Grow in Grace and Wisdom

When Jesus was a child, there is not much information given about his life. One glimpse was given as a twelve-year-old boy in the temple. Here he was obedient to his heavenly Father when he stayed behind for three days questioning and answering the questions of the teachers of the law. When his mother and father asked him to return home, he was obedient to them and went to Nazareth.  
The only other thing mentioned about his youth is in verse 52 of Luke chapter 2, “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  Wouldn’t you love to hear that said about your own child? So how do our children grow in grace and knowledge of their Savior? To grow they need to be in God’s Word. They need to read and use their Bibles. It is through the Word that the Holy Spirit strengthens their faith. This year in religion class the children will be hearing the New Testament Bible Stories that focus on the life of Christ. They will hear how Jesus bore our sins in his body on the cross. He was wounded so that we are healed. His made us his own dear children.  
At home, you can do your part by having home devotions. Bring your children to church or watch the online worship service. The more the children’s knowledge of the Savior grows, the more they will understand God’s underserving, unfathomable love for them. That is growing in grace!
Your children will grow in wisdom by learning from you. They will learn how to do things in a Godly way. From the teachers at school, the children are learning math, science, reading, grammar, and writing which is meant to prepare them for high school. You help them greatly by insisting that they do their homework faithfully and ask their teachers if they don’t understand. What a blessing our children have, a God who loves them and lavishes that love on them, parents who care for and train their children, and teachers who are called to feed their souls and guide them in obtaining wisdom daily!  May it be said or our children that they grew in grace and wisdom

Office Administrator Update

Melissa Treichel has decided to step away from the office administrator role at Bethany. This was not an easy decision for her to make but it will allow her to focus more fully on family; she also has a growing real estate career that is taking up more and more time (if you want to buy/sell a home, contact Melissa Treichel at Cove Realty!). Melissa has been adamant that she will remain one of Bethany’s biggest supporters, which is evidenced by her willingness to get Bethany up and running for this school year while the Board of Education sought a replacement. Additionally, Melissa will continue working with the new office administrator to ensure a smooth transition. On behalf of the faculty, families, board of education, and everyone else who you have assisted, THANK YOU MELISSA  for the many years of service at Bethany.
While Melissa will certainly be missed, we are also excited to announce the hiring of Teresa Smith. Teresa is a member at Mt. Zion that comes to Bethany with many years of office experience with companies such as Jockey International, McLane Foodservice, and Goodwill Industries. She most recently was employed at Tri-City Bank. Teresa graduated by Gateway Technical College with a Business Management and Supervisory Management degree. Her first day at Bethany was this past Monday. While it might be some time before you meet Teresa in person, please make sure that you all extend a warm welcome when you do come into contact with her. 

Make-up Days

There are two half days to mark on your calendar which the Board approved to add back into the calendar, Wednesday, November 25, and February 12. This gives us two snow days now.

WLS Cross Country Results

Congratulations to the boys in grades 4-8 for winning second place at the Shoreland Cross Country meet on Saturday, September 26th.


With the ½ day of school on October 28th, you can still order a hot lunch if you so desire for your child. We dismiss at noon on half days so the order would be sent home with your child. Also, it was brought to our attention that there were several days revised on the updated menu calendar for October. Please check over the last two weeks October 19-23 and October 26-28 for changes. The specific dates that were changed are: October 13, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28. Parents, can email to make any updates or cancellations if the meals are not to their liking. Mrs. Vega apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. MCI originally told us the updates where only in week October 12-16.  All meal changes must be received the Wednesday the week before that meal is served. There will be no changes to the order once Mrs. Vega has submitted it to MCFI  Also, you are able to order for the entire month provided you turn in the order by the last Wednesday of the previous month. The order for October is attached with the new menu choices.

All lunch and milk questions can be emailed to

Order form

End of 1st Quarter

The end of the 1st quarter will be on Wednesday, October 28.  Now that we are more than halfway through, you may want to ask your teacher or check on-line for missing assignments.    

Drop Boxes

We have two new drop boxes near the office entrance. The one in blue is for dropping off hot lunch orders. The other in white is for dropping off office forms or payments.

Parking Lot

We appreciate your patience in the Parking Lot, arrivals and dismissals seem to be going rather smoothly. Until we learn the names of all the parents and grandparents who are picking up the children, we will come and ask who you are so that we call the correct children to leave the building.
One thing we ask in the morning is that you pull up to the cone and then let your child out.  After your child is out of the car, please pull ahead and wait for your child to signal that they are good to go.
 We will make them come out of the doorway and signal around the door that they are good to go.
Another thing to remember is that all drivers are to leave the parking lot on the 75th street exit. This makes sure that we have a smooth traffic flow. 22nd Avenue should be completed soon and it will be easier to get on 75th street. The only exception to this rule is when the roof of your vehicle is too high and would hit the roof of the tunnel. Thank you for your cooperation!


When a child misses school for any reason, we have to mark them absent even if they go online. The only exceptions to this are 1) you have chosen online learning for the quarter, or 2) you have been asked by your physician to quarantine for a period of time. These exceptions are marked absent only when they do not go online.
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