BFL/CADAC Newsletter from Ernest Ehabe here is your  Bread For Life/CADAC Summer 2017 Newsletter from Ernest Ehabe
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ow time flies! It’s hard to believe we are already in May of 2017 and that we have just celebrated 22 years as a ministry!

2016 was characterized by many late nights; multiple trips in and out of Cameroon; travels by air, bus, train, motorcycles and on foot; a lot of time away from our families and, by God’s grace, many accomplishments!

The sick were ministered to physically and spiritually through our medical outreaches. Poor farmers were encouraged. Thousands of people were given hope in Jesus and many responded to the message with commitments to follow Christ! All of these couldn’t have happened without loyal and devoted supporters like you!

It is obvious God had His hand on our efforts. With just 10 churches and 30 individuals currently committed to supporting BFL monthly, and with a total of about $4,000 committed monthly support for the entire ministry, there is no way we could have accomplished what we did, but, God did! He enabled us to stretch every dollar given to the max. He multiplied over and over what was given and surprised us as we took steps of faith and dared to do the impossible. Amazingly, we averaged  $12,000 per month with the addition of one-time gifts from honorariums received from my speaking across the USA, special gifts, and from our small shipping social “business” which enables us to ship containers of donated items to Cameroon at a fraction of the normal cost.

Two schools were started. One in a very poor, remote village, where young children walked several miles on rough terrains to attend school in a neighboring village. Another in Douala, providing a place for autistic and other special needs children, as well as ministering and bringing encouragement to their families.
• A church was planted in the village of Kwang in the NW Region.
• Many related and unrelated BFL church plants received support and encouragement of one kind or another.
• Three containers with donated items were shipped out of Dallas and Atlanta.
• Hundreds of pastors were provided training and encouragement.
• Several people from the USA and within Cameroon were exposed to short-term mission work.
• Several young people from underprivileged homes were sponsored through secondary schools and universities.
• Ministry and strategic trips were made to the USA, to South Africa and Rwanda.
• In South Africa, we ministered to university students from four nations of Africa.
• In Rwanda, we met with other African Christian leaders (Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda) to address ways of moving our agricultural ministries from subsistence to empowering poor farmers to be able to take care of their families - consequently, we will begin to incorporate some principles from another African based ministry called, “FARMING GOD’S WAY.”
After 22 years of ministry, it’s become necessary that we reassess BFL, reposition BFL to move her towards sustainability, as well as contextualizing our understanding of scriptures into the local realities. That would mean a lot of writing and development of appropriate resources locally. To this end, we have dubbed 2017 as “Our Year of New Beginning.” In the next few newsletters, you will be updated on the steps we are taking and how you can be involved.  

Your prayers, as always are highly coveted and appreciated! May we continue to allow God to use us as we pass on the Bread of life to a world in need of Bread For Life.

Beginning afresh with you,

Ernest Ehabe

• 26 free surgeries performed
• 3 young Cameroonian doctors joined our team this year

• Large crowds came for free medical
consultation and treatment
• Dental hygiene training

• Free glasses
• Medication dispensed
• Screening for health conditions

• Long time ministry supporter, Dr. Black examines patient
• Week long crusade where many came to Christ

• The team visited the Pygmy village
• Heather with the children

• The team visited our Beulahland farms
• The team visited an orphanage in Dimako

It’s been an incredibly hectic, busy and productive year with a number of ministry opportunities.  All of these culminated with the celebration of our 22nd year of existence in March. I asked Dr. Roxanne Cheek to do a small write-up of recent medical outreach.  — Ernest Ehabe

ur annual medical outreach this year took place in Dimako, which is in the French-speaking East Region of Cameroon. We had a team of 16 nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, counselors, photographers and students who hailed from all over the US.

We were blessed to be joined by an equal number of volunteer doctors, nurses and lab techs from all over Cameroon. I especially enjoyed meeting and working with three young Christian doctors, Drs. Chris, Joe, and Kelly. Most of the US team members were first-time visitors to Cameroon, although Dr. Julie Black and Lisa Umfleet are two of BFL’s most loyal supporters. The team also included two BFL board members, myself and Dr. Acha Goris.
Working hard together, the team was able to provide free medical consultations and thousands of prescription medications to over 700 patients. In many cases, our wonderful doctors and nurses were consulting with entire families and we worked some very long days. One day we were joined by a world renowned surgeon, Georges Bwelle, for 26 free surgeries. We gave away prescription eyeglasses, we provided laboratory testing for Malaria, HIV, and Diabetes, and we provided nutrition and oral health training, counseling and prayer.

In the evenings, and in conjunction with many local churches, we hosted a week-long open air evangelistic crusade, during which we enjoyed singing, dancing, preaching, and many were able to receive the gift of salvation. There were also very successful pastor’s conferences in both Dimako and Yaoundé, serving a total of 43 pastors.

Many team members were able to visit the Beulahland Farm and a pygmy village, as well as a number of schools and a very interesting orphanage. Many connections and friendships were made, and of course, team members were forever changed by their time in Cameroon. This busy week culminated with a BFL banquet in the city of Yaoundé.

