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Hello friends, welcome to the February 2016 Monthly Newsletter!  

This month's topic is mutual funds 101. We will walk you through a simple 5-step process to learn any mutual fund of your interest. 
1. Basic Profile of a Fund
Before you putting money into a fund, you first want to know the basic profile of a fund - which company offers it, which asset class does it invest in, what's its NAV, what're its price and price changes, how much are its costs, ...

2. Past Performance 
The next step is to check out the fund's past performance and know how to interpret it. Also, always keep in mind that past performance may not repeat in the future.

3. Risk Measurements
You should never separate return with risk in the investment world. How to evaluate a fund's risks? There are quite a few metrics you can use, this blog post explains some of the most common ones.

4. Leverage 3rd Party's Evaluations
What if you don't have time to do your own research? Don't worry, chances are some reputable third parties have done the research and evaluated the fund of your interest. Your job is to absorb that 3rd party evaluation information and see if the fund fits your portfolio requirement. 

5. Final Reminders
A few final reminders for a fund investor are discussed in this blog post - learn the fund's initial investment requirement, find out its load (i.e. cost), and consider its tax efficiency. 

Thank you for your readership!  Hope this 5-step mutual fund research process will help make wise investment decisions!

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The Bottom Line
Personal Finance is a broad and complicated topic, and needs lot of knowledge and forward-looking planning.  I hope I can share my knowledge and use my skills to help you make wise PF decisions.

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