Anrah News - January 2015
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New Year Resolution
As the end of the year loomed and the frenzy that generally goes with it built up, I was reflecting on new ways to communicate with my clients, associates and supporters to share ideas and discoveries. A more personal way than relying on checking timelines and responding in 140 characters!

I came up with the idea of a monthly digest where you will find links to my blogs, information about forthcoming events or simply some good reads. 

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For those who stay subscribed, I hope that you enjoy it. I am always happy to receive suggestions for content too! 

With Best Wishes,

Another Nobel female scientist! May-Britt Moser was one of three, one of them her husband, to pick-up the Nobel Prize for Medecine for discovering how the brain creates a map of the space surrounding us and help us navigate our way through a complex environment. She is the 11th woman to do so. 
Only 4 women have won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and 2 the Nobel Prize for Physics. Marie Curie, who was the first and only woman until now to have won it jointly with her husband, won both! Moreover, her daughter went on to win The Nobel Prize for Chemistry 24 years after her mother. I wonder whether the Moser children will follow suit!
Although I will only update the blog occasionally, I thought it would be useful to remind you of the link when I do, in case you didn't catch it. 

What is your Why?

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”
You can also access all my previous thought pieces there.
Due to popular demand there will be another “Stand Out from the Crowd: Leadership and Gravitas Training” workshop on Friday 27th March 2015 at the Beetle and Wedge in Moulsford.
The event runs between 10h and 17h and will have a maximum of five attendees. The morning will focus on your inward presence and the afternoon on your outward presence. For more detail please refer to the programme on 
our events page. 

Do you want coaching and training on developing:
  • credibility
  • gravitas
  • influence
  • increased reach
  • stakeholder buy-in
  • leadership authority
Please email me or call 07939 261743 to discuss your objectives for yourself or your leadership team and how I could help you achieve them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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