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How Much Does Sickness Cost Your Business?

Winter is coming, and cold and flu season will be upon us again. Employees illnesses come with a heavy cost to businesses. Work absenteeism costs U.S. employers an estimated 17 percent of payroll costs — a huge penalty that can make the difference between profit and loss for private organizations, or massive budget overruns for public employers.

Missing time from work due to illness, or taking care of a family member who is ill, is a part of life. And who can blame the working mom for staying home with her sick child, or taking time during the day to tend to an ill parent.

A survey of U.S. insurers and employers indicated that on any given day, 25 percent to 33 percent of the typical work force is not at work for a variety of reasons, including illnesses ranging from the mild to serious. This amounts to an average cost to small business of $757.00 per year and the average worker will lose $1,044.00 per year in wage.

Often the uncounted costs are even greater. These include loss of productivity and erosion of customer services that can lead to loss of business and revenue. What can a small business do?

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Work Smarter

Do Mops Spread Disease?

“Building managers should become aware of some of the studies available on how the tools we use to clean surfaces — specifically, cleaning cloths and mops — can sometimes spread disease and cause cross-contamination.”

How Do You Become An Entrepreneur?

“The best way to become an entrepreneur is to simply start a business or join a fledgling business. Any business... Building a business is about solving problems... If you build value for people, you will make money. ”

Three Email Habits That Kill Your Whole Team's Productivity

“After hashing things out together, it became clear that the overload Eric and his company were experiencing wasn't just a staffing issue. It was more likely a productivity one, starting with how Eric communicated with his staff. Three of his bad email habits were trickling down to everybody else, undermining the entire team's working methods.”

Being Helpful at Work Can Make You Worse at Your Job

“One of the simplest strategies for making new work friends, if that’s your thing: Be helpful... But in a recent column in Harvard Business Review, University of Florida business professor Klodiana Lanaj outlined a major downside to this approach: Helping out your colleagues is exhausting.”

How To Write A Thank You Note

“Over the last few weeks of the academic year, I began writing a note of thanks to someone in my school... The result was immediate. Almost every teacher told me that the expression of thanks was something that they needed to hear that day. That made me feel good as well.”

The Nose Knows: Humans Can Smell More Than 1 Trillion Scents

“People often say that humans can distinguish among only 10,000 different odors. But in fact, the nose can tell apart at least 1 trillion different odors, and possibly many more, the new findings suggest.”

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Books We Read

Love Works. Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders

by Joel Manby
Love Works. by Joel Manby

Love Works. Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders, by Joel Manby, breaks down his overriding leadership code: leading with love. Each chapter focuses on one quality that love exhibits. Love is:

  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Trusting
  • Unselfish
  • Truthful
  • Forgiving
  • Dedicated
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Delegate effectively

7 Keys to Delegate Effectively

If you are a manager, you have to delegate tasks in order to get things done. There aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week to do it all yourself. But it isn't always easy to delegate effectively. If you don't approach it strategically, you will end up making more work for everyone on your team. Here are some keys to effective delegation.

1. Decide which tasks to delegate

First, don’t let your ego convince you that no one else can do any of your tasks as well as you can. There should be people on your team that are better suited to certain jobs. If not, review your hiring practices. “You should be using your time on the most critical tasks for the business, and the tasks that only you can do. Delegate what you can’t do, and what doesn’t interest you.” (Forbes)

2. Match the right person to the right task

This is a good opportunity to look for potential in others. “Think creatively about who may be able to handle some of the tasks that keep you from getting other things accomplished. What may be drudgery to you may be a joy to someone else. What you do poorly someone else may be able to do with excellence.” (Tim Challies) “Delegate to the lowest possible organizational level. The people who are closest to the work are best suited for the task, because they have the most intimate knowledge of the detail of everyday work.” (Mind Tools)

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Noah and Amanda Champlin - Eastern Florida

New Franchise in Eastern Florida

Noah and Amanda Champlin are the newest franchisee in the Aire-Master system. Their franchise, Aire-Master of Eastern Florida, began operation September 1, 2016. The Champlins completed training in August and become Aire-Master's 107th current franchise. Their territory includes Brevard County in Florida.

Noah had been working for Aire-Master of the Front Range in Denver for a few years and saw first hand one of our largest franchises. Terry Canipe, president of the Front Range franchise, has been a great mentor and shared with Noah how an Aire-Master franchise was perfect for his family.

Franchise Anniversaries



  • British Columbia — 17 years
  • Central Massachusetts — 9 years
  • Cleveland — 15 years
  • Delmarva — 17 years
  • Eastern Oklahoma — 5 years
  • Front Range — 15 years
  • Gem State — 14 years
  • Lehigh Valley — 13 years
  • Northwest Arkansas — 13 years
  • South Central Missouri — 2 years
  • Utah December— 12 years


  • Jersey Shore — 21 years
  • Las Vegas — 1 year
  • Northern New Mexico — 1 year
  • Riverside County — 4 years


  • Broward County — 3 years
  • Cascades — 18 years
  • Central New Jersey — 24 years
  • Eastern Idaho — 10 years
  • Eastern Iowa — 18 years
  • Gulf Coast — 16 years
  • Minnesota — 25 years
  • Northern Mississippi — 10 years
  • South Central Iowa — 10 years
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Fragrance themes

Fragrance Themes for Scent Marketing

How would you describe the feeling your business expresses to your customers? What words would you use? Inviting? Uplifting? Relaxing? Fun? Nostalgic? Aire-Master can help you enhance that image through scent marketing.

Aire-Master has created eight fragrance themes, each offering multiple scent choices:

We can work with you to match a scent to the mood and atmosphere you want to evoke. There are dozens of fragrances from which to choose, each carefully blended for quality and performance.

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