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nother late newsletter? Yes! It’s been an incredibly hectic two months on the road and on the go. I didn’t want to send our first newsletter of 2016 without recapping how God used your prayers and generosity in 2015 to make a difference in our life and work in Cameroon.

As I write, I’m filled with deep gratitude for your faithfulness to the work of BFL. I have truly felt the warmth of your concern, seen the effect of your prayers and been moved to give thanks to God for the positive impact your partnership is making as thousands of struggling people across a region plagued with unemployment, uncertainty and confusion are offered hope. Hope and promise that no leader, no nation, no movement could ever equal. Many are responding to that promise and seeing their lives transformed.

2015 was another great year for the ministry of BFL. Lives were touched and changed through our medical and agricultural outreaches. Hundreds of pastors and church leaders were provided much needed training and resources. Hundreds of children were ministered to through our After School & Awanna programs. Some progress was also made in our 250 acre farmland in Dimako, although not as much as we had anticipated. We had five short term teams from the USA visit our work. Two of those teams were led by two BFL Board members, Dr. Jackson Downey, a medical doctor from Jacksonville, who has made about a dozen other trips to Cameroon and Dr. Roxanne Cheek, another veteran.

◀(Giving hope to the villagers of Akite whose children as young as three walk several miles each day to school. Dr. Roxanne Cheek is raising funds to build two classrooms by September 2016)

Opportunities were given for ministry to various arm of the Cameroonian military and Eric Carter, a police Captain from the Albany Police Dept in Oregon brought timely encouraging words. Ministry was conducted in several prisons across Cameroon. A number of small businesses were initiated through our small business loan program. Orphans were helped through our partnership with Tim & Sara Born and Grace Taite Orphanage.

Our team visited and initiated ministry in the border town of Garoua Bolai where over 20,000 refugees from war torn Central African Republic are camped, most of them are Muslims. We are looking at initiating a church plant and developing sustainable ministries there in 2016.

There are no words in the English lexicon that can adequately express our profound gratitude to you for your partnership. All of these and more was possible because of your availability to God! Looking forward to serving Him with you in 2016!

With gratitude,

Ernest Ehabe
anuary 2015 started with a rush of activity for our medical and agricultural outreaches. So was February and March with training for pastors and church leaders across several regions of Cameroon. Prisoners were ministered to spiritually, medically and physically. So much also went on in our land in Dimako which we are developing for sustainable development. I was opportune to visit the USA a couple of time with ministry opportunity across the USA – including ministry to fellow Africans. The list of things to be thankful for 2015 is pretty long. Thank you for being a HUGE part of what happened in 2015!

(photos above) (1) Katherine Bowlus visit with pre-K children (2) Patrick Gaughan leads devotion before medical outreach (3) Marci Hildebrandt & Cameroonian nurses plan the days outreach, (4) Dr. Roxanne gives talk on nutrition & agriculture (5) Dr. Roxanne teaching on raising chicken & nutrition in Tombel (6) Walter MORRIS, a five month intern from Jacksonville, FL takes vital signs for doctors.
y mother is a very spiritual person and a close follower of Jesus, but she was beside herself with worry over, what she perceived to be a very high risk adventure. She was worried about me and my wife Katharine traveling to Cameroon on a BFL “vision trip”. She had never heard of Bread for Life and couldn’t understand why we had to travel so far to tell folks about Jesus.

◀ (1) Michael Bowlus entertains children at the orphanage in Bossa (2) Katherine Bowlus interacts with school children at a public high school.

We traveled through five states of Cameroon and met loving folks from all walks of life. The courage of the people we met and their warm welcome and companionship was a tonic for our souls, a miraculous thing amongst many miracles we saw and experienced. Tired, sometimes sick, dirty and far from home we were carried by the love and friendship Ernest and his crew showed us.

Bread for Life is an ambitious and faithful group of men and women who bring the love of Jesus to remote places in a tangible and effective way. They demonstrate the scripture and everyone knows them by their love. The love of the work the love of the people and the love and care they show each other are testaments to their walk with Jesus. In a very short while I realized that this love came from God and that we would be “ok”.

The projects going on, in so many places around those 5 states, was equally exhausting and inspiring to see. The endless hard work and devotion to the tasks, from work in the schools, on the farm, in the “field” to making new outposts where the work would continue long after most “missions” had come and gone, was all done with love and compassion. There is something for everyone to get into and there is no shortage of opportunities to get closer to God while ministering to the “least of these”.

