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Summer 2015 Kent ISD MTSS Update
Kent ISD is committed to providing a continuum of supports for local districts as they implement an integrated academic and behavioral Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) framework. Our team works to develop local leadership teams who facilitate and support quality systems reviews resulting in sustainable changes that increase achievement for ALL students.
MTSS Accomplishments
  • Kent ISD is one of 20 ISD's partnering with Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Intiative (MiBLSi) to implement district-wide models of MTSS throughout their counties. Even though we are only one of 20, we are supporting almost one third of this work throughout Michigan. Across the state:
    • 30 LEA's are actively implementing.  4 of those are from Kent ISD.
    • 88 schools are participating in the professional development.  28 of those are from Kent ISD!
    • Over 40,000 students are being impacted.  Over 13,000 are being impacted in Kent ISD! 
  • Earlier this month a team from Kent ISD participated in a professional learning opportunity facilitated by Ingham ISD on the County-Wide Implementation of MTSS.  The day provided many ideas for how to scale-up the implementation of MTSS throughout Kent County.
What's Next?
  • Next year participating secondary schools will begin to install the Early Warning System for dropout prevention. A team from Kentwood will begin this work over the summer and will share their experience with other districts in the fall.
  • Representatives from Kent ISD's School Improvement Team are attending Anita Archer's Explicit Instruction Trainer Sessions this month.  They will begin to share these evidence-based instructional strategies with teachers at Curriculum Camp in August!
  • Grandville Public Schools will begin a formal partnership with Kent ISD to implement MTSS next fall! All of their elementary buildings will begin participating in the winter. 
  • Six additional buildings from our current partnering districts will begin developing their systems next year as well . This will make a total of 41 buildings implementing MTSS throughout Kent County.
School Leadership Teams from 11 buildings attended Spring Data Review. The teams acknowledged their gains and developed action plans for areas of improvement to keep their system of supports strong.  The teams celebrated the year's hard work during a summer picnic complete with yard games. Research supports the importance of celebrations for highly effective teams.  In one study, researchers found the most effective teams demonstrated a ratio of over five positive interactions to every one negative interaction.

MTSS at the State

In the new School Aid Budget, funding from Section 31a as well as the new Section 35, is tied to the implementation of a Multi-Tier System of Supports and the use of research-based instruction and diagnostic assessments approved by the Michigan Department of Education.  Further details are coming soon.
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