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"First Anniversary of the Foundation Day: Kriya Vidya Mandir—Centre of Kriya Meditation"

Sri Guruji, Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji, was in residence at the ashram from 30 April to 7 May. The whole time was one continuous joyous celebration of love. Disciples gathered as one Kriya family to be under the guidance of the guru with satsangs and meditations and the divine loving atmosphere. Every day was a spiritual feast for the body, mind and soul, and we thank all the generous volunteer work of many loving hearts and hands that made it possible.

The much-awaited Inauguration of our new meditation hall took place on 5 May, in the divine presence of Sri Guruji and the 1st anniversary of the foundation day of our ashram, Kriya Vidya Mandir—Centre for Kriya Meditation, followed on 7 May, the most auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya.

The first half of the foundation day program started at 8:30 am with Guru Paduka Puja— worship of the holy sandals of the guru with the recitation of Purusha Sukta, a vedic hymn from the Rig Veda, dedicated to and invoking the blessings of the cosmic being. A traditional fire ceremony offering oblations to the various deities and the nine planets followed, which ended with a peace invocation and the sprinkling of holy water on those assembled. The worship and the fire ceremony were conducted by Swami Gurupriyananda and Swami Sarvatmananda, in the divine presence and direction of Sri Guruji.
The second half of the program resumed from 11 am, when invited guest monks from the Vedanta Centre Sydney and the Divine Life Society were welcomed and escorted to our new meditation hall. After the lighting of the lamp and a peace invocation, Swami Vireshanandaji and Swami Mahabodhanandaji of the Vedanta Centre Sydney, Swami Uditramanandaji of the Divine Life Society, our swamis Gurupriyanandaji  and  Sarvatmanandaji took their seats along with Sri Guruji Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji.

Swami Gurupriyanandaji welcomed the guests and gave an introductory talk about the beginnings of Kriya Yoga in Australia and how the humble beginning of two decades ago have now resulted in several centres in Australia and also in New Zealand and Fiji.

Swami Vireshanandaji gave a beautiful synopsis of the teaching of Swami Vivekananda of the karma, bhakti and jnana yogas relating them to Kriya Yoga and wished the ashram success in future programs and undertakings. Swami Mahabodhananda stressed the importance of self-discipline and faith on the spiritual path. Swami Uditramananda  expressed his joy to be part of the celebrations and gave us his heartfelt blessings.

The highlight was the concluding talk and message of our Sri Guruji, who graced us in spite of a hectic global schedule and blessed the congregation to proceed with self-discipline, faith in the Masters and devotion. A delicious lunch followed. It was truly a blessed experience for all of us.

Foundation Day Ceremony in the New Meditation Space at the Ashram

We look forward to many more divine satsangs and meditations with all on our journey on this beautiful spiritual path.   

From Your Ashram
Kriya Vidya MandirCentre of Kriya Meditation

Ashram Update: June

A Video Tribute to Our Ashram: One Year On

The first anniversary of our ashram's Foundation Day gives us time to reflect on everything that has occurred during the past 12 months. The ashram has undergone an incredible transformation within this time there are now beautiful flower gardens near the front door, a new rock garden leading to the new meditation space, and an abundance of fruit trees planted along the side boundary and in the middle of the property. This is all due to the wonderful support of Kriyavans.

To celebrate this significant milestone, we have created a short video (click on image link below) highlighting the various activities, celebrations and initiations that have occurred at the ashram from January 2018 to 7 May 2019. We hope it brings back some fond memories or inspires you to visit the ashram soon!

Would Anyone Like a Piano?

The ashram has a beautiful piano that it would like to give away to someone—maybe you're a budding pianist or know someone who would like to learn how to play. The piano is currently located in one of the bedrooms of the ashram, and you are welcome to visit the ashram to check it out and play a song or two! If you are interested in taking it, you will need to arrange removal and delivery at your own expense. Please contact Satya on 0412 259 282 or the Ashram on (02) 4308 9620 or email if you have any questions about the piano or if you would like to arrange a suitable time to see it.


June Wish List

As you may know, we recently purchased a new $10,000 lawn mower for the ashram. While we have received some donations, we are still seeking more sponsors—a small contribution, such as $25 or $50, could significantly help payoff this mower especially if numerous Kriyavans contribute. If you would like to make a donation (of any $ amount) for either the lawn mower or the solar panels, please follow the instructions on the Ashram's Wish List page on our website.


