Prayers for Nepal Earthquake Relief
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Dear Bon sisters and brothers,

Chongtul Rinpoche sends this message to everyone that please, more prayers are needed for the Nepal earthquake disaster.

For those who lost their lives, please pray om ma tri mu ye sa le dhu, and for those who are still suffering, please pray so drum a kar mu la ting nam wo dhu mu ye Tse ni za 3000 times each prayer within this week.

From the largest earthquake on Saturday, April 25th until today, Nepal has experienced 64 more earthquakes. They are still receiving warning announcements to expect another large earthquake. Many old houses are falling down each time the earth shakes, and everyone is so scared.

Our Bon monastery, Triten Norbutse, has no serious damage but cracks have developed in some buildings. The monks now sleep outside for fear of building collapse, and it has been raining at night while everyone tries to sleep.
Menri Monastery in India is fine, and nothing has been damaged. Here in India all the monks and nuns are praying for the victims of the disaster and also performing 100,000 repetitions of powerful prayers to the Loving Mother Chamma Ngak Toe as well as three-day rituals of Chamma Tsok and Dra Dok which is a special prayer for the universe and local spirits to cooperate.

Please, the most important thing is to pray by yourself 3,000 recitations of each mantra and send your numbers of recitations. Or secondly, if you feel you want to help the fund to restore some of the damage, then we welcome you to donate through Bon Shen Ling via the link below and 100% of the funds will go directly to Nepal areas of need.

Please bless our sisters and brothers in need and send your strongest healing to Nepal.

Chongtul Rinpoche


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