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“To Finish Well Let’s Live Well Today”

 by Hal Habecker

As a fan of the Tour de France, I love watching the Tour. I find the peloton (all the cyclists riding together in a tightly knit group) a picture of beauty and energy in motion. The colors of the jerseys, helmets, and bikes, together with the changing terrain of the countryside - I just love it.  They move together with power and grace.
However, riding in the peloton brings risks. There have been a significant number of wrecks this July in the peloton. When the peloton moves at high speeds with the riders only inches apart, accidents happen. Just one tiny slip or one split second of not paying close enough attention brings riders crashing to the ground. Riders and bikes are strewn everywhere. Injuries abound. Some riders have injuries severe enough to force them out of the race.
In this sense, too, the peloton reminds me of the church, the Body of Christ. We’re tightly connected to each other. We’re like the peloton moving through life together at a fast pace. Something happens - an unexpected illness, a tragic event, a slip of the tongue, a hurt, a wrong done, a selfish act, and a group of “riders” come crashing to the ground. The Body of Christ is disrupted. It happens personally, in marriage, in family, in work, and in relationships. Though we may get bruised and broken, we get up, climb back on our bikes, and continue our journey to catch the peloton and finish well. 
The Word
For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing
(2 Timothy 4.6-8).

 These verses from the heart of the apostle Paul sum up the essence of “finishing well.” Paul even uses the very words, “I have finished the course,…”
Let me rephrase some of the key thoughts in these verses.
  • Our lives will all come to an end. Sometime, somewhere, we will all breathe our last breath. We may be able to sense its nearness just as Paul did or it may catch us by complete surprise. Either way, we are now preparing for that moment.
  • At that moment we will finish the fight just the same way we have been fighting all along.
  • At that moment we will finish the race just as we have been running all along.
  • At that moment we will have kept the faith just as we had been keeping it all along.
  • At that moment we will see Him face to face because we have been eagerly looking for His appearing all along.
So then, to “finish well,” keep in mind the 4 word pictures that Paul gives to Timothy and us. We need to:
  • Let’s fight the fight well today! There is a battle for our lives (Ephesians 6.10-20).
  • Let’s run the race well today! There is a race to be run, and things keep weighing us down (Hebrews 12.1,2).
  • Let’s value our faith well today! Keep pressing to know Jesus every day (Philippians 3.12-14).
  • Let’s look for Jesus to return today, and let’s live every day with His coming in mind (Titus 2.13)!
Finishing well begins with living well today!
Let’s live today well pursuing Jesus. Let’s live today well pursuing His purposes in our relationships - our marriages, families, and others around us. Let’s live today well doing the “good works that God ordained beforehand that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2.10).
The Life of Finishing Well Ministries 
Our Vision
As we seek to live life from God’s perspective and to glorify Him, we purpose to maximize the spiritual impact of a senior generation of men and women as disciples for the kingdom of God and the local church!
Our Mission
Finishing Well Ministries continues to aim at developing strategic partnerships with churches, parachurch ministries, and institutions for the purpose of mobilizing senior adults for the kingdom of God. Senior adults can impact the kingdom of God as never before.

FWM continues to follow doors that God is opening to us.
  1. There are several churches to whom we will be ministering in this fall. Some are already set and others are in progress. We also continue to have many conversations through whom God is opening doors of ministry for FWM.
  2. We’ve had and will continue to have opportunities to preach and teach in several churches this summer on some of the concepts of “Finishing Well Ministries.”
  • Asian American Baptist Church (June 21 & 28)
  • Clearwater Community Church (July 12)
  • Grace Community Church (Healdsburg, CA, August 2 & 9)
  • Trinity Bible Church (August 16)
  • White Rock Fellowship (August 23)
  1. We had the privilege to speak at Next Step Ministries on Monday evening, July 13, on “Paul’s Example of Finishing Well.” It was an opportunity to think through Paul’s mindset on finishing well. It was very encouraging and challenging to me and all of us gathered that evening.
In conclusion, I want to share two quotes that each relate to the mission of Finishing Well Ministries.

“Our growing body of research indicates that churches of all sizes are not only unaware of most state of science aids to successful aging, but that they are also unprepared themselves for the aging of their congregations. Rather than placing a premium on their older members and what their years of life experience add to the overall faith and growth of their congregation, many of today’s churches consider the elderly somewhat of a burden. Such unfortunate thinking results in lost opportunities for volunteerism for older persons, despite the facts that most are healthy, have retirement incomes, are readily available with their time and have the necessary faith and experience to lead. Some of the most rewarding lessons and programs in churches are taught and over seen by senior members” (Houston & Parker, A Vision for the Aging Church: Renewing Ministry for and by Seniors, p.49).
“Since seniors are living close to the edge of their lifespan, they should be infecting others with a joyous way of life. For indeed, joy expresses spiritual maturity, an emotional summation that God is doing well with our soul. The presence of such in our community is like a fragrant garden, refreshing and uplifting. As one saintly elder used to reflect, daily she could present a nosegay of a sweet spirit to refresh others. This is evidence of a true, ongoing growth of spirit, vitally alive (Houston & Parker, p.69).


Finishing Well Ministries Summer Preaching & Teaching
  • Grace Community Church (Healdsburg, CA, August 2 & 9)
  • Trinity Bible Church (August 16)
  • White Rock Fellowship (August 23)
Thanks for praying for this ministry. Thanks for your friendship in encouraging us. Thanks for your investment in supporting us financially.
I trust you are having a blessed summer.
Hal Habecker

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