The Knott's March/April 2018 Update
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Pitfalls, Providence & Patience


December 6, 2017. “When can you call me? We need to talk.” It was a message from my importer. 

The Piper Super Cub that GMA had bought in September was nearly ready for it’s long flight to Bolivia. When we did talk, the news wasn’t good. “Wait a few more weeks,” he told me.
My heart felt like it was in my toes. I knew that when waiting on governments, weeks turn into months. We had plans to return to the States for the ASI Southern Union conference in April so we left the Cub with a friend and headed back to Bolivia.
By mid February, the importer still wasn’t ready. It was time to try something else. I contacted a legal firm in Cochabamba and registered to become an importer myself. Despite nationwide election protesting, we finished the process in only 10 days. My agent told me he had never seen things move so fast. The last letter was submitted just hours before Jodi, Hadassah and I boarded our plane for the States. 
Once in the US, our first stop was Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa, ID. A week of ground school and another week riding backseat in the Cessna 206 was a great refresher for me. It had been three years since I took their top notch mission pilot course. Jodi and Hadassah enjoyed the friendly Christian atmosphere at MAF and the chance to connect with friends and family in the Boise area (and of course the dishwasher, playgrounds and zoo).
With the MAF TU206G at a dry lake in Oregon.
After MAF training I tackled the airplane paperwork. Changing importers meant we had to start all over getting the necessary documents signed, sealed, notarized, translated, verified, authenticated, legalized…you get the idea. It was a big setback but all was going smoothly until one of our board members pointed out an error I had made. The error he spotted turned out to be the tip of an iceberg. Over the next week my plans crumbled. Hurdle after hurdle surfaced as we tried to navigate US law, Bolivian law, & non-profit law all at once. Four or five times I had serious doubts as we faced apparently insurmountable obstacles. Each time the solution came providentially from an unexpected direction.
"Helping" Daddy build the booth for ASI.
We took a short 'break' to attend the ASI Southern Union convention in Stone Mountain, GA, thankful for their sponsorship of part of the airplane importation cost.
Finally, all the airplane paperwork was submitted and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Maybe we would be able to take the plane to Bolivia after all. Then it was time to plan the ferry flight. The biggest question was when would we get all the papers back? I had to know exact dates for my arrival at each little island-country through the Caribbean in order to get permission to land there and refuel. With a lot of educated guessing we picked May 8 as the start date. The prognosis was that all the important importation documents would be in hand by May 1, the airplane ready, and the permissions for the ferry flight in hand before leaving.
As the days passed I hurried through the seemly endless details of preparing everything for the long flight. A relentless panic of not making the deadline stalked me. Avoiding it became a daily task through Bible study and prayer. I had to be reminded of past pitfalls overcome, of last minute providences and of God-given patience. Patience to give the plan, the plane, the project back into God’s hands every morning and wait for His Providence.
We decided that we needed to take a little time off as a family and headed to VT for a week. We enjoyed the last few snowfalls, boat building, and some time without internet. Hadassah has a particularly special love for snow, although she'd never played in it before!
As it often goes, things came up to delay departure. Upon a final inspection of the plane, I found a compromised tube on the engine mount (patched in one day) and a crack in the exhaust (still warrantied though plane ownership changed!). Additionally, the Bolivian embassy lost my papers (last step of the previous month's work) but promised to find them (and eventually did) and Brazil denied my request twice for overflight and landing (and granted it the 3rd time). Despite these and other setbacks, we were still going to be able to take the plane! I'm grateful to know that God has the end in mind from the beginning and has used the obstacles of this past several weeks to grow our patience and remind us that we can always trust His good and perfect plan.
The airplane last week, engine removed for work on the mount.
Jodi and Hadassah returned to Bolivia last week and I'm on my way to Florida as this hits your inbox. The ferry flight should take about 10+ days and I'm looking forward to it as another huge step in the direction we've been dreaming towards now for many, many years. Thank you for your continued prayers!

- DJ, Jodi & Hadassah Knott
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Super Cub

Purchased and Equipped!

Paperwork currently in process to ferry, import and nationalize the plane.
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Hadassah happy to be home.
Enjoying time with the Grandparents!
Enjoying spring!
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