Encouraging Brain Growth

In the last decade and beyond, scientists have discovered that people generate new brain cells and connections between these cells throughout life. Building mental reserves can serve you well and later in life. Dr. P. Murali Roaiswamy, who was chief of biological psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center at the time, said it was like having more cell phone towers to send messages along. The more towers you have, the fewer calls you will miss.
The late neurologist Lawrence Katz came up with the term “neurobics” for activities that challenge the brain. The activities can range from brushing your teeth, writing, or dialing the phone with your non-dominant hand.
Educators and neurologists agree, learning to play a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, playing chess stimulates brain growth. Even exercise is known to be beneficial because of the increased blood flow. It clears the mind and makes concentrating easier on more difficult tasks.  
Above all, like your muscles and other organs, your brain needs sleep to help with the REM sleep where we store away knowledge in the brain. If you want to help your child become a better student, doing some of these activities will them be more successful in school and may increase their defenses against cognitive decline in the future.

An Important Letter From the Principal

Make-up Day

Because we canceled the first week of school due to the civil unrest, we lost 5 snow days out of the 5 ½ days we had scheduled into the calendar. To get more snow days (unforeseen closings) back into our schedule, the Board of Education voted to add Monday, September 28th, to our teaching calendar. Please mark this day on your calendar as a school day. The Board of Education will consider adding one or two more half-days to our schedule later this month.

Spirit Dress Up Days

The teachers, realizing that we cannot go on field trips at this time, have decided to inject some school spirit into school.  his Friday, September 25, we are having a throwback dress up day to celebrate summer. Wear your favorite tropical or Hawaiian outfits - just for fun! Hats, sunglasses and leis are allowed. Please follow school dress code guidelines - no tank tops, flip flops or swimsuits. Aloha Summer!

Free Cup of Coffee

Reach Ministries will be serving coffee in the parking lot during drop-off Monday, September 28, starting at 7:30 AM. Come say hi to Pastor Russ Scoggins and Reach team members and grab a cup to go!


Each child was given a box of envelopes. Our first quarter offerings are going for a special 100th Anniversary gift to the school.

Drop Boxes

We have two new drop boxes near the office entrance. The one in blue is for dropping off hot lunch orders. The other in white is for dropping off office forms or payments.

Powerschool Usernames and Passwords

A sheet was sent home today telling parents how to create an account in Power School.  Please follow the instructions to create your own unique user name and password.  This app will help you see how your child is doing academically.


Orders can be turned in for the following week by 8 A.M. Wednesday morning. You can still order just milk for your child for $0.30 per day. The only change is that all milk must be pre-ordered. We are no longer selling milk the same day.There will be no changes to the order once Mrs. Vega has submitted it to MCFI  All orders are due turned in to the office Wednesday by 8 A.M. Orders received after then will not be fulfilled. Also, you are able to order for the entire month provided you turn in the order by the last Wednesday of the previous month.

All lunch and milk questions can be emailed to

Order form

Parking Lot

We appreciate your patience in the Parking Lot, arrivals and dismissals seem to be going rather smoothly. Until we learn the names of all the parents and grandparents who are picking up the children, we will come and ask who you are so that we call the correct children to leave the building.
One thing we ask in the morning is that you pull up to the cone and then let your child out.  After your child is out of the car, please pull ahead and wait for your child to signal that they are good to go.
 We will make them come out of the doorway and signal around the door that they are good to go.
Another thing to remember is that all drivers are to leave the parking lot on the 75th street exit. This makes sure that we have a smooth traffic flow.  22nd Avenue should be completed soon and it will be easier to get on 75th street. The only exception to this rule is when the roof of your vehicle is too high and would hit the roof of the tunnel.  Thank you for your cooperation!


When a child misses school for any reason, we have to mark them absent even if they go online. The only exceptions to this are 1) you have chosen online learning for the quarter, or 2) you have been asked by your physician to quarantine for a period of time. These exceptions are marked absent only when they do not go online.
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