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Open to Discovery

Stepping into your dream, your focus, your desire - can push you outside your comfy zone - but you are deserving

Everyone is deserving of placing dreams into reality and living it; however there tends to be a few tricks of the trade to ensure that it can and will happen.
Firstly, you need to be crystal clear in what it is you truly desire
Secondly, you need to get out of the way of the universe when they attempt to do step one
Thirdly, keep yourself busy, only revisiting the dream when you start to see some dream ducks lining in a row.
Fourthly - be excited but have no expectation
Fifthly - and most important - express gratitude in your way when you both come into view of each other

This thought that you have to work hard to ensure your dreams come true, well sure this is most definitely something many people believe and can happen. However, I do not think all people need to work hard to ensure that they are surrounded by what they desire for pure understanding of worth, belief and occupying yourself as incoming transpire into tangible things surrounding you..

The other thing is, watch for the signs to trust and take a risk. Currently my daughter has been thinking about buying a new house before going on an extended holiday in Canada (lives in New Zealand) - and wondered if she was making the right choice. They were going without buying a house and just being free. Thankfully she listened to people around her and her gut, and thought no, we will buy first but did wonder if she was doing the right thing. Soooo the universe gave her the signs - by giving her the opportunity to prove to her boss just how amazing she is , getting a significant pay rise leading to her becoming more comfortable with the decision which was right for her anyway.She is putting an offer on a house. If you can spare her a moment,  send her the right energy for a successful outcome - please with gratitude and love.

The last few years have been very tough , emotionally , financially and at times, physically but this year, I have felt a shift and it has felt like a fantastic 2019 year so farrr (and will continue to be so, thank you very much oh Universe!) . I too am looking for the dream desire ducks. Triple Ds *laughs* - could start a new acronym huh.

Another thing I said to my daughter,  " take a breath, for good thing come from calm belief"

Addit:Guess what?  she got offered the house so Thank you Universe..

So ladies and gentlemen - take that breath - because good things are there for you to embrace.

Much love

Phoenix and Liz

Astrology & Choice

As some of you will be aware, I enjoy astrology. However, it can be quite overwhelming trying to understand how all the planetary movements may affect you and indeed, it can at times feel quite depressing reading about all the astrological influences playing out.  Sometimes you just need to put the brakes on those depressing thoughts and look for an alternative approach. Everything comes down to choice, and planetary influences, whilst they do impact us, are not the end of the story – you still get to choose.

This week’s astrological ‘heads-up’, from Hare in the Moon Astrology’s Lorna Bevan, was one of those articles that I read with trepidation. Yes, there is a lot going on in the skies and we are entering a time she refers to as an ‘eclipse wormhole’. Eclipses are powerful times with the moon and sun playing with light and shadow and these aspects are often reflected in our lives. Light and shadow co-exist, you can’t have one without the other; the darkness is what gives us the opportunity to shine our brightest. 

These periods can be very healing, if you let them. Your choice. It’s nice to have that heads-up; to be aware of the approaching wave and know that you can choose to allow that energy to carry you forth – or, you can choose to turn your back on it, pretend it doesn’t exist and find yourself dumped and spluttering. I know which option I prefer. It’s not always easy to do this, but it is powerful if you can surrender to the flow instead of fighting it. You can’t see every wave that approaches either; some will take you by surprise and dump you, no matter what – that’s life. But it doesn’t make it bad; it just makes it interesting and allows you to learn and evolve, and hopefully, be better prepared for the next wave that comes. Astrology is just one way to help us navigate the waves that can impact us and hopefully be a bit better prepared for them.

Blessings, as always

Freedom to Explore

Lack of Direction is exciting for us - for as you know we do not like a set plan or anything structured - it makes us feel as though we cannot breathe - which is why we promote freedom of choice and state and being in each and everyone of you.

