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.S. Lewis correctly noted, “Christianity is a statement which, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, is of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.” I have been on all sides of the spectrum and, more than ever, I am convinced of not just the importance of Christianity but its relevance! If it is important and relevant, it is worth living and dying for. That is why I have dedicated over two decades of my life crisscrossing the world doing what I do. What a privilege! 

The greatest obstacle to the gospel has not been its inability to provide answers, but, the failure on our part to live it out. The Moravian Christians were a group that lived out the gospel and what an impact and a difference they made. They were a group that came together in the estate of a wealthy Prince (Zinzendorf) in what is today, Germany. Their theme was, “Worthy is the Lamb.

Young Moravian men and women went all round the world telling people about Jesus Christ - because the Lamb is worthy! They were the first modern missionaries to the West Indies. The average lifespan of the Moravian in the mission field was two and a half years. They died within this time from malaria. 

Young Moravians went to the West Indies, though they were not encouraged or allowed to go by the Dutch and West Indies Companies that colonized the West Indies. These companies brought slaves from West Africa and did not want people to preach any message of freedom or equality - even in Christ! But the young Moravians went anyway. How did they get there? They sold themselves into slavery! They indentured themselves for ten, fifteen, even twenty years. So, white slaves labored in the cane fields with black slaves, because, they were motivated by this rallying cry:

“Thou art worthy… for thou was slain, and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation…” (Rev. 5:9; 7:9-12).  

C.S. Lewis had it right: if you read history you will find that Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next. The Apostles themselves who set on foot the conversion of the Roman Empire, the great men of faith who built up the Middle-ages, the English evangelicals who abolished the slave trade, all left their mark on earth precisely because their minds were occupied with Heaven.

It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world,” Lewis said “that they have become so ineffective in this one. Aim at heaven and you get earth thrown in, aim at earth and you get neither.” This is a different view of living. It’s a view that our lives and service can change nations and, in fact, our world.

The irrefutable way the world will know Jesus Christ through us is when love is put to action and that will only happen as we make His last command, our firs concern. In a complete different era, we hear David exclaimed, “Is there not a cause?” (1 Sam 17:29). In a similar manner, Isaiah expressed God’s heartbeat:

For Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as a lamp that burneth.” (Isaiah 62:2).

For the Great Commission

Ernest Ehabe

Im a Graphic Designer serving with a technical service ministry called Missionary TECH Team. We have partnered with Bread for Life since 1999. We are professionals providing services to missions and Churches around the world in the area of Facilities Planning, Computer Services Vehicle Leasing, Ministry Development Services, and where I serve, Graphic Services where we help communicate the message and vision of a ministry. 

    For Bread for Life we do Facilities planning, websites, Mail Chimp, event flyers and posters, brochures, newsletters, prayer cards, business cards, logos, letterheads, displays for events, and much more. I have personally worked with Ernest and BFL for six-plus years now, doing his websites, newsletters and the bulk of his literature and displays.  

In my estimation Bread for Life is one of the most vibrant, well-rounded ministries I work with, and I work with hundreds of ministries and Christian workers each year. The reason I say this is that Bread for life ministers to the whole person, and to the communities and culture in which that person lives. This approach to evangelism, seeking to bring healing and wholeness to a peoples for the purpose of bringing them to the true Bread, Water and Life is, I believe, the healthiest, most well rounded and effective way to spread the hope of Christ. Ernest has done a wonderful job of identifying key areas for social/economic outreach to meet the needs of the people of Cameroon and the African diaspora, and with his entrepreneurial gifting’s continues to grow these areas. 

There is a lot of dialog in the world of missions on the effectiveness of short-term missions and sometimes the harm of coming in and “fishing for the starving man rather than teaching him to fish himself.” Because Bread for life’s goal is to bring the whole gospel– to effect social and economic change as they grow into God– the short-term worker is not “helping the people” so much as “helping the people to help themselves.”  

Bread for Life is an indigenous ministry, founded and run by native Africans. The Short-term worker or team serves under them performing specific tasks. Workers are plugged into the area that fits their gifting, thus becoming a big part of fulfilling the vision of Bread for life in seeing Africa and Africans become spiritually, socially and economically vibrant.  

My daughter Brenna for instance, went on a two-week mission trip with Bread For Life when she was 19, with no specific skills but a great heart for children. She loved on the kids at after school programs, sang at church planting services, helped lead AWANA programs, loved on the kids at the orphanage, encouraging them in their drawing skills, (because she is artistic and loves to draw), helped throw them birthday parties, and had the honor of helping lead a woman to the Lord. 

Consider how you too can partner with this wonderful ministry, helping to spread Compassion to People, and the Compassion of God.


Alfred Lord    Tennyson correctly noted, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” We believe that prayer makes a powerful difference in our ministry! We are so thankful for friends, like you, who pray for us. If you are not part of our prayer network, would you consider putting us on your prayer list?


Your monthly gift is so valuable to us! A recurring gift provides sustainable income, helping our team plan and implement their work with confidence and certainty. We are presently at about 40 percent of what we need monthly. Gideon 300 are those who commit to make a gift of $25 or more monthly to cover the monthly operational needs of BFL. We are in need of 270 Gideons.


