WACE IRG Newsletter #01 June 2016 -  Annual Report
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Annual Reports 2016


2016 is upon us and with it comes the unveiling of the first WACE-IRG Quarterly Newsletter. This first issue is a special Annual Reports edition showcasing the year in review. This is an exciting initiative for us as we grow as a group and work together to advance research on cooperative and work-integrated education (CWIE). The concept of a newsletter for the IRG has been talked about off and on since we first formed in 2012 and then earlier this year, Dr. Kylie Twyford, past Vice-Chair for Asia-Pacific, contacted me to say she was willing to develop and manage it. It was a WOW moment! The timing was perfect. In four years, we had grown from just over a dozen researchers to more than 80 from all over the globe and we had developed a strong structure led by a dedicated Executive Committee. So with Kylie leading, she and I began developing a newsletter. Now, at the 2nd WACE International Research Symposium, we launch our first issue.

The goals of the newsletter are threefold:
  • To facilitate and increase international communication and collaboration in relation to CWIE research
  • To engage and connect with WACE IRG members for the purpose of increasing their sense of belonging to the group and participation in events
  • To facilitate the scholarship of CWIE and raise profiles of chapter members through the dissemination of research and developments.
We hope you find great value in the content of the newsletter and that it inspires you in your work as an ambassador for CWIE. Finally, since we want the newsletter to be as relevant as possible to you, we look forward to hearing your comments on this first issue.

Warm regards,

Dr. Maureen Drysdale
Executive Chair  - WACE International Research Group
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Dr. Maureen Drysdale


New CWIE Developments in Africa

  • SASCE plans to host the first Africa Assessment Institute and will be depending on the WACE and National association communities to support this intervention.
  • The development of a new SASCE website with a dedicated Facebook profile facilitating fruitful conversations between stakeholders.
  • The African Journal for Work-Based Learning was submitted in May 2016 for accreditation. The accreditation of this journal will undoubtedly generate more interest in research and facilitate publishing opportunities in Africa. An international editorial board was established for the journal. The accreditation of this journal will undoubtedly generate more interest in research and facilitate publication opportunities. Online versions of past editions of the journal is available through the new website.

Future CWIE events in Africa

  • 2nd WIL-Africa Conference will be held from the 19 – 22 September, 2016 and hosted by the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • WIL 2016 Conference, 25 – 29 July, 2016, in Kumasi, Ghana.

Past CWIE events in Africa

  • The first of many WIL Africa Conferences to come was hosted by the University of Johannesburg in collaboration with the National Skills Authority (NSA). WIL AFRICA showcase various partnerships and best practice models of WIL and Co-operative education and work-based learning. Attendance at the WIL-Africa Conference, held in collaboration with the NSA, exceeded expectations, given the short notice for the event. The 189 delegates for this conference consist of WIL Proactive participants from around Africa, South-Africa, Officials from National, Provincial and Government Departments, NGO’s, Media, Academics, Corporates, a keynote speaker from Thailand and various other key stakeholders with a vested interest in WIL. The attendance of SASCE Board members and members of the Boards of NSA and W&R SETA and their contributions during the programme must be acknowledged.
  • During the conference an award ceremony was held to celebrate the contribution, success and achievements of the organisations who partake and promoted WIL in their work place and other environments. The awards ceremony was exciting and well attended as it showed off the potential of WIL in Africa. Some of the award winners are shown in the images below.

CWIE Associations in Africa

Southern Africa Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE)
Dr. Roelien Brink, Vice-Chair (Africa)


Dr. Phil Gardner from Michigan State University was awarded the CEIA Dean Herman Schneider Award, Educator.