There are so many influences in your society that expect you to conform or behave a certain way - collectively we can see many of you fighting and resisting that social characteristic - which can feel as though you are banging your head against a brick wall - HOWEVER - it is only a matter of time when the collective comes to together in a powerful stance of ' This is now and we will have the change needed for humanity and its positive survival'

It will be very interesting to see what energies arise over your earth five years - it is quite a pivotal time for humanity right now. Spiritually many of you are doing beautifully - but the distance between humanity and spirituality is reaching a point of implosion where it really does become All and One


Essence of Confusion

Wondering why the essence of confusion can be so overwhelming? That is because your energy becomes scattered without direction which leads to vastness of potential .When you can focus - once you have acknowledged the chaos - when you have accepted the overwhelming emotions - THEN - you will see your way clearly .

Most of the time it is because you are not accepting that you feel so unsettled - accept - and allow - and then you will find that things start to come into focus It is like setting up a camera - and initially it is WAYYYY out of focus - things are blurring, you really cannot make out what you are seeing - you cannot determine the structure of the objects let alone the color of them. As you slowly bring things into focus then you start to see the form and shape of the things before you .


Famous Person Name & Quote

What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose: the right to create for oneself the alternatives of choice.

Archibald MacLeish

Lunar Cycle

 Full Moon  17th


Full Moon Magic

June 17th sees a full moon in the sign of Capricorn will bring about some grounding energy and possibly have you butting heads and digging in your heels to get things done your way. I’m a moon baby and absolutely adore bathing in the cleansing energy of a full moon.

Full moons are times for cleansing – letting it all go! Think back to all those images of witches dancing naked beneath the light of a full moon and you see the power of this phase. Stripping back all that is unnecessary and inviting in the light.

The moon is a strong influence in our lives – moving the waters on our planet and indeed, within us. Full moons are times when our intuition is strong and we celebrate what we manifested as the moon is full and ripe. Following this we can identify and release what is no longer needed and then at New Moon set our intentions for the next cycle – perfectly following the rhythm of ebb and flow of the tides.

It is a perfect time to burn white candles and lay a crystal grid with selenite – to instill positivity, crystal quartz for clarity and to amplify the power of other crystals, moonstone for intuition and rose quartz for heart-based love to infuse all.

Celebrate this special time and give thanks to the universe for all that you have – let your gratitude spill out into the world with abandon.

Blessings this Full Moon,

Crystal Companions - Prehnite

I recently made my first crystal purchase in some time – a most gorgeous little prehnite sphere. I was immediately drawn to this particular piece and it was one of those ‘must have’ purchases.

He’s a beautiful little piece. Isn’t he just adorable? Of course, the photo does not do him justice, but hopefully, you can get a reasonable idea of his power. I thought he looked like a little alien.

I must say I was at first a little surprised to learn that some people refer to prehnite as ‘emotional soap’ for it’s ability to assist with cleansing the aura. However, after a few days with this little fella camped out under my pillow, I can definitely feel this benefit. It is also said to assist with gifts of prophecy and healing. I also feel this benefit, feeling more balanced between head and heart as I work with this stone.

Another reason I have been drawn to prehnite at this time is it’s ability to assist with chest and lung issues. Given that I’d been suffering from a chest infection and congestion for a few weeks, this crystal has definitely made a difference in my recovery.  I definitely improved quite quickly after the introduction of this piece of prehnite to my auric field. What a magic little piece he is.

I am almost always pleasantly surprised with just how well the crystal I’ve chosen to bring home resonates with specific issues at the time and I was certainly not disappointed with this piece.

Although there are far more areas that prehnite can assist with, if you find yourself drawn to this crystal, I would strongly encourage you to find a piece to introduce into your home.

Blessings, as always

Intuitive Focused Readings

14th June to 20th June 2019
21st June to 27th June 2019
Sit down in a quiet space where you feel the most at ease and either write or state "Guide of this Life - reveal yourself"... then over the next few days observe ;
  • Your Dreams
  • Your random thoughts
  • Situations you find yourself in
  • Repeating names / objects
  • Repeating songs / Colors
Your guides are going to provide messages to you through these means. They are extremely creative and will work alongside your own quirkiness, so take notice of all.
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