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Hello friends, welcome to the February 2015 Monthly Newsletter!  In this issue, I will focus on only one topic - Indexed Universal Life (IUL).

I used to dislike IUL, based on cash value comparison analysis I have done.  However, in late 2014, I realized my analysis had two major flaws, after correcting them, I found IUL is a great retirement tool, even better than 401(k)!  I will share my thoughts in this issue, your comments will be much appreciated!

What Is IUL?
IUL is the latest life insurance innovation designed to be like a Swiss army knife with multiple purposes for middle class families.  I have written a short IUL 101 blog post as well as a few blog posts on IUL's Pros and Cons.
IUL vs Term Life
I was on the camp of "Buy Term and Invest the Difference" for a long time.  This cash value comparison shows my previous view. However, recently I realized my analysis had two major flaws which led me to the wrong conclusion.  Can you find them?
IUL vs. 401(k)
After realizing my old view was wrong, I have done extensive research on IUL - I back date tested IUL's performance with underlying Equity Indexes, found IUL could serve as a portfolio stabilizer, and more surprisingly, IUL is actually better than 401(k)!
The Bottom Line
If you are contributing to 401(k), you should consider IUL.  To compare IUL with your 401(k), please contact me so you can make a wise decision that is tailored to your unique situation!

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