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Hello friends, welcome to the June 2016 Monthly Newsletter!  

Do you want to be an early investor in the next Facebook or Uber?  Could a small investor invest like a venture capitalist?  Prior to May 16, even if you want to, that door is shut for you.  Thanks to JOBS Act, now you can!
1. Which investor class do you belong to?
With JOBS Act, investors are categorized into two classes, with different levels of investing the venture capitalist way.  Which class do you belong to?  Check out here.

2. Why do you want to become a venture capitalist?
Okay, now you can invest like a venture capitalist, but do you really want to?  Here are some common upsides and downsides investing like a venture capitalist.  

3. How to invest like a venture capitalist?
If you still want to proceed at this stage, a caution - don't equal a great product to a great company.  You are not purchasing a new innovative product or donating to a startup to help it grow, you are investing in a private and young company!  This takes lots of work.   

4. Where to start?
You have made it this far, and wonder where to start?  I have compiled a list of the most popular equity crowd funding platforms - for both small investors and small business owners.  Check them out.

Thank you for your readership!  If this newsletter has helped you better understand the investing the venture capitalist way, it has served its purpose!

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The Bottom Line
Personal Finance is a broad and complicated topic, and needs lot of knowledge and forward-looking planning.  I hope I can share my knowledge and use my skills to help you make wise PF decisions.

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