Dance Mixx, Interval Fusion, Flip Fusion..... what's the difference???
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As mentioned in the newsletter, you'll be hearing from us a little more than usual with some education-focused articles. This week, we're providing an explanation of each of our class formats so you can pick and choose based on your preferences and prepare yourself mentally for what's to come! Or, maybe you're a "go with the flow" kind of person and you prefer to be surprised.... that's cool too! We strive to create a well-balanced schedule of classes and hope you'll embrace what we're creating for you.

Before we get started, Sooke members, please bring a stability ball to class this Sunday. If you don't have one, come anyway! You can perform the exercises on the mat - no problem.
All classes are a total body workout and require equipment. We typically use dumb bells (start with 3-5 lbs and increase in 1 lb increments from there. If you can complete most routines without putting your weights down, it's time to move up.) Occasionally, tubes and stability balls will be utilized and this will be notated on the calendar.

DANCE MIXX - our most common format. There's a reason this is most members''s fun!

After a warmup, you'll find the first half of class dedicated to cardio. The intensity rises and falls like a mountain. Choose to ride the intensity up to the peak and then gradually back down again or use the choreographed "parts" to each song to make it an interval workout. Simply alternate from high intensity on one part to medium intensity on the opposing part. If you're opting to make this an interval workout, songs 4-8 are your best bet to make this work. You'll know if you're achieving "high intensity" if you can only sustain the level of exertion for a short period of time (like, 30-60 seconds). The second half of the class is strength work, including core and stretching.

INTERVAL DANCE MIXX - DM's crazy sister....

She can't make up her mind... does she wanna work hard or take it easy? But she might be on to something! This format also focuses on cardio for the first half but the routines fluctuate from moderate intensity to high intensity. We encourage you to go all out on the high intensity songs at a level just beyond your comfort zone for the duration of the song, knowing that the next one will be easier! This one sees definite peaks and valleys with the intensity and plays informally with the idea of HIIT. The last half of the class is the same structure as Dance Mixx. 

FUSION - A little extra strength work mixed into the cardio

The cardio section drops 2 routines in place of extra strength work but otherwise the same as Dance Mixx.

FLIP FUSION - The complete opposite!

Strength-based class with a few cardio bursts mixed into it to spice things up and loosen up those muscles. Most members favourite strength-based class. 

INTERVAL FUSION - Now here's a HIIT workout!

Almost the entire class alternates between high-intensity cardio routines and muscle-building strength routines. You will feel the peaks and valleys in intensity. You will feel the pump. You will feel powerful. And to finish off the hour, you'll work your core and stretch it all out!

STRENGTH 30/45/60 - No cardio!

You don't want to miss these classes! Strength training should play a lead role in your health and fitness strategy. The entire class is dedicated to strength work, including power, overall strength and hypertrophy, core work and stretching. 30/45/60 refers to the length of the class. You'll notice we sometimes tag these onto other formats (Express, for instance.)

EXPRESS - In and out and done.... in 30 minutes :)

Express is a new addition to our schedule. It includes a warm up, short round of cardio followed by a small dose of total body strength work and a stretch. We typically tag this onto another format (Strength30, for instance.) Feel free to come to both or just one!

LO - impact, that is.

All the intensity minus the hop. Removing the momentum means you can focus on the muscle behind the movement a little more. If you like plyo movements, this probably won't be your fave format BUT it offers an opportunity to nail down your form, increase the mind-body connection and work on slow-twitch muscle fiber recruitment, which leads to overall better muscle recruitment, ie, more gains.

CREATING YOUR TRAINING STRATEGY - Do you have one? Do you need one? Do you even want one?

Many of our members come to jazzercise to have fun, hang out with friends and stay fit/healthy. You've found a pretty killer group to do that with! However, some of us have specific outcomes we want from our workout time. If you fall into this category, you will only get so far without a strategy. That strategy should address the following areas:

1. Nutrition
2. Stress reduction
3. Sleep
4. Daily movement and mobility
5. Exercise/training

Consider your goals and what changes you need to make in these areas of your well being. If your goal is to lose fat and/or gain muscle, just adding more exercise or working at a higher intensity is not the answer. You must address all 5 and find a balance. In fact, the work harder, workout more mentality could be doing you a dis-service. Exercise is stress on the body and when your body is in a state of chronic stress, you will find it very hard to achieve your goals. Exercise in the right prescription for your goals+a general overall low stress level=RESULTS.
When it comes to cardio and training at a high intensity, there can be too much of a good thing. We don't recommend going all out every class. Look at the number of classes you attend each week combined with all other forms of exercise. 3 or less per week, you can likely give it your all at every class without over-stressing your body. 4 or more per week, you'll need to do a mind-body scan before class to determine the level of intensity your body can handle. Contrary to popular belief, super stressful times do not call for blowing off steam with killer workouts. It feels good in the moment but you might be better served to lower your intensity during stressful times. Come to class with the intent of getting in some fun movement, working on mobility and having some laughs.

If you could use some help in any of the areas listed above, please let us know! We're here to help guide you and also provide additional services if you need them.


Embrace the variety of formats and equipment - they each have something unique to offer and help us to create a balanced fitness program!
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