June Newsletter 2018

You are the Salt of the Earth

Matthew 5:13 says, "You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be trampled underfoot by men."
One of the things that Jesus taught in many different ways was that what I am is more important than what I do. He teaches us that our doing comes out of our being. 
Salt was a key element in the society of Jesus' day. It was a common item found everywhere. That is where we are to be found. Everywhere. For salt to penetrate, it must be applied. To permeate, it must be present. To perform, it must impregnate. 
Several truths about salt.
1. Salt is a preservative. We are to be the element that preserves our society from complete corruption and total decay. A positive influence.
2. Salt is an inspiration. Food without salt does not really taste as well. We are to be the people that make life bearable. We should be full of love and peace. We should be ministers of restoration and reconciliation. 
3. Salt is a healing agent. Putting salt in wounds can bring healing, even if it hurts a little.
4. Salt is a sign of loyalty and trustworthiness. Sharing a friends salt is a covenant act.
5. Salt is spoken of in Leviticus as a sacrifice. We are to be willing to lay down our lives for the Kingdom.

How are you doing as the salt of the earth? I pray you are keeping your flavor and your ability to be used.

This months sermon is: Pressing into Victory. Sometimes we have to give a little extra effort in our lives. Jesus is always ready to minister, but He is looking for hearts that are sincere.

Mission News

It has been a pretty amazing four weeks. I have been in Poland, Cuba and Kenya. Not bad for an old guy. Ha!! A men's meeting in Poland. Ministry in Cuba and construction project in Kenya.

The above photo is the building that the church congregation. pastored by Alex,  was meeting in together. Tin sheets, a few boards and a dirt floor, but the people were praising the Lord when I was there about a year and a half ago. Thanks to Grace Temple and some other good people, we were able to raise the money to construct this building for the church. Brick with a concrete floor and glass windows. Missionary Larry Neese says that this is maybe the first church building he knows about that has been built for a Turkana pastor. So thankful to see the blessings of the Lord.

The team worked every day in torrential rain. They got blisters and had sore muscles. They worked from early to late. It is so good to see people willing to give their time, money and skills to build the Kingdom of God by building people. Grace Temple with Pastor Dwayne Higgason, Richard Smith and Pastor Curtis Costley helped so much in this project. Thanks for your friendship and partnership in the ministry.

I don't have room for pictures, but Pastor Dwayne Higgason, Pastor Curtis Costley and myself taught seventy pastors on Saturday with the theme, "Responsibilities of a Shepherd." It was well received and I believe is something that many pastors need to hear.
 Serving those who serve Jesus around the world.
This is Clint Eaves teaching in Poland on Fatherhood. These men were so attentive and hungry to become everything God wants them to be. Jack Turner, Clint Eaves and myself taught for three days on "Becoming and Authentic Man". They have already asked us to return next year and I believe the Lord is stirring something fresh in Poland among the men. 

Upcoming Schedule

  • July 23-30: Mission Team from Georgetown Assembly, Wilmer, AL to Cuba
  • August 3-9: Mission trip from William Carey Volleyball team to Guatemala
  • August 10-11: IOM Mission Conference, Starkville, MS
  • August 12-16: IOM Board Meeting
  • August 24-26: Men's Retreat and Ministry-Evangel Assembly of God, Tallahassee, FL
  • August 27-September 7: India Mission Trip
  • September 16: Christ the King Church, St. Louis, MO
  • September 19-22: Men's Reignited Event, Toccoa, GA
  • September 23: The Rivers Church, Columbia, SC
This is the great team in Kenya minus Pastor Dwayne Higgason and Terrance Taylor. They had gone to Nairobi to teach a self defense class to International Justice Mission. The church gave each of us an African shirt to the men and African dress to the ladies. Nothing like building relationships. 

Ronald's Remarks

Responsibilities of a Shepherd. 
Recently I told a friend of mine that there was a great difference between being a preacher and being a pastor. It seems there are many who feel that God calls to preach, but they don't like people. Well, that is a problem when God calls us to Shepherd the flock of God. Shepherds need to smell like sheep. I believe that the Lord is speaking today to the church about fulfilling the plan of God in the way that He desires. It is not about light shows and programs. It is about helping people to find their way to God and find hope and destiny. 
Now is the time and You are the one who can make a difference. You can partner with us to reach out to the people around the world. We can't change everyone, but we can make a difference in at least one life. Who knows how many that person will touch?
Ronald, I want to partner with you to Reach the Nations. Here is my pledge of support. You can be a partner in the Harvest with any monthly support. Your financial support is a blessing to many.
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