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Truly, truly, I say to you, he that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do…” John 14:12

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…” – Barack Obama

Everyone agrees. Our world is in dire need of change! But what kind of change? And how do we go about it? This is where opinions differ, and this, perhaps is the crux of the matter.

In 1992, the Bush campaign alluded to “…a thousand points of light.” In 1996 the Clinton's reminded us that “…it takes a village.” The one a republican, the other a democrat, both aspiring to the highest office in the most powerful nation on the earth, and saying essentially the same thing: that improvements in the quality of human life are most directly affected through collective mobilization at the grass root level.

Change is essential. Change is inevitable! But, true and lasting change start in our hearts. That, exactly, is why the gospel of Jesus is preeminent. For it alone has the power to effect true and lasting change (Rom 1:16-17).

“Remember that you were separated from Christ, and strangers to the promise, having no hope, dead in sins… fulfilling the desires of the flesh… BUT GOD…EVEN when we were dead in sins, has quickened us together with Christ… for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them” (Ephesians Chapter 2).”

(←Baka Pygmy Children of Loussou welcome our team)

Jesus declared, “Greater works will you do.” Could it be we’ve not taken His words seriously? The world’s needs are not new legislations, but Christians who are committed to realizing God’s purposes for their generation. I am convinced, that, the single greatest obstacle to the impact of the gospel has not been its inability to provide answers but the failure on our part to live it out.

For 22 years, we have sought to bring lasting change by working with the most vulnerable through purposeful relief and ‘holistic’ development. Our mission has been - to end all forms of human poverty by addressing heart, hands and head issues and going to “…regions beyond…” (2 Cor 10:16) -  walking and working with our region’s most vulnerable people. We believe that every person has intrinsic value, and that it’s our responsibility to advocate for the poor and marginalized without regard to tribe, creed and without adverse distinction of any kind. We strive to respect the culture and customs of the people we serve in order to preserve their humanity and dignity. Our work among the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon is an example of this commitment.

We are thankful for the difference that is being made. All of these is made possible because of your prayers and generosity. Together, we are effecting real and lasting change as together we take Jesus’ unchanging message to a rapidly changing world through words and practical demonstration of His love.

    With you, for true change,
  Ernest Ehabe

Molding Cement blocks for future church/community Building in Loussou Village

Our Regional Coordinator brings an encouraging word to the new congregation

The temporary meeting place has brought the village together for worship and community work

A Day of Rejoicing: Singing and walking to the river to baptize new converts together for worship and community work

Community work: Newly Baptized believers of Loussou

When we started our work among the Baka Pygmies almost 20 years ago, we were motivated by several scripture verses. Among them was Romans 15:20: “To preach the gospel in Regions beyond… and not to boast in another man’s sphere of influence…” 20 years ago, we wrote the following as our objectives:

Our Main Objective

• Bring the Gospel of Christ to this unreached people group.
• Bring sound Bible-based teaching and training.
• Elevate their standard of living without bringing a false standard.

Specific Objectives

• Provide elementary health facilities to the tribe by building and operating an elementary health unit and carrying out health education among the people.
• Build and operate a primary school where their children can learn to read and write.
Provide little or no cost clothing, farming tools, and other living facilities needed to improve on their standards of living.
• Carry out evangelistic activities followed up by spiritual edification of those that would believe.
• Create job opportunities for the pygmies thereby opening them up to the industrial world.
• Create a mission station for missionaries and Bible school students on exchange programs.


Other projects include:

• Establishing agricultural projects that could create employment and enable the products harvested to be sold in and out of the country.
• Create elementary Bible schools that would train local leaders in simple leadership skills.
• Encourage multipurpose missionary visits.

It’s amazing how God has honored our steps of faith. We have achieved almost all our objectives in the village of Molobo-Mbang . God has redirected us to the village of Loussou near Dimako where we are taking similar steps by coming alongside a struggling Baka Pygmy community and joining them in bringing true and lasting change as we take Jesus message through words and practical deeds. We are involved in constructing a church building (the first in that community), in addition to developing a demonstration/teaching farm and ministry base called Beaulahland farms.

