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Happy Easter season! He’s no longer in the grave! May we never, ever lose the wonder of this love!!! As I wrap up my visit here, and after a great 20th anniversary celebration in Kerrville, TX. I have caught myself saying “thank you Jesus” over and over. Not only am I thanking Jesus for what He did on the cross 2,000 years ago, I am thanking Him for His incredible love for all people everywhere – even me!

As I reflect on 20 years of crisscrossing the USA, bringing awareness about our work and recruiting folks to come alongside us, and, as I reflect on God’s faithfulness, I wish I could say during these past 20 years that I have been God’s man of great faith. All I can say is that this walk has simply been a testimony of God’s
amazing grace!

I’m not particularly gifted, or talented. I just love Jesus! And I love people. God continues to teach me that He is not always looking for my great plans, but my heart and my obedience. He has shown me that He is more interested in reaching all of my heart than for me to reach all the world –– for it is when He has all my heart that He can begin to reach all the world through me.

For me, these 20 years have never been about ‘ministry’. I don’t have a ministry! Jesus does! Ministry has simply been the overflow of a life lived in love with Him! I want to live close to His heart, so that, like Bob Pierce, I can say, “let my heart be broken by the things that breaks God’s heart.”

I am thankful for what He has done the last 20 years through our collective efforts and partnership with Him and look forward to what He will do in the coming days, months and years. I am thrilled and excited at what lies ahead. Please pray that my team and I would live in a place close enough to Jesus to hear His voice. That our hearts would be able to receive what He speaks, and, that we would have the grace, strength and courage to do whatever He calls us to do, and the endurance to go all the way!

As I look back and think about what God allowed us to be a part of these past twenty years, I want to thank you my friends and family for being a HUGE part of it all!!!

Because He lives,

Ernest Ehabe
This year’s Bread for Life Medical mission trip was awesome. There were 500 people consulted; 2400 medical supplies and prescriptions given; hundreds witnessed to through teaching and written material. However one experience trumped them all for me, I call it the ‘WOW factor’.

Marci, a medical professional from Atlanta who deals with near death patients every day, informed me there was an older gentleman, 67, that was facing eminent death with congestive heart failure. He walked 6 miles to get to the Muambong Clinic where we were putting on a three day medical outreach, hoping for an answer to his problems. Marci noted that his heart rate was 30, sweating profusely. She had never heard a heart that sounded so bad.

I decided to check for myself. I introduced myself to the man (named Joseph) and listened to his heart. It was slow, irregular, sounded like a washing machine that had a leak. By this time a few others gathered in his room. I asked Joseph if he knew Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I said, “If you die do you know you will go to heaven?” He said, “I hope so.” I told him he could KNOW he was going to heaven. I shared with him about believing in the Word of God, the Bible. I told him about Jesus’ amazing grace to sinners by his death on the cross. I asked him if he believed Jesus died for him. He said, “Yes”. I asked him if he
wanted to pray and led him through the sinner’s prayer. I welcomed him into the family of

The next day I was sitting in my office with a patient and was told there was a man insistent about seeing only Patrick outside my door. When I opened the door it was Joseph standing there stating that he could not leave to take his journey back home without saying goodbye to me. I was amazed he knew my name having only heard it once. Before he sped off on a motorcycle taxi (we weren’t about to let him walk home) we prayed together and I knew without a doubt I would see Joseph again!

Patrick Gaughan came to Cameroon on a BFL medical mission in 2008 and has made several other trips. He now volunteers with WECCARE Foundation in Yaoundé among many other things.
The economic crises in the 80’s and 90’s, the cut in salaries and the devaluation of the Cameroonian currency left many Cameroonians in dire situations. Many could not afford medical treatment; a lot of folks were dying from simple curable diseases. Some turned to sorcerers and witch doctors for help.

It was under this stress condition that the vision for Christian Medical Outreaches was born. In 2004, with the help of Dr. Jackson Downey, Dr. Kathleen Holland, and Mrs. Nancy Hood, BFL’s Christian Medical Outreach was launched. To date we have consulted over 14,000 Cameroonians who cannot afford a doctor or hospital: providing them with free consultation, free medicine and free counseling. The result has been over 8,000 conversions and at the same time, several new churches planted. These medical outreaches are actually a precursor for a bigger vision: a vision to see solid medical centers across the country. Our focus
in the coming year is to initiate a Medical Center in a very poor neighborhood of Yaoundé, close to a newly planted church. Would you join us in praying as we look to the Lord for timing and resources for this vision?