That is not to say that those in need are helpless or apathetic. On the contrary, the folks we visited were not waiting for help. When we arrived they were doing everything to improve their lives they could do: teaching their children, engaging in all manner of commerce, big and small, with no expectation of getting anything without hard work. It was a privilege to witness this and support them however possible. The energy and genuine caring with which they worked was contagious and before long the obstacles we initially perceived were just opportunities to answer God’s call, humbly and patiently.

For despite there being no shortage of clocks, time became very “elastic” and while our American brains were alarmed by this at first, we grew to understand the “fullness of time” and God’s time for getting things done. Patience, waiting upon the Lord, is a lesson I learned in Cameroon. A lesson that will bring you closer to God and closer to the people around you, no matter where you are.

I was anxious when I saw the needs of the people and I thought of how to make things happen more quickly rather than how to be in the moment when God is working in so many lives. The miracle of patience is that it makes it easier to see God more clearly. Slowing down the “rush to redemption” makes the journey, the process, more important than the destination. My walk with Jesus took on a different pace and folks saw more of Him and less of me the more patient I became. We were blessed by God to have made the trip. That blessing has been expanded, like the ripple on the pond in greater widening circles as our witness to the work that God is doing through the Bread for Life ministry has reached and touched more folks than I would have ever imagined.

◀ (1)  Ernest & BFL Medical Director (Dr. Pascal Fongang) with October 2015 team
(2) Michael Bowlus talks to high school kids at a public school
(3) Katherine Bowlus at a public school
(4) Michael shares with prisoners at Yaounde maximum security prison

My Sunday school class is sponsoring a child at the Grace Tate orphanage and everyone who heard of the good works being done wanted to know how they could help. There is great power in the witness of God’s people doing HIs work. It is worth the trip to make new friends and share those new friends with the folks back home.

Three years ago when Roxanne first suggested that we should go with her on a mission trip to Cameroon, I responded like my mother, with worry about the risks of such an adventure. Each year Roxanne would ask and I would demure, unable to see the value of one more visiting white man of modest means in a country that needed more than I could give.  God does not send the equipped, but He certainly equipped me and my prior doubts and fears were starved into weak worries, unable to withstand the power of God’s love to move me to go where I could not imagine how it would matter.

In that time I felt like Jonah, dismissing God’s suggestion that I go to Cameroon, rationalizing that I knew better about what was good for Cameroon and me. After purchasing my plane ticket, I felt more like Paul, making a trip to be with other Christians, to laugh with them, sing with them, cry with them and learn from them and with them about the power of God’s love in a skeptical, cynical world. To my surprise I was often the recipient of the word I intended to bring and more often than not felt such a great blessing that I couldn’t be sure if God brought me to bless the Cameroonians or if He brought me to them so that I would be blessed.

As we boarded the plane home I thought of my mother and how she worried about us. We had some adventures, deprivations and difficult times, but they were of no consequence. The blessings received were as the bright light that eliminates the shadows and reveals the beauty of life, obscuring in its glow any vestige of darkness. The brilliance of God’s love is reflected in the hearts and lives of the Bread for Life members. They are truly known by their love.

In October 2015, Michael (a Jacksonville, FL lawyer) and his wife Katharine (a school teacher) accompanied Dr. Roxanne Cheek a (BFL Board member) to Cameroon on a “Vision Trip.”  



– APRIL 2016 –

WEEK 1 (1-7 APRIL: Praying For Funding)

Friday 1st: Pray for the BFL Mission Banquet holding in Texarkana, Texas. Pray for a huge attendance and great response to our partnership and support appeal.
Saturday 2nd: Thank God for the BFL Mission Banquet. Thank God for those who took commitments to partner with, support us or be involved in short or long term missions. Pray that all would follow through their commitment.
Sunday 3rd: Pray for a good response as Ernest round-off his trip and meetings with current and potential partners and donors in the US.
Monday 4th: Pray for our BFL donors. Pray for God’s grace, blessings and protection upon them and their families.
Tuesday 5th: Pray for open doors in our bid to find funding within Cameroon. Pray that God would bless us with local partners, donors and funding bodies.
Wednesday 6th: Pray for favor as we identify and apply for grants locally and internationally.
Thursday 7th: Pray that God will increase our donor base especially with those taking monthly commitments. We are currently operating at 40% of our monthly budget which entails huge sacrifices and cuts on what we able to accomplish. Pray that the Lord would bless us with sufficient resources to enable us operate in our full capacity and reach out to more people.

