ACCE Industry Members.  In November, I attended the AIC Conference in Philadelphia.  Next January, I will be at the International Builders Show with our NAHB partners at the National Housing Endowment booth and the Residential Construction Management Competition, and in March I will be at the AGC Convention.  Also, during some recent trips, I have met with NECA, CHEA, and representatives from Citrus College (a new two-year program in Southern California).
There has been renewed interest from industry in getting involved with ACCE.  I have had meetings with local roofing companies that are interested in partnering with us (thanks to Bill Good for the introductions), The Associated Builders and Contractors are interested in being involved, and there are multiple other industry organizations that have made contact with me about how they can get involved and provide resources for us. 
Some of these companies are working with our Recognition Committee now to obtain our official recognition of their programs.
"There has been renewed interest from industry 
in getting involved with ACCE."
Along with the increase in industry interest, there are several schools that are preparing to become candidates for ACCE Accreditation.  Along with Citrus College as mentioned earlier, Florida Gulf Coast University, Dunwoody College of Technology, Johnson County Community College in Kansas, Collin County College in Allen, Texas, Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, and St. Cloud State University are now or soon will be candidate programs for ACCE Accreditation. 
Our new meeting registration web site is working well for us.  The Eventzilla web site has been very efficient in handling our data and registration fees.  Every day the money that we receive for fees is directly deposited into our Bank of America account, eliminating any delays in receiving funds.  The web site also displays our session schedules with the profile of the leaders for the session.  If you have not registered for the events, here are the links for the ACCE IAB Conference (51 people registered to date) and for the Midyear Meetings Conference (30 people registered to date).
Along with our new partnership with Eventzilla, we now have similar arrangements with two travel partners – Marriott Hotels and American Airlines.  Our future meetings will be held at Marriot brand hotels.  The Annual Meeting is set up to be at the Marriott Hotel Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport next July.  We are negotiating with them for our 2021 Midyear Meeting to be in Irving, Texas.  Also, Marriott provides us with great discounted rates for the members of our Visiting Teams as they venture out to their respective campuses across the nation.  American Airlines has provided a group discount of 5% for the flights to Jacksonville and 6% for the flights to Minneapolis
The first weekend in November, we had our Five-Year Strategic Planning Retreat in Irving, TX.  There were 26 very passionate people that attended the meeting that was wonderfully and masterfully facilitated by Brenda Routt.  We gathered some fantastic ideas to help achieve our objectives.  We will provide a summary of the Five-Year Strategic Plan during the meetings in Jacksonville.
This Spring, we will have one Initial Accreditation visit at Lansing Community College and six reaccreditation visits.  The teams are all set up (there are some MIT openings that should be filled while we are in Jacksonville) and all of the Self-Study Documents and SLO Folders are loaded onto OneDrive.  The teams and the programs are very pleased with our new system of submitting the documents via OneDrive.  We have informed the seven programs that are due for reaccreditation visits in the Fall of 2020 that their Self-Study and SLO materials need to be uploaded my May 1, 2020.
Our accounting firm has completed the formal review of our financial status.  The report will be ready by December 31st.  At that time, I will distribute the report to the members of the Board of Trustees.  Our Annual Report will be ready for distribution shortly thereafter.
Thank you for being so passionate and dedicated to ACCE!
We look forward to the start of the next decade of prosperity and growth for our council and your efforts will make it happen.
Steve Nellis
President / CEO
American Council for Construction Education
300 Decker Drive
Suite 330
Irving, TX 75062
214-755-6105 (c)
972-600-8800 (o)


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American Council for Construction Education
300 Decker Drive, Suite 330
Irving, Texas 75062
(972) 600-8800: Office
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