Someone may ask, “why a church building?” From a cultural standpoint:
• Basic protection from the elements
• An “established” presence in the community
• A central sending-out point for evangelism
• A place to host community events
• Impacts ministry potential
• Enhanced witness to unbelievers
• Cultural relevance and credibility

We are estimating between $15,000 to $25,000 for an edifice that will serve as a BOLD witness in this community. A borehole was recently drill and it will provide clean water for the community and irrigation for the farm. We are so excited and thrilled to be a part of what He is doing among the Bakas.

Jochebed came on staff with BFL eight years ago. It was after a few years that I found out she had been involved with BFL even before her coming on staff. Like other team members, she wears many hats: Office manager, Administrative Assistant, School Administrator, project manager and Short term missions’ coordinator. Jochebed will be visiting the USA in July and August to raise personal and ministry support. We would love to connect her with our friends and their sphere of influence. If you would like to have her in your area, please let us know ASAP.  Here is Jochebed in her own words:

As a daughter of a Presbyterian minister, I grew up in a Christian tradition but with no personal relationship with God. My journey to salvation began when I joined a group of friends every evening for Bible studies at my High school hostel. I would listen to my friends share about God’s love and His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. God would speak to me but I kept resisting because I was not ready to abandon my sinful ways. 

Time with the children and women of Akid

This kept happening until  one Sunday morning when I heard a Pastor preach on Holiness. I was so overtaken by God’s convicting power that I fell on my knees and asked Him to forgive me of all my sins. I asked Him to give me power over sin and also invited Jesus into my life. A few months later I was very instrumental in turning this little fellowship into a Bible club in our school. It was a platform to preach Christ to other students and also strengthen those who were turning to Christ. Amidst a lot of persecution from friends, family and school authorities, my friends and I would organize evangelistic meetings to reach out to fellow students.
This desire to reach out with the gospel was what intrigued me about Bread For Life. Back in my university days, my local student/youth based ministry worked in collaboration with Bread For Life to organize evangelistic outreaches. I worked behind the scenes in organizing the choir and in putting up posters. Little did I know that I’d later work with Bread For Life.

Jochebed encourages refugees from Central Africa Republic

Praying with and for a Baka family

I joined Bread For Life in 2009 and have served as Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Outreach Coordinator, and Financial Manager. This has been a wealth of experience for me. I’m amazed at how God has used this to bring hope to many and this has been a big plus to my spiritual journey.


3With Popular Nigerian news anchor (Dr. Chinwe Madubuike) at the Summit in DC.

With Je Ho Yeon, Country Director of Korean International Cooperation Agency in Cameroon

  INCREASED GIVING IN JUNE:    We are so thankful for an increased in what came in last month. Usually, we experience increase in donation when I am traveling and speaking in the USA. This wasn’t the case last month. We experienced an increase as two regular donors gave way above their regular giving!  I am trying to cut back as much travel as possible this year and spend more time at home with Lisa and our children. Please, continue to pray for our “Gideon 300” goal of raising 300 who will commit to giving $25 or more monthly to cover BFL’s monthly operating budget.

   CONNECTING WITH KOREA:  :    As we have prayed and sought the Lord for various funding and learning opportunities, we continue to see Him open doors. Last year, I felt very strongly that God was leading us to develop relationships in Korea. It did not make sense to me. I don’t know or have any kind of relationship with Korea or in Korea. However, I share this with some of my staff.
Amazingly, a little over a month ago, one of my staff called to inform me I had a letter from the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). It announced that Bread for Life was selected to join in a Capacity Building Workshop put together by the Korean Government’s Agency for Development. It’s great to see God at work. At the workshop, my staff and I learned so much and found out Korea was less developed than Cameroon 50 years ago. We also found out how they got where they are today. Some of the principles and approaches they shared were things we were already implementing in our efforts to develop a demonstration farm and ministry base. Not only was our time at the workshop encouraging, several relationships have been developed as a result and I will be in Korean in September! Continue to pray with us as we take this new step and see what God would unfold.
   Africa Peace, Security & Synergy Inaugural Summit::   I was honored to speak and present a paper on “Christian Response to Terrorism in Central Africa” at the Inaugural Africa Peace and Security Summit held at Washington Hilton, Gaithersburg, MD from June 22 to 24. This historic continent-wide Summit brought Christian leaders of strategic influence from several African countries and diaspora; stakeholders and allies to dialogue and chart a unified and sustainable path to peaceful co-existence of all Africans and to build solidarity in seeking help for all victims – Christians and non-Christians. The Summit was put together by African professionals in the USA. Be praying for this forum as we join others in finding and enacting lasting solutions

