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Ratpack: A Java 8 Web Framework for Independent Thinkers
Although not yet at 1.0, JVM web applications toolkit Ratpack is steadily nibbling its way into the lexicon of many a Java developer. Originally intended to be a port to Groovy of the popular Ruby framework Sinatra, the project has slowly morphed into an all-guns blazing Java 8 web framework, although it has retained optional support for Groovy. Along the way, it’s found a natural fit in the unfolding microservices story.
Five Lessons from a Lifelong Issue Tracker
Issue tracking is more than tracking bugs in code. It also helps software teams collaborate and build software better. In this session, learn from a seasoned developer and agile scrum master the top five practices for unlocking the power of issue tracking in your organisation.

Spring Boot, and the Pivotal Approach to Microservices
Pivotal’s Josh Long chats to Voxxed about the latest additions to Spring Boot,  and what’s going on in the ecosystem around it. We discuss the cognitive shifts imperative for getting to grips with the technology, and the differences between how those inside and outside the JVM community approaches it. Also up for discussion: the Pivotal approach to microservices.
JUnit Lambda: The Future of Testing on the JVM Gets Crowdfunded
Crowdfunding has been utilised to back everything from the construction of potato salad to effigies of Lionel Ritchie. This week however, we were particularly surprised to see a JVM-centric campaign pop up: JUnit Lambda, which is aiming to raise 25,000 EUR to push forward the development of the popular Java testing library. 

A Look Through Docker Toolbox
One of the new features introduced in Docker 1.8 is Docker Toolbox. What is this toolbox? The Docker Toolbox is an installer to quickly and easily install and setup a Docker environment on your computer. Available for both Windows and Mac, the Toolbox installs Docker Client, Machine, Compose (Mac only), Kitematic and VirtualBox.

Voxxed Goes to Vilnius this September
We are proud to present the first Devoxx event in the Baltics – Voxxed Days Vilnius, t
aking place September 18th, 2015! Developers, Startup lovers, Geeks, and those of you who find tech as a true inspiration, welcome aboard! What do we have to offer, except an extraordinary national cuisine and vibrant after-parties? Well, Voxxed Days Vilnius is in essence a developer conference with the goal to share knowledge and experience. Find out more here.

Gluon Bids to Pick Up Commercial Slack on JavaFX
Created earlier this year to fill the void Oracle left when they withdrew installer provision for application interface designer Scene Builder in JavaFX, Gluon has since gone far beyond its initial remit. Last week, in addition to its current roster of offerings (the Gluon Charm Library, Gluon Cloud, and upcoming library sub-component Gluon Glisten), the company officially rolled out the Gluon Store.

Reactive Revealed 2015 Survey: How to Transform 5 minutes into a Donation to Devoxx4Kids
Wouldn’t it be great to support good ol’ primary research and  Devoxx4Kids? You can do just that by completing Reactive Revealed 2015, a 5-minute (engineer verified) survey that asks about the relevance of the tools, architectures, practices and opinions related to Reactive application development to your project.


Intel Offers Bunny Hop Between Java and iOS
Android to iOS is a thorny path, and whilst there have been many challengers, a decisive solution for porting Java to Apple world has yet to emerge. Intel has also thrown its hat into the ring recently, and announced a new set of features for its Integrated Native Development Experience (INDE) developer tools platform this week at Android Developer Conference Boston. 
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