Tresco, Isles of Scilly 2016
Switch to OSTN15
On 26th August 2017, Ordnance Survey adopted a new transformation OSTN15/OSGM15 to convert from ETRS89 to OSGB36 co-ordinates. The switch is due to an improvement made by Ordnance Survey in their techniques collecting gravity data. Consequently, a new geoid model has been produced for UK and Ireland, called OSTN15. The geoid is used to link positions recorded using GNSS with national coordinate systems, giving an accurate 3D location within the UK.  Further information on OSTN15, the geoid and this update can be found on the OS website.  The document “OSGM15 and OSTN15: Updated transformation for UK and Ireland” (M.Greaves et al., Geomatics World, July/August 2016) is particularly useful and can be found here

In response to this PCO has now updated the network of control points around the south west from the OSTN02/OSGM02 conversion into the new transformation. Across the region the positional change is minimal, on average 7mm, however, elevation changes of up to 40mm have been observed. The corresponding witness diagrams have been updated and are available 

As of 1st January 2017 PCO has adopted the new transformation for all surveys. As yet there are no plans to re-process all earlier data with the new transformation. All data on the website will include the OSTN/OSGM model in the metadata. PCO will continue to monitor all of our new data for discrepancies in the control network. 
Laser Scanning
Since the last issue of PCO News we have moved on from training and have undertaken our first laser scan surveys. Last August we travelled to Portland to undertake a scan of the seawall and beach at Chiswell on behalf of West Dorset District Council. As you can see from the images, our training was put to good use and we were able to produce a high quality final product. These scans will take place every six months to monitor the condition of the seawall and movement of the surrounding land.

PCO has also been commissioned to undertake surveys of assets within Weymouth Harbour, to monitor for any signs of movement. This is again on behalf of West Dorset District Council with the surveys taking place on an annual basis, starting in March 2017. 

Data Update
Topographic Surveys
The autumn interim surveys were all completed ahead of schedule and to specification before Christmas. This is the first new data collected during Phase 3, continuing the schedule set during the first two phases. All the data has been uploaded to the website and is freely available for download via the map viewer and data catalogue here.  

Following the completion of the autumn interim surveys, progress is now underway on the Phase 3 baseline surveys. Baseline surveys represent a five meter spaced grid covering the entirety of the beach, as well as profile lines. A full explanation of all survey methods we use is available on our website. Both PCO and our contractors have been out surveying over the recent spring tides, making the most of the favourable conditions. Data will be made available via the website as soon it has been processed and quality checked. 

Survey schedules for all beaches, covering all data types are available here
Aerial Photography 

The latest set of Aerial Photography will be flown over the summers of 2017 and 2018,   following the completion of the tendering process. 
LiDAR Capture
Capture of the first set of LiDAR for Phase 3 of the Programme has begun. At the time of writing the capture stood at 21% of the total for the whole south west coast. 
Upcoming Event: The Voice of the Sea
The Voice of the Sea is a project being undertaken by University of Plymouth PhD Nuria Bonet, She has been using data from our wave buoys as a tool to compose classical pieces of music. To witness this original use for our data, come down to Plymouth on Sunday 26th February when Nuria will be putting on a live performance using real time wave buoy data. All the details and information on booking free tickets can be found here
Annual and Technical Reports
Annual survey reports were completed prior to Christmas and are available via the website here

Technical reports focused on Teignmouth and Instow have been completed and are also available via the
website. Other sites that have been highlighted for analysis including Seaton (Cornwall) and Woolacombe are underway and will be available when complete, so check back for updates.
Isles of Scilly Annual Survey Trip
Last September the PCO team completed its annual trip to the Isles of Scilly. Beaches on all of the inhabited islands were surveyed with extra profiles added in areas of specific interest and in front of key assets following consultation with the local authority. Working to tight schedules the data was collected in full and has been quality checked and made available via the website. Writing of the annual report is underway and will be available via the website when complete. 
Post-Storm Surveys
Following the impact of Storm Doris PCO recieved a number of requests for post-storm surveys. Our contractors were dispatched to Chesil, West Bay, Sidmouth, Seaton, Teignmouth and Dawlish Warren in Lyme Bay and Praa and Mount's Bay in Cornwall. As you can see from the chart below for Chesil, some noticeable changes to the beaches were captured, highlighting the need for continued monitoring. 
PCO Staff Changes
Over the next couple of months there will be some significant changes to the PCO team. As of February 13th Team Leader, Emerald Siggery, will be on maternity leave. In her absence the day to day running of the office will be undertaken by Cristina Corti and Matthew Vann. Following this, on 3rd March, Project Manager, Simon Humphry, will also be leaving. In the interim his duties will be filled by Mark Fox of Teignbridge District Council until his replacement starts. 

Please direct all email enquiries for Emerald to where a member of the team will be able to assist. 
Programme Feedback

We are always interested in hearing your views and feedback on the Programme, but it is now especially important to us as we move into Phase III. 

Please spare a few minutes to fill out our survey so we can continue to deliver a relevant and cost-effective Programme.

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The Plymouth Coastal Observatory Team:

Emerald Siggery Team leader and point of contact for general enquiries and technical queries in North Devon, Somerset and the Severn Estuary.

Josie-Alice Kirby - Point of contact for general enquiries and technical queries in South Devon and Dorset.

Cristina Corti - Point of contact for general enquiries and technical queries in North Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Matthew Vann - Point of contact for general enquiries and technical queries in South Cornwall and Mounts Bay.

Josh Webborn - Point of contact for general enquiries and technical queries in South Devon and Dorset.
For further information regarding the South West Coastal Monitoring Programme please contact the Plymouth Coastal Observatory:
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