Playscape News - June 2015
Life according to Lecram: What is the world coming to?

Email..... how could we have ever got through life without it?? When I was a kid Email was a brand of electrical appliance and white goods.  How could a trusted name you were proud to have in your kitchen turn into this invader of my personal space??

Email rules my life - it’s the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing at night. Emails don’t respect my time at all, coming through when I’m in meetings, when I sleep, when at dinner, when trying to spend time with my kids, or even time with my wife – they just keep coming – an army of messages.

Some pretend to be friendly, some are more business like, and of course you get the grubby types that just escaped from someone else’s junk box.  Some wear camouflage – looking like an informative piece of news, only to be a trap for young (or not so young) players, who invariably open their network to electronic termites. 

So this thing that has now become one of life’s essentials is also a bit like a constant game of Russian roulette - we know there are dangers out there coming at you 60 or so times a day but still we play. Why? because we are addicted. We are so addicted we are not happy to get them on our laptop or desktop - no, we need to get them everywhere we go – iPad, phone, there is now even a wrist watch that keeps you connected. Heaven forbid if you don’t respond to an email within an hour, you will get a phone call reminding you that you were sent an email and you need to reply. I have to laugh when I get a phone call and the caller says “I just sent you an email but I just want to explain what I meant”.  Why didn’t you just call in the first place??

Now I’m an old school type of person, I don’t do facebook or twitter or any of the other multitude of social media platforms, I only do email and the odd text.  But I’m offended when I see email dressed in text clothing – LOL & OMG just don’t belong on this medium. There is such a thing as ‘email etiquette’ – I don’t like SHOUTING, and bold type just draws unnecessary attention to things that probably are only important to the writer.  No one else cares - there is no need for it.

And isn’t it great to see new adopters of this communication gem weave their first messages.  “Dear Charles, How are you?” like they were writing a letter in 1947. Then you get the “i don’t care types who just type like they speak in flat monotone with not so much as a capital letter or a punctuation mark anywhere in a sentence you know who im talking about”. 

I get some emails which I’m sure are just slightly condensed versions of War & Peace – who would ever have that much time to keep on reading? I also don’t like those ones that are a slide show – two thousand cute pictures of puppy dogs and if you really believe in Karma you will forward it on to you closest 100 friends. (you have to be kidding – who has 100 close friends??)

Yes, you get lots of different types of emails and then just when you are done and dusted, you have all but lost faith in humanity, you get one that you don’t expect - one that doesn’t try to trick you, doesn’t penetrate past your fire wall or your lack of intellect.  It arrives from a trusted source so you say “what the heck” – I’ll click on the link, and low and behold it gives you something you can relate to and actually puts a smile on your face.
Come on – trust me – click on the link and enjoy the next 42 seconds.

Send me an email if you like it :)
In this Issue
- Catalogues and Design Tools

- Australia's Preferred Supplier
- 7 Senses Consultancy - Scribbly Gum Park 

New Catalogues, Website and Resource Tools
We have been busy the last few months revamping the tools that offer you easier access and visibility of the vast range of product we have on offer.
Our Early Years (6mth-5 years) and Let's Play (5-12+ years) Catalogues are 
available online, but please also get in touch with us to receive your physical copy if you haven't already.
Our website has also received a complete revamp to make finding the ideal product easier.  Visit our site - and browse around our products, projects and news.
We also have all of the product files at the ready for you to design your playsapce.  Dwg files, render images and specifications are available when you sign up to our 
 Design Centre.
On our website you will find a link in the top right corner to Design Centre.  If you have not done already - registration is easy, enabling you access to all of our product dwg files.
It's always great to have feedback - especially on the positive side - and we were pleased to hear from one of our clients after using the Design Centre - "that website is one of the best I've used - it works so well - well done".

Australia's Preferred Supplier
With a high quality range of recreational equipment including playgrounds, outdoor fitness, aquatic spraygrounds, skate parks, outdoor musical equipment and sensory stimulating ancillary items, we are proud to be recognised by the country's leading procurement panels - making working with us an easy process wherever you are located.
We are looking forward to attending the WALGA Annual Conference in August, and the LGAQ Annual Conference in October, and will hope to meet up with some of you there.

7 Senses Design
The process involved in designing a great playground goes beyond choosing great equipment.  Three key elements work towards achieving the right solutions:
- the overall layout of the space to maximise visual impact, flow, accessibility, shade, seating, supervision
- the creation of play zones that offer differing play experiences
- the careful selection of equipment and activity that allows for stimulating and exciting opportunities for adults and children alike, regardless of ability.

Sensory rich recreational spaces are created through thoughtful collaboration with our customers.  With 2 landscape architects and an architect in house, we understand that the success of a design includes consideration of the 7 senses and improving the accessibility and livability of the space.  Viable and sustainable long term investments are ensured by increasing the community's ability to more fully take part in all activities.
Playscape Creations is able to provide 3rd party peer review by American occupational therapist, Ingrid Kanics - a valuable resource for our customers to educate and stimulate their communities on the design and play elements included in the space.  
Most recently, our play activation process in collaboration with Anembo Landscape Architects' design at Scribbly Gum Park on QLD's Sunshine Coast has resulted in a recreational space that will be well utilised by the community at Pelican Waters now and well into the future.
Read more on this project - Scribbly Gum Park
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