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Summer 2020: What's new at Sambhali Trust 
Welcome to Sambhali's July & August Newsletter!
We hope you are all fine and safe. 
Production of reusable face masks

In the last weeks, we have been making more and more reusable face masks which are being supplied to various local authorities at their request. In July, we donated 500 masks to Jodhpur’s Police Commissioner to thank all police officers for protecting the city’s inhabitants day and night. Additionally, many more were given to laborers on the streets of Jodhpur. They were very grateful for the donation as they don't have access to good face covers. We offered to sew masks for Jodhpur’s jail inmates as well. Now, the police and the city’s collector know about our capacity to distribute more masks and our Nirbhaya Helpline, too. We are here and ready to help however and wherever we can. Most of the Graduates are involved and are either way working on the masks in the Graduate Center or from home. At the moment, they are making 5,000 more masks which are kindly funded by Sambhali US. All masks are 3-ply-masks made by Sambhali participants and are available in different designs and colors for international orders as well.

Central Services

This month, we welcomed two new people to our Sambhali Central Services Team – Rashi Kawatra and Rajshree Rathore. Rashi’s duties are split between being the Business Director of the Boutique, Head of all Vocational Services and being in charge of the Aadarsh Project. She spent her first weeks with Kavita to learn everything about the processes in the Sewing Center and is now settling in more and more. Rajshree has been a part of Sambhali as a tutor at both Boarding Homes for a few years but is now taking more responsibility within the Trust. Additionally, she is now the Head of all Educational Services, the Scholarship Program and participating in the No Bad Touch Project as well.

Volunteering at Sambhali

A retired colonel, Prabhsajan Sandhu, has approached Govind to support Sambhali on a voluntary basis. He will provide information on government schemes to participants of the Trust and anybody who wishes to learn more about it. He will also assist the participants to prepare documents, etc. to apply for those schemes and arrange meetings with the departments so that they can benefit from the government programs. Many people do not know what they are entitled to. Therefore, we want to assist those with a human right approach.               

Sambhali's Headquarters 

According to the latest Government Guidelines – Un-lockdown 4.0, educational institutions will not be opening before 30th September. The government is encouraging online learning more and more since we do not know what is going to happen because of the increasing numbers of COVID cases in Jodhpur and India in general. Our centers and both Boarding Homes will not open until schools re-open as it would be against government guidelines.
Nowadays, all our teachers are still working on their skills’ development: the Hindi teachers continue with English, Volunteer Coordination and Computer classes while the Sewing teachers finish orders and participate in small games to define their embroidery, sewing, etc. Everybody is using this time to improve as much as possible so that they are ready to adapt to the “new normal”.

Last Saturday, our teachers at the Office performed a short play on family-in-law struggles. It should show that women need to support women. All participants only knew their roles but not each other's texts. The outcome was amazing and everybody had lots of fun!

COVID-19 food distribution

These days, we are still feeding families in Setrawa and neighboring villages and food ration kits are being given out as requested through our SOS project. In July, we delivered food packages for a month to 25 families, in August to 23 families.

Again, we want to thank everybody who supported our rural project through our Milaap campaign or other platforms. So far, we have been able to raise enough money through Milaap together with all your generous donations to fund the food ration kits in the desert. Since we are continuing with feeding 23 families in Setrawa and providing food ration kits, clothes and basic essentials to needy families in Jodhpur who contact our office, we have started a new Milaap campaign. You can find the link on our Website and here: 

Special piece on the month of August
Ajay Parmer, a Times of India journalist, has joined Sambhali Trust for a few weeks. He has followed Sambhali’s work for several years and has even written about our work before. Now with an increased understanding of how the NGO works, he has contributed to our Newsletter as well.

The month of August passed, seeing us through an indomitable spirit to prepare ourselves for the time to come, especially on this threshold of the new normal. This phase has given all of us a chance to hang on and carry out an honest analysis of our commitments and operations with regard to our vision and motto, i.e. to empower, academically and vocationally, the underprivileged women.
In this month gone by, Sambhali Trust has worked hard to bring in more professionalism and precision in its operations so that when we resume all our activities, we are fully geared.
We have rejuvenated our team by redefining the roles of some existing staff and inducting new staff in order to organize the activities more proficiently by identifying the gaps and endeavoring to plug them.
Now on, the two professionals have been given the charge of the two verticals, education and boutique, with freedom to take new initiatives, ensure the execution and take the responsibilities.
In the education field, we have been exploring a new mode of education, for those girls and women, who are not in position to pursue studies in regular mode. We have held two rounds of meetings with the Regional Director of the biggest institution of the country, the Indira Gandhi National Open University who provide a variety of courses for those students who have the facilities to study from home. 
The team taking care of education vertical under the command of Rajshree has been desperately working on bringing in new ideas and modern methodologies in teaching to our girls and to our women. Process of induction of young educators, who have the zeal to deliver, is also on.
Likewise, new ideas on product and dress designing and marketing have also kept the sewing team enthused. Last week, we had a speed competition for all our sewing women staff giving them a challenge to complete a dress of their choice in two hours. All of them not only took up the challenge but proved their worth for the trust also by the precision and speed.
The entire team in command of Kavita Bihal and Rashi Kawatra, has been working hard for capacity building of the sewing women inculcating a zeal in them to convert the ideas into products.
Series of discussions are also underway to identify the marketable products and work on them in synchronization with new marketing strategies to bring in new clientele, thereby bringing more work to the women.
On the last working day of August, the women of the trust prepared a skit and performed it in the hall of the office. The message, which was tried to be given through this skit, that at least a woman should not be a cause of suffering for another woman. A discouragement was also disseminated for the superstitions by approaching faith healers, while seeking peace in the family.
Meanwhile, we have also released our annual progress report for 2019-20 and wish to express our gratitude to all those who have supported us through our journey to serve mankind.
Hence, we have this month of August full of hopes and happenings, where we have been looking forward to unlocking our activities with renewed zeal and zest to serve. 
Our Annual Report of 2019/2020
Our first online volunteer during this pandemic, Birthe Steinhilb from Germany, applied through World Unite and put together the latest Annual Report of the Trust. With the support of our Administrator, Corinne Rose, but without ever visiting or meeting our participants in person, she wrote a beautiful report on everything that has happened during the last year. 

You can find the report on the Trust's Website:

Text: Roxanne N.
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