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Well folks, I guess we know it’s late summer with the arrival of Tropical Storm Dorian.  Storms have traditionally spiked this time of year.

This is the most current update at the time of this newsletter.  Dorian is over Puerto Rico and the models take it on a path to make landfall somewhere between Titusville and Vero Beach, possibly as a Category 3 hurricane.  South Florida is within the cone of influence at this point, but Emergency Manager Director, Dan Summers underscores that this storm is not, nor will it be, another Irma event.  If the storm does exit through Collier County, we may experience higher than normal water levels because of afternoon rains and a King Tide scheduled for this weekend.

What kind of weather should we expect late this weekend?  Some wind, some rain, but luckily for us and not for the east coast, this storm seems to be staying in the Atlantic.  The path of Dorian will become clearer tomorrow.
What can you do to prepare?  This would be a good time to dust off your hurricane preparedness plans.  Take a look at your 72 hour bag to make sure all the basics like water, batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food etc. are included. If you have pets, make sure to include their needs in your planning.
But speaking of preparedness, Collier County has been busy since Irma visited two years ago.  We have added twenty generators to our lift stations, increased our supply of portable generators and have added towable generators that we can move from site-to-site.
Currently, in preparation for the storm, Collier County crews are also checking our swale system and drainage inlets.  If you see excessively high water in the swales or flooded roadways, please call (239) 252-8924

All General Population evacuation shelter supplies, as is the case throughout the hurricane season, are staged at our 11 primary evacuation shelters. 

All towable generators are pre-staged at our shelters. 

Again, Emergency Management Director Summers emphasizes that, at this is time, he does NOT anticipate Dorian will be a shelter event.

Lisa Koehler, Basin Administrator for South Florida Water Management District advised me that the Basin is working closely with the Road & Bridge and the Stormwater staff at the county.  Crews are out checking the waterways to make sure to remove any blockages and this is where you can help.   If you see palm fronds or basketballs or fallen trees or toys or anything ‘foreign’ in our canal system or waterways give the Basin a call at  (239) 263-7615.   They will be manning their phones throughout the weekend.
In addition to monitoring the waterways, Big Cypress Basin will be making adjustments to the canal system county-wide to account for the expected rainfall from Dorian.  This is also another important preparation to help ameliorate the possibility of flooding.
We will send another newsletter, as the storm gets closer to Florida.  But remember, we now have ALERT COLLIER  which is another important tool for you to use as a source of information. Click on the Alert Collier box below to be directed to the website to sign up.

Please feel free to share this information.
Additionally, Collier County is continually updating their Facebook and Twitter pages (see attached links &
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