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issue 20
August 28, 2020

Picking up the Pace with Transitions

Screenwriting often uses transitions like CUT TO: and DISSOLVE TO:, but what’s really going on when we call out the transition from one scene to the next?

In this week’s blog post, we look at the how’s and why’s of transitions with examples from Crazy Rich AsiansLady Bird, and Silver Linings Playbook.

More examples of transitions (and thinking like an editor)

We Need to Go Deeper — Transitions In Transitions

Transitions help move a story forward, and we’ve seen plenty examples of how to use them, but what happens when you need to write a transition that flows through an intermediate transition?

It’s a specific problem, and John has some suggestions in this blog post to keep things clear on the page – including distinguishing between cinematic transitions and literary ones.

How About Some Related Longreads?

(Otherwise known as books.)

Highland How-To: Forcing Transitions

Highland automatically recognizes most transitions (such as CUT TO: or DISSOLVE TO:) if you write them in ALL CAPS and put a : at the end. No tabs or right-alignment necessary.

But sometimes you need a right-aligned transition for something that Highland doesn’t automatically format. No problem.

You can force text to be formatted as a transition by starting or ending a line with >.

Sara’s eyes flutter. She GASPS and then --


For more tips on Fountain Syntax and how to tweak the way Highland 2 displays your writing, check out our knowledge base for additional tips.

Other Cool Things

And that’s what’s inneresting this week!

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