AUGUST: LF 2016 Remap - that's a wrap; LF & ESA webinar; LF 2016 Remap for AK includes 90 km buffer w/ Canada; LF products used to identify opportunities for conservation in recent pub.
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image: ocean with whale in foreground, island in background
Whale watching from a zodiac in St. Andrews by the Sea, Canada.
Photo Credit: © Anastasia Tompkins/TNC
Behind the scenes
Image: thermometer. Text: bottom: June 2, 9, 16: STSM modeling miniseries (done); June: Spring MoD-FIS & LF 2019 Limited (done) Jne 24: LF 2019L Virtual rollout (done); July: Summer MoD-FIS (done); August: LF 2016 Remap Alaska, LF 2016 Remap Reference Database, LF 2016 Remap Fuel Reference Database (done); September 30: (INFORMAL) Office Hours {return!}, September 16: LF & Ecological Society of America; October: Fall MoD-FIS
Let's talk Media

1. (INFORMAL) Open Office Hours - returns in September

Text: Open Office Hours Image: United States, LANDFIRE logo
Grab that third cup of coffee and join LANDFIRE for our (INFORMAL) Open Office Hours chat. 
September 30, 1 pm (ET) | REGISTER*
LANDFIRE Reference Database {which includes new & updated plot information for hundreds of thousands of ground-referenced plots & disturbance events}. Brenda Lundberg, LF Reference Data Team Lead, Technical Support Services Contractor to USGS EROS Center

*this link will not change each month*

October 28: 1 pm (ET): LANDFIRE Disturbance Data | Inga La Puma, KBR, Contractors to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
This series is managed by TNC's LANDFIRE Team and will include participation from a variety of federal and non-federal partners and guests
2. Putting LANDFIRE Data (and Models) to Work in the Scientific Community
September 16 | 2pm ET | REGISTERecological society of america
Ever wondered how others in the scientific community use LANDFIRE products? Join us and find out.

Members of the LANDFIRE Team will bring you a timely, relevant and succinct webinar describing three different applications of LANDFIRE data in published scientific literature from 2021. Our talk will start with a “30K foot view” of how LANDFIRE data/products are (generally) used by students, academics and agencies. We will then spotlight three example scientific papers each with a unique focus on drought, fire and climate change. We will highlight general findings, and touch on the LANDFIRE datasets, applications used for each journal article. There will be 15 minutes at the end of this discussion for Q/A. Bring your questions – we'll see you there. Papers we will discuss:

1. Drought Sensitivity and Trends of Riparian Vegetation Vigor in Nevada, USA (1985–2018
2. The Importance of Small Fires for Wildfire Hazard in Urbanised Landscapes of the Northeastern US 
3. Modelling Species Distributions and Environmental Suitability Highlights Risk of Plant Invasions in Western US

text: new publication; image: book
McKerrow, A., A. Davidson, M. Rubino, D. Faber-Langendoen, and D. Dockter, Quantifying the Representation of Plant Communities in the Protected Areas of the US: An Analysis Based on the US National Vegetation Classification Groups. Forests, 2021. 12(7): p. 15.

Authors used LANDFIRE Existing Vegetation Data Products (2016 Remap) to assess the conservation status of plant communities in the U.S. They combined the Group level of the United States National Vegetation Classification with the Protected Areas Database of the U.S. (PAD-US Ver 2.1) to measure the representation of each Group.

"...this analysis helps identify specific targets and opportunities for conservation across the U.S." READ
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