Sri Guruji's Public Talks in Sydney and Newcastle

Three free public talks were held by Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji in Sydney on 3 and 4 May on the Bhagavad Gita in the Light of Kriya Yoga at the Strathfield Town Hall, and in Newcastle on 5 May at the Vedic Samiti Mandir.

"Gita is scripture on yoga," explained Guruji, talking of Karma Yoga (action), Jnana Yoga (wisdom), and bhakti yoga (devotion) on 3 May. In his unique metaphoric interpretation of the battle of Mahabharata as the inner struggle of each one of us, Sri Guruji stressed on the importance of yoga to win the battle and Lord Krishna’s advice to Arjuna to become a yogi. Sage Patanjali also defines Kriya yoga as the integration of action, knowledge and devotion.

The next evening, on 4 May, Paramahansa Prajnanananda continued with the second part of public talks on The Art of Converting Work into Worship. He explained that Kriya Yoga essentially means all work is towards union with God, and we should live by this Mantra in our daily life. Sri Guruji then spoke of some simple ways we can convert work into worship. "Everything we do, we do with love", whether it be in our workplace, in our relationships or in our family and home life. Take every action in love, don't react but act, study the scriptures, devote time and discipline for practice and meditation, have confidence and faith in God and ourselves and form worship as part of your daily routine. Remember a simple quote from Paramahansa Yogananda: "Read a little, meditate more, think of God always."

Sri Guruji's Public Talk in Sydney

On 5 May, Sri Guruji gave a public talk at the Vedic Samiti Mandir about Practical Spirituality—Yoga in Daily life. Sri Guruji was received with a traditional welcome by the temple committee and was introduced by Mr.Raj Bhandari and Mrs .Urmila Bhandari. It was a beautiful ceremony attended by a large audience from Newcastle as well as many of our kriyavans from Sydney. Dr. Vineeth Jadhav from the temple, who is also a Kriyavan, gave the vote of thanks. The program ended with a vesper service and a delicious lunch sponsored by the temple.

Welcoming Sri Guruji, then Guruji's Public Talk at the Vedic Samiti Mandir in Newcastle

Sri Gurudev Paramahamsa Hariharanandaji's Birthday Celebrations

Buddha Purnima and Sri Gurudev’s Birthday Celebration at the ashram: 18 May

The 18th of May was Buddha Purnima, a thrice blessed full moon day (Vaishakha Purnima—in the month of April–May) on which Lord Buddha was born, attained Nirvana and also left his physical body. This full moon day of 1907 was also our Sri Gurudev Baba Hariharanandaji’s Birthday as per the Indian Calendar.

Our ashram in Australia was the first to celebrate Buddha Purnima and Gurudev’s birthday according to the Hindu calendar. We had Guru Paduka Puja and chanting of Guru Gita followed by a special meditation in our new meditation hall. A delicious prasadam was served after the program. Several disciples attended the celebrations and had the blessings of God and the Masters.

Sri Gurudev’s Birthday Celebrations at Other Centres


At the ashram

Gurudev’s Birthday was celebrated at the ashram on the morning of 27 May with Guru Paduka Puja and a special meditation, followed by prasad.



This evening (1 June) in Sydney, we will also be celebrating the birthday of Gurudev with a special program led by Swami Sarvatmananda, including a satsang, meditation and dinner. If you are in Sydney and would like to attend the details are as follows:
Date:     Saturday, 1 June 2019
Venue:  Pymble UnIting Church, 1 Livingstone Avenue, Pymble
Time:     5:30pm - 9:00pm
Please bring a plate of your choice to share with all. Please ensure it is pure vegetarian with no onions or garlic or mushrooms. We request a donation of $10 or more to cover the cost of hall hire and other incidental expenses.


The Perth Centre will celebrate the event on the morning of 1 June following, their weekly meditation.


The Melbourne Centre will be celebrating the birthday event on 2 June along with the initiation program with Swami Gurupriyananda.
Wherever we are, let us all remember Sri Gurudev with love and gratitude on his birthday and always, and let us meditate sincerely to seek his blessings.
Jai Guru!


Note: * events can be Added to your Calendar via the website
1-2 June: Melbourne Kriya Initiations and celebration of Gurudev's birthday (Sunday)*
17-18 Aug: Perth Kriya Initiations
23-25 Aug: Perth Residential Kriya Retreat
7-8 Sept: Sydney Kriya initiations
14-15 Sept: Adelaide Kriya initiations
28-29 Sept: Brisbane Kriya initiations
18-20 Oct: Auckland Kriya initiations

Words of Wisdom


"Give me enough love to follow the path. Let me love in every breath. Let me live in love."


Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

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