Many thanks to the awesome BFL staff for their hard work and dedication! Without them, it would not have been possible. We enjoy tremendously our time with them serving our great God together. May He be always glorified by our efforts.”
n most of our Team Building Meetings in Cameroon, I always begin by telling my staff, ‘if you want to go fast, run alone, if you want to go far, go with others.’ I believe God has called us to go far with Him and the only way to do so is by ‘going with others.’  This is what BFL is all about. Going with others!

One reason I love serving at Bread For Life is because of the great team God has blessed and surrounded me with. Our staff is a unique blend of people from different tribes and backgrounds. Each staff is always striving to improve their service to the Lord. If you have visited Cameroon with BFL, you will see each person in action— finding ways to also serve you—our friends and investors—as together we serve the “least of these” who directly benefit from your compassion
In the next few newsletters, I will highlight different staff of BFL in Cameroon. Let me start with Fon Fomede Zeh Ngu.

Fon has been with BFL for nine years. Apart from Dr. Daniel Shu and Hilary Wamey (our long time team members and volunteers), Fon is the longest serving full-time staff at BFL. Like everyone at BFL, Fon wears many hats: Personal Assistant, BFL Driver ‘extraordinaire,’ Team Driver, Hospitality Person, and wherever needed! Fon is one of the most reliable people I know of. He is always there. He picks up his phone whenever he is called and is willing to drive or go anywhere duty calls. Above all, Fon serves with gladness. What a source of encouragement he has been to us all.

Fon is married to Miriam Kameyo and they are blessed with three wonderful and active boys.

Would you consider adding Fon to your prayer list? Folks serving in ministries like BFL are required to raise their personal support. Unfortunately, this is a big challenge in Cameroon where more than 70% of people around Fon’s age are unemployed and the few that are employed are forced to also shoulder the burden of the unemployed as well as family members. For 22 years, I have had the privilege of sharing what was raised through speaking engagements and monthly giving with the rest of BFL staff that serves alongside me.

Fon and his family

Working on vehicles

Loading luggage and transporting people

Working with the Beaulahland farm

However, as the ministry grows and more staff is added, it’s become necessary to find ways to collectively raise support for each staff. We will be developing resources for each staff to enable them to raise personal as well as ministry support.

Living in a country like Cameroon, one of BFL’s biggest task has been devising ways that bridge the deep social and economic inequalities created by years of kleptocratic rule. We are doing this through a number of social ministries and social businesses that not only provide ministry opportunities but creates jobs while simultaneously seeking to generate sustainable income for continuity. Would you join us in praying for BFL staff as well as supporting team members like Fon?
 We were recently blessed with a $2,000 gift from Community Foundation of Houston. A gift by partner and friend of BFL and was designated to help with monthly operations. So thankful!

A bore-hole was recently drilled at our demonstration and sustainable Farm in Dimako. This will supply water, not only for the farm and farmers, but for the community around the farm. A great witness to Jesus’ love! We will need an additional $4,000 or more to build a water tank and buy a solar panel, to electrify, and to pump water.

We now have provision to buy three tickets for a team from SLATE to visit our special needs school in Douala from June 22nd to July 7th. This is a HUGE answer to prayers. This is a Team that provides training for teachers of autistic children across the USA. Their one-week fees are typically $25,000. They are coming for free and all we have to do is buy their tickets and cover all in-country expenses. We are trusting God for additional provision for in-country expenses (printing of materials, meals, lodging etc). We will invite 20 or more people across the country to benefit from this training.

 Thankful for an awareness banquet held in Yaoundé in March. As a result, we now have 22 Cameroonians who have committed to giving between $4 and $16 monthly. This is unprecedented. PTL!

  Pediatrics Plus in Little Rock has awarded our family full scholarship to enroll our son into their school this summer. It will be a good opportunity for Lisa and I to learn more about taking care of our son with autism and how to run a school with focus on special needs. We are trusting the Lord for round trip tickets, a house for three months in the Little Rock metro area and living expenses.

Pray For Us

Alfred Lord Tennyson correctly noted, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” We believe that prayer makes a powerful difference in our ministry! We are so thankful for friends, like you, who pray for us. If you are not part of our prayer network, would you consider putting us on your prayer list?

GIDEON 300 Partner

Your monthly gift is so valuable to us! A recurring gift provides sustainable income, helping our team plan and implement their work with confidence and certainty. We are presently at about 40 percent of what we need monthly. Gideon 300 are those who commit to make a gift of $25 or more monthly to cover the monthly operational needs of BFL. We are in need of 270 “Gideons.”

Become a BFL Rep: Host a Cottage Meeting

Simply identify an issue you are passionate about (Church Planting, Poverty Alleviation, Evangelistic Outreach, Literature, Orphans, Agriculture, Leadership etc.) Bread For Life will furnish you with its literature and help to point you to other resources to help your effectiveness. 

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