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issue 21
September 11, 2020

Keeping Clear and Concise

Our new blog post tackles how to tighten up your writing. Looking for suggestions on how to lean down your paragraphs or trim some pages from your latest draft? Start here!

But what does editing look like?

Digging in to the Quote-Unquote Archives, check out these screencasts of John’s editing and revision in action!

First, check out “Writing Better Scene Description” for ways to address some of the pitfalls of describing what the audience will see on screen and how to move through space with the action.

For a taste of how to speed up the pace and add some dramatic OOMPH on the page, watch “Writing Better Action”.

Won’t You Be My Editor?

Mister Rogers was a great example of when editing isn’t just about cutting things down, but about revising for clarity. In an interview with writers from Mister Rogers Neighborhood, they discuss “Freddish”, a gently joking description for the process Fred used to make sure the lessons on their show spoke directly to children.

Highland How-To: The Bin and The Scratchpad

Highland 2 offers several different tools for editing, but two of its sidebars do a lot of heavy lifting.

The Scratchpad is a blank space, like an extra sheet of paper on the side of your primary document.

You can use the Scratchpad to test out variations on a line you’re rewriting at that moment, or put a note in there to refer back to frequently, like a sticky note or list pinned to a cork board.

The Bin saves separate blocks of text. Just highlight what you want to cut out of your main document and drag it over (or use the ⌥ Option + ⌘ Command + X shortcut) to add it to a searchable list of clippings.

The Bin is great for dropping in scenes that need a new home somewhere else, or earlier versions of sections you might want to pull parts out of for something else later.

To find out more about Sidebar tools and the other helpful features of Highland 2 check out our Knowledge Base

Other Cool Things

And that’s what’s inneresting this week!

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