Speaking at the Inaugural  Africa Peace and Security Summit in June

1. Prof Emmanuel Emenyonu, Chair of the Summit addresses delegates
2. An elderly African statesman address the Africa Peace Summit

EBENEZER, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” 1 Samuel &;12

In 2014, we noticed our two year old son, AJ (Asher-Josiah) was regressing. He became quiet and withdrawn, wouldn’t make eye contact or play with his siblings. Specialists in the USA recommended that he undergo speech and ABA therapy.

In Cameroon we discovered such services are practically nonexistent. Relocating to another country to find help and support seemed to be our only option, but we had mixed feelings about such a move. We were referred to a school in Douala that offered some limited services but we quickly realized we could not afford the $1,000+ per mo. tuition (in a country where $100 per month is a lot).

Looking for other creative ways to help our son, in early 2016 we painted a room in our home to use in providing specialized tutoring for him. This evolved to include several special needs children and families that were also desperate for a solution and support.

In July/August, 2016, a large home near us became available. They required one years rent in advance but we took a step of faith and in September moved the school into it with an initial 15 children and teaching staff of seven.

A PILOT PROJECT & A MINISTRY To Children & Families

This is a pilot project: a model school, in a country where children with autism or other special needs are stigmatized and ostracized. Most people in our part of the world are very superstitious. Autism and other ailments are often attributed to witchcraft and a bad omen, thus, special needs children are seen as a drain on a family’s limited finances and a nuisance. There are no support networks, no centers for these children, and no hope for any kind of a future for them.

Ray of Hope Academy is not just about caring for special needs children, we are also providing support for parents, and educating the community about the dignity of each child. A lot of doors for ministry have opened as a result and we are thankful that God is using our son’s situation to care for children and give hope to families.


We are using an “all-inclusive and differentiated” learning approach. At present, more than 90 percent of our students are on scholarships, mostly coming from families that are unable to contribute $5 a month. In September, we plan to enroll more neuro-typical (“normal”) children whose families are capable of paying. Proceeds from their tuition will eventually make the school sustainable.

2017/2018 Academic year. Present running cost:

• Rents and monthly Utilities:  $1,491
• Monthly salaries for Teachers and Support staff: $2,631
• Miscellaneous: $200
• Total needed each month: $4,322


• Construction of four temporary Classrooms by August 2017: $10,000
• Payment of one full year’s by August 31st: $14,736
• A school Van or Bus: $20,000


We are in dire need of the following professionals who are able to come on a short or long term basis:
• Occupational Therapists
• Speech Therapists.
• ABA and special Education teachers


Realizing some of our children may not be able to fully function in “normal society,” we have been burdened to develop a center to provide ongoing education, and an environment that creates meaningful jobs, and builds a sense of belonging, dignity and respect for these children as they move to adulthood.

To that end we have applied for a sizeable land grant from the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and the government of Cameroon for a multifaceted campus base that will house adult autistic and disable children, a place where we can render the following services to families and children with various disabilities.
•  Respite & Temporary Habilitation
•  Supervised Living
•  Supported Home Living
•  Residential Support Services &
•  Supported Employment
•  A recreational and educational
   camp  etc.

Positioning & Mobilizing: In our efforts to make the school sustainable, we are inviting the community to visit the school and are distributing flyers to promote the school among those who can afford to pay tuition. We are hoping to increase the enrollment in September 2017 with a lot of “neuro-typical” kids and are working on an inclusive and differentiated


My wife and I are pooling ALL our resources to make this possible.
We are grateful to a number of friends who have prayed and given generously.
Please join us in lifting this up to the Lord, and if God lays it on your heart, to give.

We thank you for praying and for being a part of what God is doing at Ray of Hope Academy – where, together we are caring for children and supporting families desperate for hope.

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