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Here is your Bread For Life/CADAC October 2020 Newsletter from Ernest Ehabe
“But of the sons of Issachar… they understood the times and knew what to do....” 1 Chron. 12:32

“The Chinese use two brushstrokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brushstroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger – but recognize the opportunity.”  –John F Kennedy.
n a recent speech at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, David Malpass, President of the World bank Group, underscored the impact of Covid-19:
“The pandemic has already changed our world decisively and forced upon the world a painful transformation. It has changed everything: the way we work, the extent to which we travel, and the manner in which we communicate, teach, and learn. It has rapidly elevated some industries—especially the technology sector—while pushing others toward obsolescence.”
He also had these to say about “poverty” and “inequality”:
“… COVID-19 has dealt an unprecedented setback to the worldwide effort to end extreme poverty, raise median incomes and create shared prosperity.” He further suggested that, “By 2021 an additional 110 to 150 million people will have fallen into extreme poverty, living on less than $1.90 per day. This means that the pandemic and global recession may push over 1.4% of the world’s population into extreme poverty.” He added, “The current crisis is a sharp contrast from the recession of 2008, which focused much of its damage on financial assets and hit advanced economies harder than developing countries. This time, the economic downturn is broader, much deeper, and has hit informal sector workers and the poor, especially women and children, harder than those with higher incomes or assets.”

“One reason for the differential impact is the advanced economies’ sweeping expansion of government spending programs. Rich countries have had the resources to protect their citizens to an extent many developing countries have not… Poorer economies have fewer macro-economic tools and stabilizers and suffer from weaker health care systems and social safety nets. For them, there are no fast ways to reverse the sudden reduction in their sales to consumers in advanced economies or the almost overnight collapse in tourism and remittances from family members working abroad. It’s clear that sustainable recoveries will require growth that benefits all people—and not just those in positions of power. In an interconnected world, where people are more informed than ever before, this pandemic of inequality—with rising poverty and declining median incomes—will increasingly be a threat to the maintenance of social order and political stability, and even to the defense of democracy.”
 One of BFL’s distinctives has been its ability and willingness to combine evangelism with social action. It has been my contention that if the church is going to make a decisive impact in Africa and amongst its people, that it would have to preach it not only in words, but, to demonstrate it in social action and concerns and in a compassion kindled at the flame of the charity of Jesus. There is no better time than now. Let’s “…understand the times…” and seize the day!
Carpe Diem,

Ernest Ehabe
rom our inception 25 years ago, Short Term Mission has continued to be a big part of our work.  Short termers make a huge impact on BFL’s effort to build His kingdom. It is our desire to see every believer experience the “GO” in the Great Commission. We believe we are all called to “GO” in one way or the other. For some, it is going in person. For others it is going through prayers and for others, it is going through their “purse” or wallet. Some are even able to go in two or more ways! Regardless, we all can go!

The Great Commission communicates a present and urgent call on the life of every Christian. In the long tradition from Abraham, we are all blessed to be a blessing, richly blessed in order that we might be a blessing to others.

Going is not just about spreading the good news of the kingdom and man’s need. Jesus used it to train his followers. After they watched him minister to the crowd (LK 8:1), he sent them out in two’s. First, the twelve, then the seventy two (LK 10:1). They weren’t sent out because of their maturity – but in part, to move them towards maturity. When we go, three things happen:
  • Our Maximum GROWTH!
  • The Maximum GOOD of those we meet
  • The Maximum GLORY of God!
     Why should you go?
  • ” (Matthew 28:18-20)Go and make disciples of all nations…• It is the COMMAND of Christ “
  • It gives an OPPORTUNITY to use your skills and gifts for reaching the lost
  • It opens DOORS FOR CROSS-CULTURAL ministry and to develop new friendships
  • It gives you an opportunity to develop a BROADER WORLDVIEW and a greater appreciation for missions
  • It can EQUIP you for a wonderful ministry in the future
  • It will ENCOURAGE the missionaries and the believers in other parts of the world
  • It will help CHALLENGE your friends, family and your local church for missions
  • Above all, SOMEONE is waiting for you to share the love of Christ
CONTACT US About future trips or if we can plan a trip for you:
Dr. Julie Black at 210-569-4610 or
Ernest Ehabe at 770-778-9335  or
rom October 2019 through mid-March 2020, we were blessed to have teams from the USA each month. Some came alone. Others as a couple and others in teams. We all experienced growth and we were encouraged by the good that was accomplished and in the process – we saw God glorified!
e are continually amazed at the ways God has led and provided for His work through BFL. At the beginning of 2020 we doubled our efforts and activities and then the pandemic hit. Despite the pandemic BFL has not experienced any drastic drop in its monthly receipts. Giving in 2020 has been comparable to 2019 and perhaps a bit more. We’ve had a few “one time gifts” that made a huge difference! Your generosity during this challenging time has made a huge difference!