Simply identify an issue you are passionate about (Church Planting, Poverty Alleviation, Evangelistic Outreach, Literature, Orphans, Agriculture, Leadership etc.) Bread For Life will furnish you with its literature and help to point you to other resources to help your effectiveness.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” — Matthew 9:37,38

The Great Commission communicates a present and urgent call on the life of every Christian. In the long tradition from Abraham, we are all blessed to be a blessing, richly blessed in order that we might be a blessing to others. The single greatest blessing we have to share is the gift of eternal life given freely to us, a gift for which there is no shortage of need.

Whether sharing the Good News of God’s love with kids in an After School Program, painting a new classroom, helping build a new Children’s Home, or using your medical training in a clinic – you can be sure a BFL mission trip will provide you with the experience of a lifetime! 

Going is not just about spreading the good news of the kingdom and man’s need. Jesus used it to train his followers. After they watched him minister to the crowd (LK 8:1), He sent them out in two’s. First, the twelve, then the seventy-two
(LK 10:1). They weren’t sent out because of their maturity – but in part, to move them towards maturity.

Why should you go?

  It is the command of Christ “Go and make disciples of all nations…
   (Matthew 28:18-20)

  It gives an opportunity to use your skills and gifts for reaching the lost

  It opens doors for cross-cultural ministry and to develop new friendships

  It gives you a broader world view and a greater appreciation for missions

  It can equip you for a wonderful ministry in the future

  It will encourage the missionaries and the believers in other parts of the          world

  It will help challenge your friends, family and your local church for missions

  Above all, someone is waiting for you to share the love of Christ


P.F Breeze, founder of the Church of the Nazarene couldn’t have said it any better: “We are debtors to every man to give him the gospel in the same measure in which we have received it”

Whether you are looking for opportunities for yourself or a group, BFL connects willing hearts with opportunities for missions work. A lot of our effort is accomplished with the help of short term mission teams. The need across Africa is great and so is the demand for short and long term missionaries. 

People with various skills and backgrounds have served on Bread For Life’s Short-Term Mission teams: builders, health care providers, technologists, educators, students, preachers, layers, teachers and businessmen have all played a role in fulfilling the vision of Bread For Life to assist and support the indigenous African church in becoming viable, multiplying, and self-sustainable.

Bread For Life organizes several mission trips every year to assist churches and ministries it is associated with, or those it has initiated. Other trips are planned with or for Western based churches and para-church organizations. Bread for Life works closely with many churches and ministries, connecting resources with needs.

You can be a part of a mission or vision trip this year or in 2017. Simply email me at and let me know how you, your family or church would like to be involved.

We were surprised and encouraged

in 2015 with several one-time gifts.

This made a HUGE difference – especially given the fact that our monthly commitment (gifts we can count on monthly) are at about 40 percent of what is needed. Of particular interest was a gift of $12,000 received from a couple I met during a transit through either Paris or Brussels more than ten years ago. They designated their gift towards repairing two ministry vehicles: our farm truck and our a Chevy which we used across the country.

After many years of plying difficult roads and terrain, all four of our ministry vehicles have had more than their fair share of beating and didn’t function anymore. Some  have been down for many years. We spent a lot of money in 2015 renting vehicles and quite a number of hours wasted waiting for public transportation. What a blessing it was to receive this gift.

Initially, our mechanic who happens to be a Christian, thought it would take about $10,000 to replace the engine and transmission on the truck and Chevy alone. However, he made quick visit to the neighboring country of Nigeria and found out he could get used and rebuilt engines and transmissions for both vehicles as well as an additional vehicle and even get a paint job on all three with the money donated. What a blessing. Although engines were replaced on the Chevy also, it has had some electrical challenges which we hope will be worked on soon. Most mechanics here work from makeshift garages and do not have tools. It’s amazing, though how innovative they are. 

January through April

were busy, very busy!  Thanks to your prayers! Several outreaches were held in various regions of the country as well as in the USA.

A major medical outreach in the village of Nyasoso where over 700 people were consulted through our yearly medical outreach. More than 2000 prescriptions dispensed and about 300 profession of faith during our nightly evangelistic crusades.
 In February, we planted a new chugrch in the village of Kwang in the NW Region after a four day evangelistic crusade.
  My mentor and friend, Dr. Bill Blackburn spent quite some time with our Team in Cameroon, doing Team Building workshop. What an enriching time it was. He also ministered to several pastors in Tombel.
  Dr. Ken Mitchell of Jacksonville, FL spend a month traveling with our staff and conducting Pastors Conferences in several Regions of Cameroon. I spend the month of March & April planning our yearly mission Banquet in Texarkana and did some travel and speaking in Texas, Arkansas, Colorado and Wyoming. It’s been a blessing spending the last few weeks with my family.  

Limiting my travels to the USA from 2017

Focusing on Starting a School & Sustainable Development God has used my travels to the USA to bring awareness and generate interest in the work of BFL.

Most of our support comes from the honorariums and “love gifts” received during these trips. However, given the challenge we face with our four year old son (and the need to develop a structure, possibly a school for special needs children in Douala), it has become extremely important for me to spend more time at home. Also, after 21 years of a peripatetic lifestyle, it would seem my body is also saying it is time to stay put in Cameroon and focus on Team Building, Training, Economic and Community Development as well as raising our three kids – who are all growing so fast. We sure can use the help of a US Rep who could speak and travel on our behalf.
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