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 “Knowledge is power” was the motto of my primary school. At that age, my little mind couldn’t reconcile knowledge with power. It just didn’t make sense! It does now. Absolutely, no doubt in my mind -  “knowledge” is truly powerful!

Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” As school reopens in parts of Cameroon I am reminded that there is no more important investment in a child’s future than that of education. Growing up in the poorest part of a very poor country I knew that first hand. I had little hope for any kind of a future. That changed almost 40 years ago with my conversion to Christianity. I began to dream – God-inspired dreams, and God providentially positioned a number of people along the way who believed in my potential and helped me reach for it.
< Our training theme for 2017:

I arrived the USA with barely $20 and a dream to go to college. Through God’s provision, I attended Arkansas Tech U., George Fox U., and did graduate work in Brussels Belgium. I was the first in my family to get a university education. Without that education, my life would not have taken, the extraordinary path God designed it to take.

The educational opportunities I have been blessed with have powerfully shaped my life and ministry. From the inception of BFL, much of our work has been in universities, secondary and primary schools. We give motivational talks, and address issues like HIV/AIDS, at the same time interjecting the gospel, which alone has the power to change lives. In the over 22 years of BFL’s existence, dozens of young people who, like me, had no hope have been given hope. Some are now medical doctors, others are pastors, and some are entrepreneurs. All of them are agents of change. We provide scholarships ,assist poor communities with after school programs, provide backpacks and educational supplies, as well as many other ministries within public schools. Last year, we embarked on yet another adventure of faith – that of investing and caring for special needs children and providing support for their families. Our pilot school offers an all-inclusive and differentiated approach to teaching and learning. (Would you prayerfully consider investing in this school or telling others about it?)

All of this has been made possible by people who believe in this work. Their investments, through sponsorships of underprivileged students and funding for educational equipment and supplies, yield a brighter tomorrow for Cameroon. This month’s newsletter is dedicated to one of our longtime partner and father figure, Mr. Lewis Blackwell who entered into the joy of his master on August 24th, 2017. From our first meeting till his home going, Mr. Blackwell sought to invest in the future though his prayers and dedicated monthly support of BFL.
Seeing my daughter off to boarding school >

Together, we are making a significant, positive and lasting difference by shaping the future through investing in the lives of children.

Investing with you,
  Ernest Ehabe
God continues to surprise us with the journey and adventure of pioneering a special needs school in Cameroon: the first of its kind in the region.

We started out three years ago just trying to help our son who was diagnosed with autism. Our only option was moving to the USA but we didn’t think that is where God would have us. We felt strongly that God could use our situation to address a need. He has and continues to. We opened the school last fall with 15 children. This year we have 40, and our building is already too small. We will need to build four more classrooms.

We are thankful for a training grant of $25,000 from a foundation in France (the largest gift since our inception)! This grant has enabled us to bring in a team of experts from SLATE (Structured Learning And Teaching Environment), located in Texas. They typically charge over $25,000 for a week of training.
Thankfully, they waived their fees. All they asked is that we pay their round trip tickets to Cameroon, cover their in-country expenses, and the training materials. The grant we received will cover most of this. The Foundation required us to also come up with $4,456 as our portion of contribution the grant. We were again surprised by a gift of $5,000, covering our part! In our desperation last year, we started a crowd-funding on the Internet. That generated less than $1,500. God had a different plan in mind. He wanted us to know He is in charge and has been working behind the scenes.

Our goal is to make the school sustainable as soon as possible. From all indications, we should be able to generate a little over $10,000 in tuition and fees this year and by the next academic year, we hope to start breaking even. We will continue to make provision for scholarships for those who are unable to pay. With recent additions, we have had to hire six more teachers. The training has been timely!

Please Continue to pray with us for these needs:

• A school Bus/Van: $20,000
• Construction and Furnishing of 4 Classrooms: $20,000
• Staff Salary for the year (with 6 additional teachers): $3,531 monthly, $42,372 yearly.
• Payment of one year’s full Rent for school building: $14,736
         • Play ground equipment

Other Needs

We are in dire need of the following professionals on a short or
long-term basis:
• Occupational Therapists
• Speech Therapists.
• ABA and Special Education teachers
A lot of folks believe pledge support raising or partnership development is a daunting task, and, they are right (especially if they don’t have name recognition). However, from what we know and have experienced, raising funds is not primarily about money or asking people to give, it is about looking to God to provide for His work the way He sees fit. It is about asking Him to lead and show us those He has called to be part of the work. What a joy to discover those whom the Lord has prepared, or is preparing, to invest in His work! That has been our experience and is His-story. 90 percent of BFL’s present supporters were met after the inception of BFL in 1995. We are yet to meet a large number of our supporters or churches.