Our next medical outreach will be from January 15 to January 23, 2016. Please contact us at if you will like to participate. You do not have to have a medical background to join the team!

Medical Outreach in Muambong

Our Annual Medical Team from Florida was held in the village of Muanbong this year. What a blessing it was to have Eric Carter, a police captain from Albany join us. Eric also brought needed and timely encouragement to a group of Christian military officers in Yaoundé. BFL provided a meal and a great time of fellowship and interaction with officers who are dealing with the threat of Boka Haram and the loss of colleagues in the Northern part of Cameroon.

2015 Pastors Conferences in Cameroon

We had another great month of ministering to pastors and church leaders in several cities and towns of Cameroon. This year, we added the Prison Ministry and provided training to about 100 inmates who are now leaders in the Prison Ministry in the largest Prison in Cameroon. We are thankful to the partnership with Westside Chapel & Dr. Kenneth Mitchell.

US visit: Banquet. Team in the USA

This year’s Spring visit to the USA included ministry associate from Cameroon and the UK. Dr. Daniel Shu & Hilary Wamey joined me from Cameroon. It was also great to have my friend and UK representative, Earnest Diji join us for our 20th anniversary celebration.

Tackling the Refugee Problem in Cameroon

Our team went to Garoua Boulai in the East Region of Cameroon where more than 24,000 refugees fleeing the war in Central African Republic are camped. Most of them are Muslims. This has become another great opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus in words and practical action. BFL presented 200 bags to school kids in the refugee Camp.

WATER FOR LIFE PROJECT –We are pleased to announce that this need has been met. A supporting Church has committed $36,000 to enable us buy drilling equipment! This will bless several Cameroonian communities in tangible ways – with clean drinking water and an opportunity to hear and see the gospel demonstrated in words and action!

20th ANNIVERSARY & ANNUAL MISSIONS BANQUET – About 300 people joined us in Kerrville for our annual missions banquet which included a celebration of our 20th anniversary. Praise the Lord for a great response. After all related expenses, we were left with $9,000. These funds are being put into the farm project in Dimako. We will be reporting on this project in the future!

TWO MAJOR ONE TIME GIFTS – We were pleasantly surprised and encouraged in April with two large gifts: a gift of $6,000 which was designated for digging of a well or our farm and to provide clean water to surrounding communities. Another gift of $5,000 came from a supporting church in the Houston area. Both gifts were so timely.

GIDEON 300 MULTIPLIED – A longtime supporter of BFL has recently increased his monthly giving to cover almost 10% of our monthly operational cost! This has been a huge blessing as we were operating on less than 50% of what we needed monthly.

TWO MINISTRY VEHICLES NEEDED – We are in need of two ministry vehicles. Our 1996 farm truck and our 2005 Chevy Suburban have both been of great service to us, however, with the trips we make monthly and the rough roads it looks like the wear and tear on them is taking its full toll. We are now spending hundreds of dollars on repairs almost every month with constant breakdowns on the road. We will like to replace both vehicles, at the very least we could use a new transmission for both. Be in prayer with us for provision for these.

CHURCH PLANTS – We are in need of $12,000 to use for land and for two makeshift building for two new church plants.

BEULAHLAND FARMS – We are looking for folks with farming or agricultural background who can volunteer with us for a month, or a few months at a time, to help with our agricultural ministry base in Dimako. This is one of our self-sustaining projects which we envision will house several ministries while simultaneously creating needed employment and generating income for continuity. We are also looking for farm equipment and carpentry tools.

BECOME A BFL REP – Our work has been built mostly around volunteers and ministry advocates - those who share our passion, believe in what the ministry stands for and are willing to involve others. Anyone with a voice or a pen can serve as a Bread For Life Ministry Representative in their community. Simply identify an issue you are passionate about (Transformational Church Plants, Poverty Alleviation, Evangelistic Outreach, Literature, HIV/AIDS, Orphans, Agriculture, Leadership etc.) Bread For Life will furnish you with its literature and help to point you to other resources to help your effectiveness.
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