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Here is your Bread For Life/CADAC December 2020 Newsletter, from Ernest Ehabe
otivated by both the Great Commission and what we have seen and experienced, Bread For Life Ministries launched what it dubbed “Agricultural Evangelism” 25 years ago. Our early focus was teaching farmers and providing them with seeds and tools. Through this unique ministry, thousands of farmers have been taught and exposed to the gospel.

Communities that were almost impossible to reach with the good news have opened up to us as a result of this unique approach. We have also seen the standard of living of many elevated.

 From its inception, our agricultural ministry has had a four-pronged objective:
To have a spiritual impact in the communities we serve through personal relationships and evangelistic activities.
Ameliorate food supply to the population, increase food variety and ensure a balance diet.

Revitalize agricultural activities in rural communities; create jobs; prevent rural exodus and bring modern agricultural techniques to rural farmers through teaching, as well as demonstration farms
Help generate funds to meet community & ministry objectives.
Finding sustainable solutions to Africa’s woes has been the core of BFL’s vision. Helping the many hardworking folks living on $2 or less a day, and who continue to suffer the consequences of Africa’s economic failures, has been BFL’s mission. BFL’s uniqueness is its ability and willingness to address both physical and spiritual hunger – ministering to the body, soul and spirit!
even year ago, we took a bold step to put into practice what we have been teaching farmers across our country by developing a sustainable integrated demonstration farm. The first five years were challenging. We persisted and we are beginning to see great results.

We are presently preparing 60 acres of virgin forest land to plant corn and soya beans to use as feed for our animals and birds (we develop our own feed). We are also trusting God to develop 3 to 4 kilometers of paved road network inside the farm. We have contracted road Construction Company and they have graciously agreed to charge us $4,000 per kilometer of road. We are trusting the Lord to build four houses in the next few months to house our pigs, rabbits and chickens.

 While church planting will continue to be the fulcrum of BFL, strategically developing sustainable ministry bases across our region will be our legacy, if Jesus tarries. Through these regional bases or campuses, we envision seeing thousands of young people trained and released as transformational leaders and agents of change. We envision these bases as ministry bases, but more than that, we envision them as models that will serve multiple purposes year round.


Your investment in this project is truly a gift that keeps giving.

New permanent houses for pigs, chickens, and rabbits going up. 
Solar panels are being put up to provide light and generate water  
Our pigs are going into production as they move into their new home.
Water is a constant problem. We are still trying to figure out if we need to dig a new borehole.

ach year many folks are looking to give end-of-year gifts as a possible way to help reduce their tax liability.  If you are one of those folks, here are some things to keep in mind!  Contributions mailed to CTEN must be postmarked no later than December 31st.  Online credit card donations must be posted through the CTEN website no later than December 31st.        

CTEN is also able to receive contributions of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, which are then sold and the proceeds provided to Bread For Life. Remember that any year-end gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds must be received in CTEN’s brokerage account by December 31st.  Call 1-800-872-5404 for more information

many of you know, I make two yearly visits to the USA. A lot is accomplished during these visits. We are able to connect with some supporting churches as well as individuals. Awareness is brought and the time is also used to bring encouragement. Often, one or two containers of donated items is shipped to Cameroon. 

My last visit this year was more to get medical attention for my right eye. I spent the first two weeks connecting with the Cameroon community in Dallas. I was also opportune to speak at two supporting churches in Texas and in Georgia and then send a 40 ft container of donated ministry stuff out of Atlanta. 

Surgery on my eye was done in San Antonio on November 17th. Here are two updates I sent out on Facebook. The first was a day after the surgery and the other was a week after the surgery.

 “The surgery went well but with a few hiccups.  They had to go in and scrape off scar tissue from the tissue around the macula (point of best focus) to try to spread it back out so that it closed the ‘macular hole’.  In order to do this, they had to pull back the ‘vitreous’ (gel filling the eyeball).  It was stuck so hard to the retina that it put two small tears In the retina at the top of the eyeball away from the macula.  These tears were lasered back together.  Nitrous Oxide gas was then gently pumped into the eyeball to keep the repaired tissue up against the hollow globe.  That gas bubble needs to be kept against the macula until it sticks securely, so my head has to be down so that the gas bubble will float up against the macula. At the follow up visit my vision In the operated eye was tested and I was 20/20, normal vision when looking through the gas bubble.”

“My one week follow up visit (for my right eye surgery) today was another confirmation of answered prayer.  The hole in the macula caused by the buckling of the tissue around it is gone.  The retina is perfectly flat. As it should be, around the macula.  The macula has reattached to the eye globe.  It is not yet of normal thickness, but we are only a week since it was not there at all.  My vision is now 20/30 without looking thru the bubble.  I have a veil in the lower part of my vision that grows shorter with each passing day.“

At my appointment on December 10, I was cleared to fly home to Cameroon for Christmas!!!

I want to thank you for your prayers and support! We had enough funds come in to pay all the medical bills for the right eye! I am scheduled for another appointment to evaluate my left eye in early March 2020.

Speaking at Calvary Chapel of Gwinnette (Buford, GA)
and Hill Country church (Fredricksburg, TX).

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