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For successful people, a positive approach to life is as essential as breathing. But unlike the involuntary act of breathing, being positive is a trained behavioral pattern that needs to be practiced daily in order to grow into your make-up. Being positive is not always easy. If it were, everyone would be positive.  
We as Christians have every reason to be positive about life. Our biggest problem has been removed by a gracious, loving Father who sent his Son to take our place. He suffered hell so that we never have to. He died and rose again so that we will live forever.  Alone?  Never! He is with us wherever we go. He promises to make all things work for our good. “If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord, (Romans 14:8). This wonderful news gives us every reason to be positive.
So how do we teach our children to be positive? Teaching them is sharing. It is adjusting to meet their needs. It is looking for the good things in life and refusing to focus on the negative. When we want to be effective, we need to adjust our strategies and share ourselves with our children so that they become successful. If we want them to be positive, then we need to meet them where they are and train them to focus on the wonderful blessings in their lives. We need to adapt the child’s learning situations so they can have positive experiences. How awesome it is to see Mom and Dad cheering for their four-year-old who successfully peddles his bike for the first time - with training wheels - and watch the wide grin on the child’s face as he turns the corner to ride back to them!
During these trying times while we are staying home, look for positive ways to help your child find productive ways to serve the Savior. Teach them how to be positive about God’s goodness to them. Being positive is contagious. It is something we want to catch!

School Building Closed for Remainder of the Year

I am sure you heard by now that schools have been shut down for the remainder of the year by the Governor’s executive order. Therefore all activities scheduled will most likely be canceled for this year. The Board of Education has voted to end our academic year on Friday, May 15th. Typically we have days for field trips and a field day during the quarter so the number of days with direct teacher instruction is about the same. The teachers will use the week of May 18-22 to collect books, make report cards, have in-service meetings to wrap up the year, and to make plans for dealing with future school closures.
We will set up scheduled times where you can bring your children’s books, pick up any belongings they left in school, and get their report cards. We will plan 10 minute time intervals. You will be notified to schedule your appointment.
The following events have been canceled:  
1) Academic Fair
2) Forensics
3) Grandparents/Special Person Day
4) School Musical
5) DC Trip
6) Softball and track

Parents will be refunded their money for the DC trip. We are tentatively planning a trip for April of 2021. Graduation has not been canceled yet. We are thinking about holding it the last week of May or the first week of June depending on if we are allowed to hold gatherings of at least 50 people.

Surveys Reunification School Committee

In the next week, all school parents will be sent a survey to find out information to assist the Reunification School Committee in making plans for the future. Your replies are vital to our decision-making process. Please take the time to return surveys which will come from Grace Works Ministry. Thank you for sharing your cares and concerns about Jesus ministry in our midst.

Star Students

This week's Star Students are.... 
First and Second Grade - Luke F. for always having a great smile every time he says his memory work. 
Third and Fourth Grade - Mercy P. for being at every one of our Google Meetings, and always smiling & Micah S. for improvement in neatness on his math assignments.
Fifth and Sixth Grade - DJ S. for getting his online work done promptly.
Seventh and Eighth Grade - Jimmy N. for working to achieve his goals and his pleasant joyful attitude toward his friends and about life in general

School Choice

The deadline has been extended to apply, re-apply, or provide proof of residency to May 14th. Please apply HERE  and or/or turn in your residency documents via email ASAP. 

Six Flags Read to Succeed

The Six Flags Read to Succeed deadline has been extended to  MAY 4th. Click here to submit! 

Pennies for Patients

Our fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is in week 2. We have raised over $600 and are working toward our goal of $2,500. Please help us reach our goal by signing up today! We need you to join our Hero Squad to be a hero for kids with cancer. Next week (May 4-8) we will be having a virtual spirit week to encourage us in our fundraising efforts.
Monday - Facebook Fundraising Day. Set up your personal page and invite people to give. Give updates as well.
Tuesday - 50 State Challenge. Try to get donations from as many states as you can.
Wednesday - Helpers & Heroes Day - how can you be a helper or hero? Make a video and post it!
Thursday - Helping at Home Day - see how many things you can do to help out at home today.
Friday - FINAL DAY! Thank You Day - send a note or message to thank everyone who donated to your Hero Squad.
Our school fundraising page is:

Week Two Info

Heroes At Home Information Flyer

Virtual Spirit Week Info!

Worship Opportunities 

Don't miss the many opportunities we have for online worship. Visit our website HERE and join us in worship

100th Anniversary 

One way in which you might assist the committee is by looking through photo albums for pictures that involve Bethany Lutheran School over the years.  If you share with us, please give the picture to us in a plastic bag and label the picture clearly on the back that it belongs to you.  We want to set up displays on the dinner tables with pictures from over the years.

School Office Hours

The office is currently closed for regular office hours but the office email is monitored daily.  
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