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April 18, 2016
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Well, hello to you, my hearty few!  In case you didn’t see it on social media, or in my blog, I wanted to let you know that my new book Believing It is LIVE as an e-book!!!  Huzzah!  If you are so inclined, you can now buy it everywhere!  EVERYWHERE!   Even though some of the vendors tried to thwart me, I will not be denied!  *shakes fist at sky*

If you are a print book fan, don’t worry.  That will come in a few weeks (assuming all goes well).

So, we’re up!  We’re running!  We’re underway!   And the book information is in the sidebar (desktop version),or below (mobile version), in case you're interested. 

This independent publishing gig can be pretty darned wacky, and I'm crazier than most people, so look forward to lots of posts on the blog as I try to figure out how to do things in a more relaxed fashion next time.  I'm sure it just takes practice.  And discipline.  And maybe planning.

Planning, thy name is Betsy.

Now on to this month’s excerpt from The Hardy Falls Gazette.  It appears that Ms. Gregory, editor and librarian extraordinaire, is having an issue with Claude Beecher, one of the local businessmen.  More details about what set our intrepid reporter off on her investigation can be found in Believing It.

Let's see what she's up to!

Sometimes you just need a second chance to get it right.
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Buying and Selling With Beecher

by Mathilda Gregory, Editor-in-Chief
April 18, 2016


Claude Beecher has been selling used cars in Hardy Falls for as long as he can remember.

“I bought some of my brother’s toy cars for a nickel apiece and then sold them to my friends marked up to a quarter a car when I was a kid,” he told The Hardy Falls Gazette recently.  “My first real car sale of the non-toy variety was to a buddy of mine when I was sixteen,” he laughs.  “Too bad the car I sold belonged to my parents at the time.  They weren’t too happy about it, but they went through with the sale.  I’d gotten them a really good price.”

The love of buying and selling cars followed Beecher into adulthood, leading him to work for his uncle at Beecher Auto Sales, after high school, before finally taking over the business twenty years ago when he was in his mid-thirties.  Another trait followed him as well—that of complaints about the vehicles sold.

“Yeah, I bought this toy racing car from Claude back when we were kids,” said local businessman Al Roth, owner of Roth Furniture.  “The wheels fell off the next day.  Seems he’d stuck them on with chewing gum.”  Roth shrugs philosophically.  “I tried to get my quarter back, and he laughed at me.  We never hung out after that, but it doesn’t seem like it was much of a loss.”

Toy cars are one thing, but the issue becomes much more serious when we’re talking about the real deal.  

“I bought a used car from Claude a year ago,” June Esperanza, server at the Country Time told The Hardy Falls Gazette.  “It’s been a total lemon.  Everything that could rot or fall off the thing has.  Nothing seems to have been covered by the warranty, even though I bought an extended one. It didn’t even cover the alternator when it crapped out.”  She sighs.  “It’s my own fault.  I was just stupid.  I guess I could try to sue him, but I really can’t afford an attorney.”

“All the problems June’s had with her car have all been normal wear and tear,” Claude Beecher said, when The Hardy Falls Gazette asked him to comment on the issue.  “Her warranty specifically states that it doesn’t cover those kinds of repairs.”  And when asked about the alternator, he said, “Electrical systems are not covered under the warranties offered by Beecher Auto Sales.”

If you’ve been living in Hardy Falls for any length of time, you’ve heard the complaints.  One man, who asked to remain anonymous because, “I have to live in this town” recently told this reporter that “buying a car from Beecher was like marrying a sweet girl and waking up in the morning to find out she’s a crackhead who’s going to suck out all your money and your life.” 

That seems rather harsh.  Aren’t there any satisfied customers in the Beecher records?  We found a few hanging around Wally Dunlop’s garage—Richie Dunlop and his friend Bernie Housemann.

“Everybody complains about Claude, but I don’t get it,” said Richie, brother to Wally and operator of the Dunlop garage overnight towing service.  “He’s given me some great deals over the years.  Sure, there have been problems now and then, but you have to expect that with a used car.  With a new car too, come to that.”  Dunlop laughs.  “If cars didn’t have problems we’d be out of business.”

“I never really had an issue,” said Housemann.  “I know what I’m looking for, and I’m smart about what I buy.”

“I knew what I was looking for, too,” said June Esperanza, when asked to comment on these opinions.  “I did my research.  Claude Beecher sold me a junker and refuses to do anything about it.”

“Every business has dissatisfied customers,” Beecher responded.  “You have to look at what we’ve done for the community over the years, and all of the people who depend on Beecher Auto Sales.”

We’ve been looking for those people, Mr. Beecher, and we’ve found many more of the dissatisfied variety than those who find the Beecher Auto Sales service dependable.  Could there be a valid reason? 

We'll see...

Next — the surprising connections Beecher Auto Sales has forged over the years

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