Seasonal Fruits & Veggies directly from the growers to Berlin!
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Dear fruit lovers, dear friends, 

I have fantastic news for you!

You can now get truly ripe & natural fruit that is grown and picked in season, sustainable from small farmers in Spain, Andalusia (our neighbours when it comes to more tropical fruit). Growers who care about nature, doing multi-diverse farming and most importantly who care about taste and nutrition, because all fruit is harvested ripe absolutely no treatment while growing or after totally pure, organic and delicious!


Living in Berlin?
Even better – let's start the Raw in Berlin | Fresh Food-Coop.

In short: Become part of the Berlin consumer group and enjoy some of Garden Eden’s finest fruits! This is a non-profit food distribution where we order boxes directly from organic farmers, so pricing will be in your and the farmers sense, this means fair pay.  
Yep, I want this fruit in my belly!
Order before October 15 for the upcoming delivery in Berlin!

How to join and order?

1. Register here for the Berlin group 
(complete the form incl. phone, add ‘Berlin’ in the field ‘city’)

2. Order fruits and other products you like

3. Pick up your order (when delivered in around 2 weeks)

Date and pick up location will be announced, if you know a possible pick-up station or have a place where we can distribute the boxes in one afternoon/evening please let me know.

Raw in Berlin | Fresh Food-Coop
Impressions of the permaculture farm and how the fruit comes to Berlin.

About the project:

I’ve visited Claire and Stéphane who moved to Spain, bought some farmland in Andalusia 9 years ago, built a self-sufficient house and planted hundreds of trees on their permaculture farm. They don’t do any treatments to their farm, no spraying, nothing, only organic compost, good energy and love. They are connected with small, family run farms, all growing with the same philosophy. Then they've started to bring the fruits to their parents in France, friends became interested and at present there are 6 consumer groups in France ordering this fully natural, very nutritious fruits and veggies during the colder months. This produce is much cleaner and tastier than most certified organic (which allows to spray), it is better for the ecosystem and eventually for us.

To learn more about what Claire and Stéphane are doing, watch this video:  

» Video: A Raw Family in Spain
(starting from minute 10 they talk about the farms)

For even more information visit their website and the store, it explains it all in detail:
Home // El Camacho - Natural living in Andalusia
Store // Fruits & Veggies directly from the farmers
About // Claire & Stephane and how it started
FAQ // Fruit origin / How to order and pay

Please spread this message in your channels, tell people about it, send it to friends & family and everyone who might be interested. It’s up to us to fill up the pallet so we can soon enjoy the nutritious, fresh mangoes, cherimoyas, grapes and so much more for a very fair price.  

Thank you for reading and sharing! See you on the delivery day when picking up your boxes :-)

Fruity blessings,

Facebook: Raw in Berlin | Fresh Food-Coop 
Raw in Berlin | Your Healthy Guide!

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