Developing Good Habits

If you are like most people, you probably have a bad habit or two that you would like to remove. A habit is something you do so often that it becomes automatic. It may be walking Continue the dog every morning before breakfast. Or it might be something you do every time you get frustrated, like crying. Many times a habit becomes harmful like eating snacks when under stress to comfort ourselves.
Good habits develop after many repeated attempts. Children that tend to get their homework done right after school have learned that sitting down for a half-hour or more will give them hours of free-time after supper. Parents that want their children to be successful in school will have ground rules at home for time spent on homework, time in front of the television, or the time for bed. You can teach your children excellent habits by setting the rules and then enforcing them consistently.  
If your child has a bad habit, how can you help them overcome it? One way is to remove the trigger for the habit such as, if the first thing your child does when he gets home is turn on the television, hide the remote until the homework is completed. If your child gets easily distracted, then work to create a quiet environment for studying. Find a good place in the house to put the study table and keep the other children away to prevent distractions.
We want our children to be responsible and successful in school and in life. It doesn’t happen by accident. Helping them develop good habits and retraining them to get rid of bad habits takes time, consistency, and patience. Remember, growing in grace and wisdom takes time, but in the end, it is worth every moment of teaching.

Make-up Day

Because we canceled the first week of school due to the civil unrest, we lost 5 snow days out of the 5 ½ days we had scheduled into the calendar. To get more snow days (unforeseen closings) back into our schedule, the Board of Education voted to add Monday, September 28th, to our teaching calendar. Please mark this day on your calendar as a school day. The Board of Education will consider adding one or two more half-days to our schedule later this month.


Each child was given a box of envelopes. Our first quarter offerings are going for a special 100th Anniversary gift to the school.

Drop Boxes

We have two new drop boxes near the office entrance. The one in blue is for dropping off hot lunch orders. The other in white is for dropping off office forms or payments.

Band and String Lessons Available at Bethany for Grades 4-8

Our school is again partnering with Shoreland Lutheran High School to provide music lessons on band and string instruments. Lessons are available to students in grades 4-8. Mr. Wordell and Miss Siegler presented the instrument selections for band and strings this morning the Bethany students in grades 3-8.  
Please click on the link below to view a digital presentation regarding the lesson program. If you have any questions or problems viewing the link, please contact Sarah Siegler for strings (, or Keith Wordell for band ( Grade School Instrument Lesson Digital Presentation.   The registration deadline has been extended to Friday, September 11.

Grade School Instrument Lesson Digital Presentation

Achievement Testing

We will give the fall MAP tests during the next two weeks. Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and gets a healthy breakfast to start the day. We want our children to try their best and realize that these tests are a measure of where they are currently in knowledge and skills. They are not expected to get every answer correct.

Powerschool Usernames and Passwords

A sheet was sent home today telling parents how to create an account in Power School.  Please follow the instructions to create your own unique user name and password.  This app will help you see how your child is doing academically.

K-8th Parent Approved Emails

If you have any problems sending an email from your (parent) email address to you childs Bethany email account, please contact Mrs Novotny ( with the email you are trying to use. There could have been an error putting the info in or you did not approve an email for your student (which you will need to sign a waiver form to have your email approved).

K-4th Bethany Emails

If you or your child has not logged into the student email account please do so soon. If you get denied access when you try to log in please contact Mrs Novotny ( The password needs to be reset because of lapses of time of not logging into the account.

4th-8th Go Guardian Parent App

If you signed up for Go Guardian Parent App it is ready to go.  Mrs. Novotny sent an email out to the parents emails that were signed up.  If you or your student have not logged into their Bethany email account you need to do that before the Parent app is working.  If you have any issues please email Mrs. Novotny ( tell her which parent email you are using.

Picture Day

Tuesday, September 8, is picture day for our students. Everyone gets a picture because we need them for our permanent records.  It is up to you if you want to order any pictures. We will be sending home order forms next week. Here is a link to help you prepare for picture day.   

Order online at 
Picture Day ID EVTK2BXJF


Orders can be turned in for the following week by 8 A.M. Wednesday morning. You can still order just milk for your child for $0.30 per day. The only change is that all milk must be pre-ordered. We are no longer selling milk the same day.There will be no changes to the order once Mrs. Vega has submitted it to MCFI  All orders are due turned in to the office Wednesday by 8 A.M. Orders received after then will not be fulfilled. Also, you are able to order for the entire month provided you turn in the order by the last Wednesday of the previous month.

All lunch and milk questions can be emailed to

Order form

Birthday Treats

This year, if you send birthday treats to school, the treat must be pre-packaged/individually wrapped.

100th Anniversary

Please note the change of date for the 100th Anniversary celebration. Due to concerns about the large gathering for the 100th Anniversary we are moving the date from November 8, 2020, to March 21, 2021. We have a number of people involved in planning the celebration. If you would like to help, please contact the office or one of the committee members - Pastor Pagel, Miss Sternhagen, Miss Petermann, Mr. Steve Dankert, or myself.
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