New CWIE Developments in the Americas

  1.  Journals and Publications:
  • NSEE is partnering with Southern Utah University (SUU) to create a new EE Journal
  • CEIA is partnering with the University of Waterloo for UW to house and allow access to past issues of the Journal for Co-op and Internships
  • CEIA is bringing back their Experience Magazine and will produce a Fall and Spring edition annually
  • WACE annually produces The Best of Co-op, A Guide to the Leading Colleges and Employers
  1. Grants:
  • WACE - International Research Grant
  • CEIA - undergraduate research grant
  1. Award winners:
  • CAFCE - Kirk Patterson – Albert S. Barber Award – Contributions to Philosophy and Practice of Cooperative Education in Canada; Andrew Andrade and Rumman Ullah Khan - Emery-Dufault Award; CAFCE Web & Statistics Database Committee -Service Award 2015; and Rachel McDonald and Shauna-Kay Jones - Co-op Students of the Year 2015.
  • CEIA - Dr. Phil Gardner, Michigan State University- Dean Herman Schneider Award, Educator; PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP – Charles Kettering Award, Employer; Dr Sheri Dressler, PhD University of Central Florida– James W. Wilson Award, Advocacy for Research Activity; Best Practice Award: FSU Career Center.
  • NSSE: John Ramsey, PhD - Outstanding Leader in EE in Higher Education Award; SUU –Outstanding EE Program Award; Joshua Netzer -  EE Rising Leader Award; Pamela Brumbaugh – John S. Duley Lifetime Achievement Award; Dr. Sydney A McPhee - William M. Burke Presidential Award for Excellence in EE.

Future CWIE events in the Americas

Past CWIE events in the Americas

  • NSEE: 44th Annual Conference "Experiential Education for the 21st Century-Preserving High Impact Practices in a Digital & Virtual World” - 5-7 October, 2015, Florida.
  • Campus Compact: ERCC 2015 Moving Us Forward- Intersection of Community Engagement and Collective Impact, October 14-16, 2015.
  • Campus Compact: A Think Tank on Social Innovation and Civic Engagement, October 26, 2015.
  • Campus Compact: Annual Lynton Colloquium on the Scholarship of Engagement, 14 November, 2015.
  • Campus Compact: PACE Conference (Pathways to Achieving Civic Engagement)- faculty and staff sharing research and best practices, 10 February, 2016, North Carolina.
  • 2016 Annual CEIA conference-Big Ideas Happen Here - 3-5 April, 2016, Texas. Digital images of Dr Sheri Dressler receiving the James W. Wilson Award and the event are below.

CWIE Associations in the Americas

CAFCE - Canadian Association for Co-operative Education

CEIA - Cooperative Education and Internship Association

NSEE – National Society for Experiential Education

WACE Secretariat housed on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Lowell in the USA.

IARSLCE – International Association for Research in Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Campus Compact
Dr. Sherri Dressler, Vice-Chair (Americas)

Asia - Pacific

New CWIE Developments in Asia-Pacific

  • At the WACE 19th World Conference the Asia-Pacific region was the proud recipient of the four major WACE Awards. Judie Kay, RMIT and President of ACEN, Australia, was recognised for her tireless work advancing WIL institutionally, nationally and internationally, receiving the award for' Excellence in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Commitment to Cooperative & Work-Integrated Education'.  Dr Gregory Reddan, Griffith University, Australia, received the WACE Best Refereed Paper Award for his paper 'Enhancing the Employability of Exercise Science students'. Dr Karsten Zegwaard, University of Waikato, New Zealand, was awarded the Academic Award for Professional Achievement, and the always smiling, Dr Sampan Silapanad, Vice President, Western Digital Thailand, received the Dr Jack A Curry - Employer Award. Digital images of the recipients are below.
  • The contribution of NZACE to the national and international arena of workplace learning is now available on their website through the dedicated NZACE Legacy section.
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education (APJCE) first special issue for WACE Research Symposium was produced during 2015.
  • ACEN continues to progress work with the Australian National WIL Strategy in collaboration their partner signatories with a joint national website in planning and a communications plan being developed.
  • ACEN supported three research grants of AUS$10,000 each in 2015 to further the scholarship of WIL in Australia. Information on the three successful research projects are listed here.
  • ACEN is introducing National WIL Awards to recognise the contribution partner organisations make to successful, sustainable and innovative WIL.The inaugural awards will be presented at the National Conference in September 2016.
  • The Australian Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) funded research project 'Supporting graduate employability from generalist disciplines through employer and private institution collaboration' has produced research-based evidence and resources on graduate employability. Based on published research, the project website lists thirteen different types of strategies that can increase graduate employability.