WEEK 2 (8-14 APRIL: April: Praying for our sustainable development efforts (Dimako Integrated Farm))

Friday 8th: Pray for land preparation work currently going on at the BFL Farm in Dimako (East Region, Cameroon). Pray for the successful accomplishment of the task of clearing and felling of trees.
Saturday 9th: Pray for the workers currently doing the work. Pray for God’s protection, guidance and for the spirit of diligence and discipline as the go about their duties.
Sunday 10th: Pray for the successful establishment of a palm and cocoa nursery which we intend to set up this month. Pray for wisdom upon the experts, technicians and laborers involved in this exercise. Pray for the other nurseries that would follow progressively: rubber.
Monday 11th: Pray for God’s blessings upon the farm.
Tuesday 12th: Pray for the current farm management at Dimako (led by the farm technician Godlove Nsuli), pray for wisdom and direction as they recruit and manage laborers to do the land preparation and nurseries.
Wednesday 13th: Pray for the surrounding inhabitants around the farm land (predominantly Baka pygmies and Beul), that they would be involved and benefit from the farm project which is also geared at improving their welfare.
Thursday 14th: Pray for open doors with investors and partners that can help us achieve maximum impact and fulfillment of the primordial goal of the project (to generate resources locally to sustain the work of BFL).

WEEK 3 (15-21 APRIL: Thanking God for Christian Medical Outreach and Rightly Dividing the Word Conferences in 2016)

Friday 15th: Thank God for a successful outreach (medical consultation & evening crusades) in Nyasosso (South West Region) in 2016. Over 4000 prescriptions were made in the medical outreach and over 200 souls won during the crusades.
Saturday 16th: Pray for a successful follow-up of souls won during the crusade by the local church and growth in the unity and solidarity among them (the local churches) generated by the outreach.
Sunday 17th: Thank God for the Missionary team from the US who made it for the outreach (Dr. Jackson Downey, Chris Ackerman, Dr. Roxanne Cheek, Malasee Seles, Brenda Luna, Robyn Reaves and Mike Wade). Thank God for a successful and impactful trip.
Monday 18th: Pray for God’s direction as we seek to identify where the next medical outreach would be held and begin preparatory works.
Tuesday 19th: Praise God for a successful tenure of the Rightly Dividing the Word Conference (RDWC) in Yaounde, Oku, Mamfe, Kumba and Buea.
Wednesday 20th: Praise God for journey mercies for Dr. Kenneth Mitchell, Ebenezer and the RDWC Team that criss-crossed 4 towns in 3 Regions in Cameroon for the RDWC 2016.
Thursday 21st: Pray for a lasting impact of the RDWC in the lives of the participants and their churches and ministries.

WEEK 4 (22-28 APRIL: Praying for the “Ray of Hope Academy” Akite & Douala )

Friday 22nd: Thank God for the initiative undertaken by BFL to construct a primary school for the children of Akite (Ray of Hope Academy, Akite) who trek several miles to attend primary school in Muambong (in the South West Region of Cameroon).
Saturday 23nd: Thank God for the land donated by the community for the purpose and the funds that have been raised so far.
Sunday 24th: Pray God for success in the international fundraising drive spearheaded by BFL Board member Dr. Roxanne Cheek.
Monday 25th: Pray for the success of the ongoing ground work for the school taking place in Akite (land preparation towards the construction work).
Tuesday 26th: Thank God for the initiative undertaken by BFL to set up an inclusive primary school in Douala (Ray of Hope Academy, Douala) in the Littoral Region of Cameroon to carter for the needs of autistic and other special education pupil as well as regular pupils.
Wednesday 27th: Pray that God would open doors for investors, partners and volunteers to be involved in the Ray of Hope Academy Douala project.
Thursday 28th: Pray for breakthrough and success as we undertake groundwork (administrative procedures, acquisition of infrastructures, personnel etc.) for the project in Bonamousadi, Douala.

WEEK 5 (29-30 APRIL: Praying for the relocation into new BFL office in Yaounde )

Friday 29th: Thank God for the opportunity to move to a more spacious office building.
Saturday 30th: Pray for God’s grace and guidance for a hitch free transfer into the new office building this month.
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