June/July 2022
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News from the Field

The B3 Team has been busy busy! The lifestyle center opened in May and the guys are moving into several new communities closer to the lifestyle center than originally planned. Please pray for them as they battle spiritual and physical challenges daily.

L to R: Elizabeth C., Luz, Wilson, Jonathan, Modesto, DJ, Ana, Elizabet A.

An Angel Rides With Me

Written by Modesto

One day when we went to bring the motorcycles from Locotani (“home base” in the mountains) to the city of Cochabamba, I was able to experience once again that God was taking care of me and protecting me.
Generally, when we make long trips, we stop every so often to rest and let the engines cool down, check that everything is OK, and adjust the chains. After having done that, we continue on. Shortly after a stop, I was going up a slope quickly and I suddenly felt a strong jolt, almost losing control of the motorcycle. The rear tire had come loose and had nearly fallen off! I believe that my angel took control of the motorcycle in that moment. It was because of God's care and protection that I did not have an accident and I am very grateful.

When we put ourselves in God's hands, He watches over us. I praise Him because He is my protector and for my guardian angel who is always by my side.

Success for Leonarda

Written by Ana

Sister Leonarda arrived at the B3 Lifestyle Center unexpectedly, as we weren't scheduled to do the treatments that day. She arrived with many ailments and illnesses, gastritis and diabetes, apparently swollen liver, overweight and numbness from her waist to her feet, making walking a difficulty. We offered her to start her on a three-day detoxification and she agreed. We decided to do some natural treatments as well during this time. At the end of the program she felt much better, grateful, lighter and could walk more normally. She had lost about three kilos of weight. We praise God because nothing is impossible for Him. Most importantly, Sister Leonarda recognized that only God can help recover her health and give her peace.

Impossible to Possible

Written by Luz

We were offering a detox/cleansing program in which we also provided theoretical and practical teaching on how to make lifestyle changes.
One day, when it was time for the cooking class, we had to change plans last minute. The person scheduled to teach the class could not, and since there was no other option, I took on the class. I was not feeling well and prayed that I would not have any discomfort while teaching. You know what? By the end of the class, I surprisingly felt just fine! Once again, I saw God’s hand move in this, as small as it seems. HE makes the impossible possible, because nothing is impossible for God. (Luke 1:37)

New Frontiers for Bible Work

Written by Wilson

Hi, I am Wilson Saavedra, a native of Peru. Being sent as a missionary to the Kami community is helping me understand that in this work of evangelization it is not me who is in charge, but the Lord Jesus. It is not my way or in my times, but rather His.
God has begun to open doors for spiritual work in Kami. Please pray for the neighboring community of Patiño as well. There are about 2,000 people living there but no church and very few believers.
Serving God by serving each other: Here Wilson is learning to pray for his Bible work partner and be a support physically, nutritionally and emotionally. (Wilson is a good cook ;).

A Visit with Margarita

Written by Elizabeth C.

We went to visit Margarita, an evangelical Christian who lives in the village of Carhuani. She had participated in a 3-day detoxification program which we offered at the Lifestyle Center and we wanted to see how she was doing. Margarita says that she is grateful to God and the Centro de Vida Sana B3 for the great improvement in her physical health. She continues to find relief from her chronic gastritis by using the clay poultices she learned about during her time at the Lifestyle Center. She is also very grateful for the audio Bible/studies/stories she received. Listening helps clear her head from discouraging and lonely thoughts and reminds her of her Heavenly Father’s constant companionship.

We Never Would Have Guessed

Written by Elizabet A.

During the first month after opening the B3 Lifestyle Center, we received a visit from brother Mario, who attended the local Baptist church. We learned that he had suffered a stroke, limiting his mobility. He was in very poor health, nearly at death’s door to be honest, but we decided we would help as we could. We scheduled natural treatments at his home starting the following day and continued them throughout the week. The next week, when we called to schedule more treatments, we learned that over the weekend, Mario had been taken by emergency ambulance to Cochabamba where he had died the next day! That news was quite devastating for the team. Fear filled us and we worried that people would attribute our simple treatments to his death. We prayed a lot, surrendered the situation to God and continued working.
Several weeks later, a guest at the Center told us that a lot of negative gossip was spreading about the situation. Again, the fear and concern about how this would affect the ministry and the church plagued us. Again, we had to commit ourselves and our work to God, trusting Him with the outcome.
As the days went by, more and more people continued to show up at the Center. This was very encouraging. After a few weeks, we decided to visit the family of the deceased man and were well received. His wife is certain that her husband rests in the arms of God and she has great hope of meeting him again. She thanked us for the visit, told us to come by again and shared her desire to come to the Center for treatments herself. What a great blessing! We really saw God’s powerful hand acting through this whole ordeal to take care of us and His work.
Facebook: GMA Bolivia Highlands
Facebook: GMA Bolivia Highlands

Stateside Travels

The Knott family has been in the States for the last couple months, attending campmeeting, spending time with supporters, getting some additional training, eating blueberries and working on gathering and preparing parts for the super cub to send to Bolivia.

We'll share more about what God is doing for us and the plane in the next update. Until then, here are some pictures from the summer.
Starting a New Rehab Stage!
Grover recently finished a computation class, learning several of the basic Microsoft Office programs. He has also decided to return to his studies and finish high school and recently now enrolled in the CEMA (comprehensive corporation for alternative training).

Grover has started to sell jello cups, a popular Bolivian snack, on the street to generate some income of his own. He has made substantial progress physically and is able to get in and out of bed and into his wheelchair alone. He is working on standing with a walker (a big feat for a paraplegic!). When Grover arrived a year and a half ago, he had a bad pressure sore near his tailbone (~10 cm). It has healed to 1-2 cm, but refuses to close. Please pray that God will heal this without surgery and most importantly that Grover will give his heart and life completely to Jesus.
Please pray with us about serving this community more as we work with Paola (PT) on some guidelines for any future patients we may be able to accept. Our biggest need is a facility. Thank you!
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