Future CWIE events in Asia-Pacific


Past CWIE events in Asia-Pacific

  • Hosted by Kyoto Sanyo University and with the support of a KSU Organizing Committee and Dr. Takao Shiba, a 16 member International Advisory Committee, and WACE’s new Japan Office led by Ms. Keiko Saito during August, the 19th WACE World Conference was held in, Japan, with the theme of the conference being 'Towards a Stage of Co-operative and Work Integrated Education for the Innovative minds with Global Competency'. There were over 600 delegates from more than 20 countries who converged on Kyoto for the conference.
  • The 19th Annual NZACE International Conference 2016  was held in Auckland, New Zealand, 20-21 April, 2016 with the theme of Advocacy, Collaboration, Engagement.
  • November 26th, 2015 saw the release of the 2016 QS Graduate Employability Rankings in Melbourne at the 11th QS-Apple Conference. The rankings are a pilot initiative, with a methodology subject to changes for the next editions.
  • The Service Learning Conference with the theme 'To give is to receive: true service-learning' conference was held 27-28 November, 2015, at The University of Notre Dame, Western Australia.
  • In collaboration, Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), the Thai Association of Cooperative Education (TACE), WACE and the WACE ISO@SUT held a successful Planning Institute for High Impact CWIE from 1-4 December, 2015 in Phuket, Thailand.

CWIE Associations in Asia-Pacific

Japan Forum for Work Integrated Learning / WACE Japan Office
Dr. Kylie Twyford, outgoing Vice-Chair (Asia-Pacific)
Dr. Yasushi Tanaka, incoming Vice-Chair (Asia)


New CWIE Developments in Europe

  • EU- Erasmus + application sent in with the name: 'Sharing is caring: easy access and empowerment in the field of social work and higher education' (SIC) (2nd Round).
  • Cedefop - Kristina Johansson was invited as key note at an EU-expert meeting on Life – Long Learning and WIL in Thessaloniki, Greece. February, 2-15, 2016.

Future CWIE events in Europe

  • Application on cost action programme, September, 2016. Partners: DHBW Germany, Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom and University West Sweden.
  • WIL-seminar in CNAM, Paris, France October, 2016.
  • WIL Seminar in Porto, Portugal October, 2016.
  • Network meeting in Porto, Portugal October, 2016.

Past CWIE events in Europe

  • Global theories in WIL- Module given to members of the national associations 2015-2016.
  • Assessment institute at University West, Spring 2016 (18 participants)
  • Network Meeting in Graz – Creating a reference group to ISO-WACE Office, December, 2015.
  • WACE seminar Bridging Practice to Theory – A two day WIL- seminar held in Heidenheim, Germany, April, 2016.
  • IACEE Conference in Porto, Portugal, May 2016. Roundtable and paper presentation on WACE ISO and Co-op as a model for lifelong learning.

CWIE Associations in Europe

VILÄR – national conference in WIL (next conference in December 2016)

Dr. Kristina Johansson, WACE IRG Vice-Chair (Europe)


New CWIE Developments in Oceania

Dr. Kylie Twyford is stepping down as Regional Vice-Chair for what was the Asia-Pacific region. This past year, the IRG Executive divided the Asia-Pacific region into two regions: Oceania (including Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific/New Guinea) and Asia. Each will have a Regional Vice-Chair.

The position for Regional Vice-Chair (Oceania) will be confirmed at the WACE IRG AGM at the 2016 WACE International Research Symposium in Canada .

TBA, Vice-Chair (Oceania)
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