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sunset after a rain in California Poppy covered hills in Fremont, CA
A sunset after a rain in California poppy covered hills in Fremont, CA. Jay Huang | TNC
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You asked. We (will) answer on 5/27:
"I could use some help with understanding the fuels modification process,
especially Total Fuel Change Tool"
"I am interested in using LANDFIRE products for fire modeling & calibrating field data"
"How can LANDFIRE products be used to support forest management decisions at the ground level"

June 24: Special - combined: Open Office Hrs & LF 2019 L Virtual Rollout (90 min.)
This series is managed by TNC's LANDFIRE Team and will include participation from a variety of federal and non-federal partners and guests
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Wildfire Awareness and LANDFIRE, map of U.S. that projects seasonal drought outlook for May 20 - Aug 31, 2021
Wildfires that burn across hard-baked desert landscapes, such as in southwestern and Great Basin areas of the United States, (see NOAA’s drought image above) need annual/invasive herbaceous and other fine fuels to drive them. Capturing the seasonal variations in the production of these fuels is what LF’s Modeling Dynamic Fuels with an Index System (MoD-FIS) is about.

Important to fire managers in preparing for a fire season and addressing wildfires as they’re happening, MoD-FIS provides vital information in understanding when and where those fuels are present, how abundant they are, and how seasonal variation impacts fire behavior.

MoD-FIS Spring 2021 products will be available in early June, with the Summer release in July, and the Fall release in October. You can find the MoD-FIS products on the LF Data Distribution Site, select “Seasonal.”
Blankenship K., R. Swaty, K. R. Hall, S. Hagen, K. Pohl, A. Shlisky Hunt, J. Patton, L. Frid, and J. Smith. 2021.Vegetation dynamics models: a comprehensive set for natural resource assessment and planning in the United States. Ecosphere 12(4):e03484. 10.1002/ecs2.3484 READ
This recent publication (led by LANDFIRE team member, Kori Blankenship) updates the fire regime baseline for the U.S. The LANDFIRE team leveraged expert knowledge from hundreds of natural resource professionals to create a set of quantitative state-and-transition models that mimic the pre-European settlement disturbance regime.
Figure below: LANDFIRE pre-European Colonization Fire Regime Data
Behind the scenes
state and transition modeling miniseries, June 2, 9, 16. Decorative picture of saguaro cactus and desert wildflowers. Sponsored by: LANDFIRE, International Association of Landscape Ecologists, ApexRMS, The Nature Conservancy
STSM in Real-life: A 3-part miniseries

LEARN MORE | Making connections between LANDFIRE BpS models and ecosystem changes, see STSM applications in action, integrate STSMs in the (college) classroom.
wildfire risk to communities site, Understand, Explore, Reduce
New features added to Wildfire Risk to Communities site:

These new features ( provide communities with more data, more comparisons, and more solutions to reduce wildfire risk.
Read more here

timeline chart: June: Spring MoD-FIS, LF 2019 Limited, June 2, 9, 16 State-and-Transition-Modeling Miniseries, June 24: Combined: Open Office Hours, LF 2019L Virtual Rollout, July Summer MoD-FIS, July 29 Open Office Hours; August LF 2016 Remap Alaska, LF 2016 Remap Reference Database, LF 2016 Remap Fuel Reference Database, August 26 Open Office Hours
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