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 HAU Books is delighted to announce the release of a new title in
the Special Issues in Ethnographic Theory Series


Science in the Forest,

Science in the Past 

Edited by Geoffrey E. R. Lloyd and Aparecida Vilaça

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This collection brings together leading anthropologists, historians, philosophers, and artificial-intelligence researchers to discuss the sciences and mathematics used in various Eastern, Western, and Indigenous societies, both ancient and contemporary. The authors analyze prevailing assumptions about these societies and propose more faithful, sensitive analyses of their ontological views about reality—a step toward mutual understanding and translatability across cultures and research fields.  Science in the Forest, Science in the Past is a pioneering interdisciplinary exploration that will challenge the way readers interested in sciences, mathematics, humanities, social research, computer sciences, and education think about deeply held notions of what constitutes reality, how it is apprehended, and how to investigate it.

Contributions by Geoffrey E. R. Lloyd, Aparecida Vilaça, Marilyn Strathern, Serafina Cuomo, Mauro W. B. de Almeida, Karine Chemla, Agathe Keller, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Alan F. Blackwell, Willard McCarty, Stephen Hugh-Jones, and Nicholas Jardine.  

* * * 

Is there one big Science, or are there many legitimate forms of knowledge?

Are primary qualities the sole object of scientific inquiry, or is there a space for investigating the multidimensionality of phenomena?

Are the ontological foundations of different systems of worlding incompatible, or do they allow hybridization and the expression of foundational principles?

This innovative book tackles these questions afresh by bringing together an impressive set of international scholars in fields ranging from ancient civilizations and non-Western cultures to the computing sciences. Their deconstruction of the sterile deadlock between universalism and relativism will be a milestone for years to come.

—Philippe Descola, Professor Emeritus, Collège de France, author of Beyond Nature and Culture

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