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Hi everyone,

You all are heroes for toughing this winter out. As the snow begins to thaw, awesome-sounding events are popping up all over the place. Wishing you a wonderful, sex positive early Spring!

-Nicole Mazzeo

3/13: CONSENT: The Hunting Ground Film Release
TBA / Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge / ~$11?
A startling documentary exposing sexual assault on college campuses. The film follows survivors as they struggle to continue their education and fight rape culture in unsupportive and often victim-blaming campus environments.

3/13: DRAG: Divas, Dolls, & Drag Bike Party
Get dolled up for this fabulous bike ride, organized by Boston Bike Party in honor of Women's History Month. Start by checking out the lookbook and adding songs to the collaborative Spotify playlist. If this isn't a well organized event, I don't know what is.

3/14: ORALFabulous Fellatio Workshop
8pm-10pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / $20 in advance, $25 at door
The art of the blowjob, plus some tips on prostate massage. Led by the amazing OhMegan! Don't wear a skirt. All genders welcome.

3/14: WELLNESS: 3 Steps in 30 Days: Safer is S.E.X.Y.
9am-3:30pm / ABCD Chinatown / free
Free HIV testing and prevention planning for young women of color ages 18-25. Participants who attend the 3 dates (found at the link) are rewarded with free gift cards!

3/15: KINKA Guide to Communications and Negotiations with GRLee
2pm-4pm / Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline / $10 for non-members, free for members
An interactive presentation on communicating and negotiating your needs, wants, and fantasies. Presented by MOB New England. Open to all women, including trans* and intersex women who live their everyday lives as women, and all female-born trans* and genderqueer folks. 21+.

3/18: JUSTICE: Out In the Night Film Screening
5pm / Northeastern University / free
A documentary about a group of lesbian women of color who were assaulted by a man on a NYC street, and then persecuted for defending themselves. There will be a discussion following the film. Free pizza!

3/18: "ME" TIMELove Yourself, Literally: Empowering Yourself Through Masturbation Workshop
6:30pm-7:30pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / free
Apparently masturbation can boost self esteem, heighten sex drive, increase stamina, and help you learn about your body and your lovemaking style.

3/20: FEMINIST: Pleasure and Danger: Sexual Freedom and Feminism Now
8:30am-5:30pm / Northeastern University / free
A day of panel discussions that explore challenging questions about porn, slut shaming, sex trafficking, sexual assault, race, religion, and more.

3/20: TOYS: Designing Your Pleasure Experiences with teasecraft
7:30pm-9:30pm / Artisan's Asylum in Somerville / $3-$5 suggested donation
Do you love building and/or testing sex toys? Soumyadip, co-founder of Mysteryvibe, will give a virtual presentation on the process of sex toy creation, and the importance of starting sex positive companies.

3/21: QUEER POC: Colors of Love: A Celebration of Queer Love & Relationships
12pm-5:30pm / Fenway Health / free
A free mini-conference for LGBTQA people of color and allies, 18+. The workshops sound awesome. And there's free lunch!

3/24: CONSENT: Brave Miss World Film Screening
7pm-9pm / Brandeis University in Waltham, MA / free with ticket
Trigger warning: rape. Linor Abargil was crowned Miss World only six weeks after being violently raped at the age of 18. This film follows her from the assault, to the crowning, to her activist journey and her fight to keep her rapist in prison. Following the film, Linor Abargil herself will be speaking.

3/26: PUBLIC SEX: Risky Quickies: The Art of Public Sex & Getting Busy Beyond the Bedroom Workshop
6:30pm-7:30pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / free
Daring locations, discreet toys, and safety tips for all your public sexcapades.

3/26: TRIVIASex Trivia with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
8pm-10pm / The Salon in Providence / $10/team
Pub trivia, sex ed, and sexy prizes. Come alone or with friends.

3/26-3/29: SEXOLOGY: Healthy Sexuality as a Human Right: Making Sex Therapy Available to Diverse Populations
7:30am / Hyatt Regency Boston / $ee pricing chart
The Society for Sex Therapy and Research's annual conference covers topics including Black sexuality and sexology, sexual behavior among youth, preventative sex therapy for pedophiles, and what exactly sexual pleasure is. It's expensive, but students get a significant discount, and you can pay per workshop.

4/9: ROUGH: Spank You Very Much: Rough Sex for Beginners
6:30pm-7:30pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / free
Explore basic techniques and positions for bringing a little roughness into your sex life, plus tips on communication and safety.

4/11: SEX ED: Sex Educators Networking and Community Building Conference
9am-4:30pm / Framingham, MA / $65
A one-day conference filled with lots of awesome-sounding workshops, including "Sex Ed at Hogwarts."