With an average monthly support of $6,000 to $8,000 coming from 30 individuals and families and 11 supporting churches, it is a miracle how we continue to exist with a staff of 26 at our special needs school, a team of about 50 at our sustainable demonstration farm, and an administrative team of eight. There is no doubt that this must be God at work.

A desire to make the special needs school and our integrated demonstration farm sustainable will require a lot more investment: Land to build a permanent structure for the school for at least 300 students, land preparation and infrastructures at the farm to house birds, animals, and a storage unit for crops, etc..

A lot of our funding comes in during my two yearly visits to the USA when awareness is raised and hearts are touched to give towards God work. However, after 25 years of crisscrossing the USA, and with present health challenges, I will be forced to slow down some. It has become crucial for us to start looking for other funding sources. Apart from regular prayers and intercession, we will need the help of grant researchers and grant writers. This is definitely a new territory for me. I am looking for a person who can help us in developing a complete Project Grant Proposal for both the school and the farm as well as a General Operating Proposal to help with monthly operation.

I am presently in the USA for a much needed surgery to help with my sight (See a personal letter included here). Please contact me at 770-778-9335 if you can help or know a lead in the area of grant writing. You may also email me at
he airwaves are filled with organizations pleading for donations to help multitudes of wounded and destitute people.  But research has shown that only a small percentage of what is donated ever goes to the target population or project.  Such is not the case with Bread for Life.  Twenty-five years ago, I quickly discovered that what was given to Bread for Life was truly an investment in the lives of the less fortunate.  Ernest traveled around the US to raise funds, but would end up giving a portion of what he had collected to struggling Africans here before returning to Cameroon.  Once back in Africa he planted churches, and helped individuals in desperate need, all the while working to build an organization that would lift Africans out of extreme poverty in body and spirit.  I recall one story of a pastor in a small village, whose congregation had no income to tithe to the church.  When Ernest went to visit he found the pastor sickly from malnutrition, having nothing to eat for two weeks.  Ernest fed him well and left him with food and money for more provisions.  Yet only a few months later he learned that the pastor had died of starvation. 

It is nearly impossible for citizens of developed countries to comprehend what it is like to live in true poverty.  Pictures are flashed before us, but quickly fade.  We return to the comfort of our electrified homes and myriad electronic devices.  It’s not until one sees first hand the depth of that poverty, that one can understand how God has moved through Bread for Life. 
I made my third trip to Cameroon with Bread for Life this March.  My previous two visits had been in 2004 and 2006.  Back then, I had been amazed at what Ernest had accomplished, since, as the treasurer of his Board, I knew how little funds had been available.  As my adopted son, we had spent many hours together talking of the greatness of God, His mercy and His provision for fulfillment of His purpose in our lives.  Still, those first visits left me in awe of how God had provided, always just in time, what Ernest needed to build his vision of Bread for Life. 

Now, after this recent visit, I am certain that it is not Ernest’s vision, but God’s vision, given to Ernest to bring to fruition in this life on earth.  How else can we explain the miracles of provision for Bread for Life. The farm that was just a dream of a small plot of land is now 300 acres, and nearing self-sustainability.  A home-based school to teach his autistic son is now a recognized school for special needs children, partnering with a major US university for training staff.  25 churches exist because of support from Bread for Life.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Bread for Life team, looking forward to the new and wondrous things that God will accomplish through this ministry, led by this man who knows and loves God.  I have no doubt that what awaits Bread for Life will surpass our earthly expectations.  God has already demonstrated that.
Dr. Holland has been a major part of this work almost from our inception. Not only has she opened her heart to us, her home has been our base for almost 25 year! She has served on and off our board and has made three trips to Cameroon.
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