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Important 2015 Dates

Trucking Matters Safety Conference
Registration begins Jan. 22

2015 Safety Excellence Award Nominations by Feb. 2

OHS Annual Reports due Mar. 1

2015 Safety Excellence Awards Luncheon Mar. 19

$300 rebate for first 10 AEDs purchased by Mar. 31

Trucking Safety Matters Conference

Best Western, Dartmouth
March 18, 2015 

This day-long event covers a variety of topics that are important to the trucking industry. The event starts with breakfast and a keynote address on “Safety Leadership and Trending in Trucking,” followed by a variety of concurrent sessions, a trade show, and lots of networking opportunities throughout the day.
The full day’s agenda and registration information will be posted by January 22, 2015.

Federal OHS Annual Reports

The Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require employers to report OHS information to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). 

REMINDER: Companies who are federally regulated have to submit the following annual reports by March 1, 2015:

Employer’s Annual Hazardous Occurrence Report (Form LAB1009) - online here.
Work Place Committee Report (Form LAB1058) - online here.

NSTSA's 2015 Annual Safety Excellence Awards Luncheon . . .

March 19, 2015
Best Western, Dartmouth

February 2, 2015

Be sure to nominate a safety champion in our industry.

Nomination forms are available online

NSTSA Safety Programs

Our course schedule is posted online.

The NSTSA is offering a new, two-day Accident Investigation Course this year.

Additional courses will be added as dates and locations are confirmed.

Check this page regularly

Prevention Incentive Program

The Prevention Incentive Program will continue to be offered in 2015. This means that companies who participate and successfully complete a safety audit will receive a rebate for their efforts. 

The deadline for completion of safety audits is December 31, 2015. Rebates for 2015 will be issued in early 2016. 

To learn more about this program, please contact our office.

Slick Safety Trick with a Hockey Stick

Have you ever had debris (rocks or dirt) fall off the side boards or edges of your dump box?

Here is a slick safety trick submitted by Truckers Association of Nova Scotia member, Bill Dowe, Cumberland County:

Before you place your tarp on your load, an easy method to clean off the debris is to carry a hockey stick with you.  The blade of the hockey stick can be used to clear off the debris on the side boards or edges of the dump box without having to climb onto the load.

The hockey stick could be kept at the job site. 

Thanks for that tip, Bill.

NSTSA Celebrates 15 Years!

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we sincerely appreciate our memberships’ commitment to safety and those who participate in our programs and services! You are making a difference in changing the culture of our industry and reducing workplace injuries.
Members of our Association joined us recently  to celebrate our 15th anniversary in Truro at our Anniversary Dinner.  Thank you to everyone who joined us! 

Truro’s Mayor Bill Mills provided opening remarks.  Our entertainer, Jimmy Flynn's down-home music and stand-up comedy show were truly entertaining and kept us laughing all evening.  As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Garry has been a safety ambassador for our Association and its members since its inception.  His demonstrates his passion for safety when instructing courses, conducting safety audits and when attending Board of Directors’ meetings as well.  On behalf of the industry, the NSTSA Board of Directors expresses our sincere gratitude to you, Garry!
Click image below to watch this Fifth Wheel Coupling and Uncoupling video online:

Quick Method of Assessing Your Company’s OHS Performance:

  1. Formal safety audits at regular intervals are a normal part of our business.
  2. Everyone at this organization values ongoing safety improvement in the organization.
  3. This organization considers safety at least as important as production and quality in the way work is done.
  4. Workers and supervisors have the information they need to work safely.
  5. Employees are always involved in decisions affecting their health and safety.
  6. Those in charge of safety have the authority to make the changes they have identified as necessary.
  7. Those who act safely receive positive recognition.
  8. Everyone has the tools and/or equipment they need to complete their work safely.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Door Prizes, Rebates & Training

Are you prepared? Did you know that cardiac arrests (abrupt loss of heart function) occur in Canada every 12 minutes?

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that checks heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. To learn more about AEDs and how they can help save a life, visit

Be prepared. The NSTSA will be drawing two AED prize packages at the 2015 Safety Excellence Awards Luncheon in March. The AED package also includes free training for a representative from your company.

Can't wait? The NSTSA is also offering a $300 rebate  to the first 10 companies that purchase an AED before March 31, 2015. This rebate also comes with a free AED training session for one of your company's representatives.

NOTICE from Halterm Container Terminal Limited

ATTN: Trucking Companies

Winter has arrived in most areas and the snow covering the seals and on tractor plate numbers is causing delays in processing.

Please, remind truckers in their pre-check, before arriving on the scale, that they must clear snow so that seals and their tractor plate is clearly visible.
Please, also remind truckers that containers picked up at Halterm, that are snow-covered, can be removed using our plough equipment available at the out gate area.

All truckers are encouraged to use this equipment on every exit, or if they want to be sure if there is snow on top before using equipment, they can visit our second floor office where we have a clear view of the top of all containers in this area.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Amendments to the Regulations (Lithium Metal Batteries, ERAPs and Updates to Schedules) can be found here.

NS Workplace Health & Safety Regulations

Proposed changes include the following: occupational health; First Aid; Sanitation and Accommodation; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Excavation and Trenching; Training for JOSH Committees and Safety Representatives and more. The deadline for public comment is before February 27, 2015.   Details of the proposed changes can be found here

Be sure to take some time to review the proposed changes and/or attend the public consultation in your area.

New Distracted Driving Fines

Nova Scotia will increase fines and penalties for texting while driving. After Feb. 1, the new fines are:
  • $233.95 for a first offence (rising from $176.45)
  • $578.95 for a third or subsequent offence (up from $348.95)
  • Four demerit points added upon conviction
For people with learner's licences, four points would suspend their licence for six months. For an experienced driver with a clean record, 10 points brings a six-month suspension.

Read more here.

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2014 Safety Song Winner: "I Wanna Be Safe"

Click the image below to watch it online!
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