Fruit Flies, working smarter, E-Myth, summer vacation, and more!
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Fruit Fly Patrol

Fruit Fly Patrol

Aire-Master has introduced a new service to deal with fruit fly problems. Fruit flies are a big nuisance to businesses that serve food and beverages. They come to any business in the fruit and produce containers. Once they get into the business they head towards a major source of food — the drains.

Conventional fly traps, bug zappers and similar devices are designed to attract a broad spectrum of flies, mosquitoes and other flying irritations. Fruit flies, however, respond to different chemical attractants and UVA light intensity than other insects.

The Aire-Master Fruit Fly Patrol™ combines:

  • UVA light designed to meet the intensity preference of fruit flies
  • Chemical attractants designed specifically for fruit flies
  • Visual decoys on the capture surface
  • Unique, sanitary capture cartridge which lasts longer than competitive products, is clean and easy to remove without touching insects
  • Attractive sconce-style enclosure that can be placed in restaurants, food and beverage preparation areas, and disposal areas.
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Work Smarter

The Secret Weapon That Will Make You and Your Business Stand Out in the War of Ideas

A Silicon Valley venture capital investor turned to me during a recent lunch and said, “I’ve seen more than 2,000 pitches, and I can only remember about 10 of them.” “What made the 10 stand out?” I asked. “They all told a personal story.”

Asking for Advice Makes You Seem More Competent, Not Less

You hear a lot about fears of heights or spiders or clowns, but down deep, most people are most afraid of this one thing: sounding dumb. New research shows that people shy away from asking for help for fear of appearing less competent, but that this is an unfounded fear: Asking for advice actually makes you seem more capable.

Avoiding Germs on Airplanes

A former airline industry employee reveals some things you should know before flying. Airplanes can be much more germ-filled than you think. Don’t fly without hand sanitizer.

Some Hand Dryers “spread germs 1,300 times more than paper towels”

Dyson Airblade hand-driers spread 60 times more germs than standard air dryers, and 1,300 times more than standard paper towels, according to research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.

There's a Better Way to Wash Your Hands

You do it several times a day: You grab some soap, rub your hands together for 20 seconds or so, then rinse. Yet if you're aiming to get rid of as much bacteria as possible, you've been washing your hands all wrong.

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Books We Read

The E-Myth Revisited

by Michael E. Gerber
The E-Myth Revisited

Every business has three operators: the entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician. As the owner, you are the entrepreneur. You’re the visionary—you provide direction to the manager by saying, “This is where we’re going. And this is how we’re going to do it.” The manager then takes the vision of the entrepreneur and puts it into practice. And finally, the technician is the one who gets the work done in order for your business to make money. Unfortunately, most small business owners try to be all three operators at once. And the results are often crushing.

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Car pulling travel trailer

Take a Summer Vacation from Your Small Business

If you are a business owner, or even a manager, it can be tough to take time off. You tell yourself you have too much to do, and only you can get it done. You mentally run down the list of things that could go wrong if you aren’t there. “Nope, too risky. There’s no way I take a vacation now. Maybe next year.” With careful planning, you can risk being away from your business for a few days. And you will gain much-needed benefits that taking a break provides.

Everyone Needs a Break

At some point, you really need to take a break from the daily stress of running a business. Give your body and your mind a rest. A vacation will also give you time to think and gain perspective. You’ll come back to work with “fresh eyes” and new ideas. Most importantly, your family needs you to spend time with them. Take them away somewhere, have fun, and build memories!

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Alice and Donn Mortier - Wisconsin

Franchisee Spotlight

Donn and Alice Mortier started Aire-Master of Wisconsin in 1984, as a very young couple. They are now coming up on 32 years as franchisees. Two of the Mortiers” children, having grown up in the Aire-Master family, have followed in their parents' footsteps. Chad Mortier owns the Eastern Kansas franchise, and Sabrina Boelk, owns Aire-Master of Northern Indiana. The Aire-Master system currently has 12 franchises over with 20 years in business. Congratulations, Donn and Alice, for 32 years in Aire-Master!

Upcoming Franchise Anniversaries



  • Southern Utah — 17 years
  • Southern New Mexico — 5 years
  • North Broward — 2 years
  • Magic Valley — 11 years
  • Los Angeles County — 2 years
  • Central New Mexico — 5 years
  • Central California — 1 year
  • Berks County — 4 years


  • Atlanta — 26 years
  • Houston — 3 years
  • Kansas City — 24 years
  • N. Orange County — 3 years
  • Philadelphia — 3 years
  • San Antonio — 3 years
  • Southern Maryland — 3 years
  • Western Montana — 16 years
  • Wisconsin — 32 years


  • Coastal California — 3 years
  • Northeast Colorado — 1 year
  • Phoenix — 1 year
  • Pony Express — 8 years
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Stages of Fragrance Evaporation

Fragrance Evaporation

All fragrances go through an evaporation process and lose strength over time. What most people don’t know, however, is that the character of the fragrance will change as it evaporates. That’s because the various essential oils and aromatics, or “notes”, that make up the fragrance evaporate at different rates:

Top Notes

Top notes are the most volatile oils. They provide a strong initial impact and evaporate quickly. Citrus oils tend to be top notes. Some fruits are also top notes.

Middle Notes

Middle notes are less volatile. They are not as strong at first, but they take longer to evaporate. Middle notes remain detectable in the air — longer than top notes. Florals tend to be middle notes, as well as some fruits and spices.

Base Notes

Base notes are the least volatile and longest lasting. They are subtle, yet steady aromas that linger through the end of the fragrance life. Base note oils are mostly woods and some spices.

Making a fragrance “stronger” doesn’t mean it will last longer, because that usually means including more top notes. The goal is to include a variety of notes, so that as the top notes fade away, the middle notes and base notes take over, extending the life of the fragrance. This also adds depth and richness to the fragrance, further enhancing your image of quality.

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One marketing truth: Until you create a compelling way of presenting your product, service, or idea, no one cares.

I know that sounds obvious, but lots of folks new to the process seem to think that merely announcing the availability of their offer will create sales. They make the mistake of assuming that, somehow, prospects will sense their offer is as good as they perceive it to be and sales will follow.

But that rarely happens — especially when the product / offer distinctions are nuanced. I tell them we need to look at their product / offer from the position of someone who, even if they understand the context (and they very often don’t), cares nothing about our particular take on it and (perhaps most challenging) views the problem it solves as something they need not worry about.

Marketing. Graphic design. Advertising. Public relations. The premise of all of these is to make that person care.

— Chuck Green

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