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Launching the "Involve Me I Learn" Campaign
This month, our marketing and social media team focused on creating a global campaign around Sambhali’s work to educate Rajasthani women and youth. We were looking for a slogan that would be Sambhali’s own and could become our rallying cry, starting at the International Women’s Day March on Saturday 7 March. Launching our campaign in the context of this global feminist event seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We came up with “Involve Me I Learn”, an extract of the famous quote attributed to one of the United States’ Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin:

“Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I learn.”

This seemed like the perfect slogan as we believe that the key for education is not only to give information to our students but actually to involve them as active participants in their education and in making their futures. This campaign aims at spreading the word about Sambhali’s work worldwide and attracting new volunteers and sponsors.

It will soon be launched on all our platforms, so follow us and spread the #involvemeilearn !

Photo credit: Antonio Lara Zafra.
The Photographer Behind the Campaign
Meet Antonio, the professional photographer who helped us create the “Involve Me I Learn” campaign this month. He is from Spain and has been doing photography for five years. He spent one week immersed in Sambhali’s world, an experience he seemed to have enjoyed a lot:

“I am very impressed by this organization. They know what they want here and they take their work very seriously. It is very well organized, just like a business, with frequent reports and well-defined roles for everyone. This is what improves their results, and it’s a really good thing for the women and children they’re helping. Here, everybody knows what they have to do and does their best at doing it.”

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful job Antonio has done and hope to see him joining Sambhali’s family again in the future.
The Story of Shahin

"My name is Shahin. I am 15 years old. I got to know about Sambhali Trust from my sister-in-law. It has been two years since I started coming to the centre. I like to come here, I love sewing and have two best friends here, their names are Kaynat and Shenaz.

In Fatima Empowerment Centre, I learned different beautiful types of embroidery. Then, I started learning sewing at the sewing machine. I got a sewing machine from Sambhali Trust after a year when I graduated from Fatima Empowerment Centre.

Later on, I joined the Graduate Sewing Centre, I also get salary here now. I learned many things here, all types of stitches and different items to make. I like to make elephants and bunnies, soft toys for children. My supervisor’s name is Anitaji. She teaches us how to make different soft toys. I like Kavita didi too. She loves us and takes care of us.

I have two sisters and two brothers, we are a big family. I live in Ketarnadi [district of Jodhpur]. Every day, a van comes to pick me up from my house and bring me to work.

I want to thank Govind bhaiya because at Sambhali, they did so much for all of us. The wife of Govind bhaiya is also very nice, I would like to thank her too. May god give this much happiness and luck to everyone. All that we need, we get here. We do not have any worries and problems here."

Photo credit: Linda Roemer.
New Volunteers at Sambhali
I've been volunteering in Sambhali since the beginning of February and my name is Morgane. I'm 31 years old and worked in France for the last seven years as a Communication and Marketing Officer.

When I arrived in Sambhali, I joined Shakti Centre. I loved it there, but I also wanted to experience teaching in the desert village of Setrawa. This is why I ended up joining the rural project in the government schools.

Currently, with the help of a photographer, I am working on the new marketing campaign “Involve Me I Learn”, along with Govind [founder of the NGO] and the social media team.

I wanted to quit my job and was looking for an organization with more purpose that I can work for. When I found out about Sambhali, it seemed like the perfect fit as working toward improving women's condition throughout the world is very important to me. Sambhali is the opportunity for me to help people directly. Here, I can use the skills I developed while working in Marketing in order to help an NGO develop its visibility and the power of its public image.

I’m Conce Fiol, 29 years old, from Spain. I am an Art Director specializing in Interior Design. I also have a degree in Fashion Design.

Coming to India, knowing the country and meeting its people, has been a dream for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always been interested in volunteering in this country. So I decided to quit my job in Interior Design and take a break to figure out what the next step is.

I help at the Graduate Sewing Centre, as assistant of Kavita, the manager of the Sewing Centre. We help the women working there with the production of the items sold at the Sambhali Trust Boutique, we design new products and we teach them new sewing techniques.

Everyday I’m learning more about these women, about their culture and their way of living. Also, this opportunity has made me open the fashion design door again, which is something that I didn’t expect and I have been really grateful. I still have one month left and I can’t wait to see what more surprises I’ll have here! But, for the moment, I can say that this is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
To learn more about volunteering with Sambhali please follow the link below: Volunteer with us
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