4/12: SUPPORT: Boston Area Rape Crisis Center's 2015 Walk for Change
9am-2pm / Brighton, MA / $30
Walk to raise money for the local rape crisis center. They do great work! There will be food and entertainment.

4/13: ANAL: Back Door Lovin': Anal Play for All!
8pm-10pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / $20 in advance, $25 at the door
Learn how to partake in anal pleasure using all sorts of body parts and toys. Plus tips on communication, safety, and the health benefits of anal stimulation.

4/16: TOYS: Harness Your Pleasure: The Beginners Guide to Strap-Ons and Dildos
6:30pm-7:30pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / free
What do you look for in a sex toy? Learn how to find the perfect strap-on/dildo combo for your body and interests, plus tips on how to use them for maximum pleasure.

4/18: KINK: Sinclair Sexsmith: Leaving Marks
6pm-9pm / Somerville / $12-$15
An exploratory, interactive demonstration of consensually leaving marks on a partner, put on by Trans* Spectrum Kinksters. Open to transfolk and allies.

4/22: ENVIRONMENT: Eco-Sex: How to Save the World, One Orgasm at a Time
6:30pm-7:30pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / free
Give the Earth a high-five by switching over to recycled, rechargeable, vegan sex toys and supplies! Also, get tips for what household items can be re-purposed for your erotic pleasure.

4/23: SUPPORTPaint The Town (la) Red: A Celebration of Survival
6pm-10:30pm / Somerville Armory / $35
A fundraising party to end partner abuse in GLBTQ, BDSM, and polyamorous communities. Featuring dinner, dancing, and entertainment. Proceeds support The Network/La Red's important work.

4/23: TRIVIASex Trivia with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
8pm-10pm / The Salon in Providence / $10/team
Pub trivia, sex ed, and sexy prizes. Come alone or with friends.

4/23: SCIENCE: 5 (Dirty, Little) Secrets from the Science of Women's Sexuality
8pm-10pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / $20 in advance, $25 at the door
The science of sexual response like you've never heard it before, debunking myths about women's sexuality, how to have great orgasms reliably, and tips for having better sex than anyone you know. Damn, this sounds good.

4/26: BIRTH: Birth Story Slam
7pm-9pm / Location TBA / Cost TBA
A night of storytelling to challenge stereotypes of reproduction and reveal true experiences.

4/28: SAFETY: Condoms, Dental Dams, and Lube -- Oh My! How to Keep Safe Sex Sexy
6:30pm-7:30pm / Good Vibrations in Brookline / free
Find the most sensual lube, the condom with the perfect fit, and the dental dam that slides perfectly between the tip of your tongue and your partner. Yum!

4/29: KINKFlirting, Foreplay, and Fucking with Sinclair Sexsmith
2pm-4pm / Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline / $10 for non-members, free for members
Learn how to escalate from flirting to foreplay, and then from foreplay to fucking. Presented by MOB New England. Open to all women, including trans* and intersex women who live their everyday lives as women, and all female-born trans* and genderqueer folks. 21+.

4/30: PERFORMANCE: The Sextacular Show
9:30pm-11pm / Improv Boston / $12
A variety show celebrating the diversity of sexual expression. There will be a discussion following the show.

5/2: STORYTELLING: Sticky Stories: Sexual Confessions and Awkward Adventures
7pm / The Democracy Center in Cambridge / $10-$13
Hilarious, embarrassing, and all-too-relatable stories of sexual escapades and misadventures. Plus, raffle prizes and carnival games! P.S. They're still looking for storytellers; apply here.

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There are so many munches happening that they need their own calendar. Find it here.
The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health wants you to share a story of an awkward sexual misadventure at their Sticky Stories event this May. Apply here.
The Sex Letters Project wants YOU to write a letter to your teenage self saying everything you wish you knew about sex as a teenager.
Become a mentor to a LBGTQ-identified young person of color through the Boston GLASS Mentorship Program.
Mission Gallery is looking for art by survivors of sexual assault for their show 'The Art of Life After.' Submissions due April 1st.
Monthly discussion group. Info here.

EDUCATION: It Pays offers free comprehensive sex ed workshops for any organizations that work with teens.

ASSAULT: Boston Area Rape Crisis Center offers free counseling if you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault.

ABUSE: The Network / La Red offers all sorts of free support for people experiencing relationship abuse, including advocacy, legal help, a support group, and more.

HEALTH: Planned Parenthood has a free Sexual Health Counseling & Referral hotline at 877-686-5772, option #3.

STI TESTING: Fenway Health offers free walk-in STI testing on Wednesdays from 4pm-7pm.
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