God continues to strategically position people in our path. We are presently talking with two universities: Arkansas Tech in Russellville, AR and Texas A & M in College Station, TX, developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships. The department of education at Arkansas Tech has already developed teaching and training materials for our special needs school and is exploring how their students and professors can serve with us in Cameroon. We are developing a similar relationship with Texas A&M, exploring ways they can assist in developing regional sustainable farms that are capable of serving as training and demonstration bases. Such bases will provide both ministry and services, and create much-needed jobs while simultaneously generating revenue to cover operating expenses.

Continue to pray with us as we “...look up to the Hills from whence cometh our help…” (Psalms 121:1).
1. Chatting with Dr. Elsa Murano,  former President of Texas A&M
2. With Dr. Kim Dooley, Ass. Dean of AcadmicOpperations at Texas A&M
2. At Arckansas Tech U. with the Dean of the College of Education, heads of Curriculum Development, and Department Head. Thanking them for developing a teaching manual for autism for use at our school.

Mr. Lewis Blackwell, longtime supporter of Bread For Life International entered into the joy of his Master (Matt 25:23) on August 24 after a brief illness.

Mr. Blackwell played a huge role in my life and BFL for 22 years. What an honor it was to visit with him a day before his final home going.

My first meeting with Mr. Blackwell was in 1995. I had quit my job and moved to Kerrville to start the Bread For Life Ministry. BFL had no support then and opportunities to speak were rare, very rare. I finally got an invitation to attend an early morning Men’s Bible Study at the Hill Country Evangelical Free Church in Fredericksburg, TX. The following week I was invited to speak both to the men and their wives. A few weeks later while eating at a restaurant Mr. Blackwell and his wife approached me. He had heard me speak at the prayer breakfast and asked for my address. Little did I know he would be one of our first monthly supporters.

He never made a pledge commitment to support BFL or me, yet, for 22 years he supported us monthly. Our relationship went from that of a supporter/partner to a father/son.

A few years after our initial meeting I was invited to their home, which was also opened to my family and staff as well. I looked forward to my yearly visits to the USA, knowing I would spend time with him and his wife. He would call or write to find out about my family and how my son was doing. He was always supportive of our work and the ministry opportunities.

Mr. Blackwell was a doer. He talked the talk and walked the walk. He championed our causes. He introduced us to anyone he could. He organized home meetings, inviting his friends and community for meals so they could hear me speak about the vision and work of BFL. When he found out we sponsored students to the university, he committed to doing that in addition to his regular support. Some of those he sponsored are now medical doctors and lay preachers. Even in his time of illness, Mr. Blackwell would make calls to his church and missions committee on our behalf. He did all of this without a personal agenda but rather, a kingdom agenda.

I was glad for the opportunity and privilege to give my tribute at his final “home-going” celebration and to say my last “Goodnight, Mr. Blackwell. I will see you on the other side!” There are no words to describe how I miss him. It’s been a painful temporary parting. It breaks my heart. He left great memories. I am all teary each time I think of him. I look forward to that day…

Lew, as his wife and friends called him, was born and raised in South Carolina. He was a true southern gentleman. At 17 years of age, he discovered a passion for flying which continued throughout his entire life. While attending W.L.T High School he got his pilot license. With this he put himself through Auburn U, giving flying lessons and flying various business people around the country. In 1956, upon graduation from Auburn with a degree in aviation administration, he was off to the Naval Air Advanced Training Command where he scored the highest score… a record that which stood for several decades. There he met the love of his life, Jean and they were inseparable for the next 58 years.

On January 5, 1965, Lew became a pilot for Pan American World Airways where he was lived out his lifelong dream of flying for the next 23 years. Lew was very involved in church, attending Bible studies and serving as a deacon. He had a servant’s heart and the spiritual gift of giving.

He is survived by his wife, Jean Blackwell, two daughters, a son and many grandchildren.


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