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Did you know that starting in kindergarten, if a student reads 20 minutes a day at home, they will see 1.8 million words per year. They will have read for 851 hours by 6th grade and on standardized tests, they will likely score better than 90% of their peers. This is compelling data on the benefits of encouraging your child to read.  

Starting when your child is born, reading out loud to the toddler is a strong, positive influence on their life. As your child grows, daily reading makes strong connections between the written and spoken word in the brain. It increases vocabulary levels. Reading often helps strengthen relationships within the family.

So if reading is so important in education, what can I do to help my child develop reading skills and look forward to reading at least 20 minutes a day? While your child is young start reading aloud to them. Talk with your child about what you read together. As they grow older, reading aloud still can be interesting for them as you take turns reading the selection.

When your child chooses books to read, encourage them to try reading something different from time to time. Visit the library and ask the librarian for suggestions as to which books are appropriate for your child. Set aside time each day for family reading time. When mom and dad spend time reading, it teaches the children the importance of reading for their lives. Also, start a library in your child’s room, where they keep favorite books purchased for them.

Last but not least, we want our child to know the precious truths of God’s Word. Start when they are young by reading family devotions. As they grow older, have the child take turns reading. Use the Bible and read a chapter or two for a devotion. Discuss what is read and apply the truths to your life. Enjoy encouraging your child to read.

Student of the Month

This year at Bethany, we are focusing on positive character traits each month. September was Kindness month. Students nominated other students for their kind acts and overall kindness and the faculty selected two students for the Award. Our September Students of the month are: Katie J and Liam N. Good job and showing kindness and love for Jesus and your fellow students!


PTS Meeting

A PTS Zoom meeting is planned for Thursday, October 22 at 6:00 pm. All parents of Bethany students are invited to join us. We will be discussing the PTS constitution and election of officers. We would like to begin planning some second semester activities provided that we are able to do so safely. Watch for the link in next week's Broadcaster.

Dress Up/Spirit Day

Our monthly spirit day will be on Friday, October 23. Our theme is Crayon/Highlighter Day. Pick your favorite color or neon and wear it Head to Toe! Dress code rules apply. Have fun and be colorful!!


We will begin robotics practice after school beginning this week Thursday, October 15. The practices will run from 3:30 to 5:00 every Thursday.  After we get going, we will determine if we need to add another day per week to help the children get ready for the tournaments. Parents are invited to stop in at 4:45 at the end of the first practice.  We will have more information to share with you then.

Make-up Days

There are two half days to mark on your calendar which the Board approved to add back into the calendar, Wednesday, November 25, and February 12. This gives us two snow days now.


With the ½ day of school on October 28th, you can still order a hot lunch if you so desire for your child. We dismiss at noon on half days so the order would be sent home with your child. Also, it was brought to our attention that there were several days revised on the updated menu calendar for October. Please check over the last two weeks October 19-23 and October 26-28 for changes. The specific dates that were changed are: October 13, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28. Parents, can email to make any updates or cancellations if the meals are not to their liking. Mrs. Vega apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. MCI originally told us the updates where only in week October 12-16.  All meal changes must be received the Wednesday the week before that meal is served. There will be no changes to the order once Mrs. Vega has submitted it to MCFI  Also, you are able to order for the entire month provided you turn in the order by the last Wednesday of the previous month. The order for October is attached with the new menu choices.

All lunch and milk questions can be emailed to

Order form

Parking Lot


We appreciate your patience in the Parking Lot, arrivals and dismissals seem to be going rather smoothly. Until we learn the names of all the parents and grandparents who are picking up the children, we will come and ask who you are so that we call the correct children to leave the building.

Please be aware that the children walking in the parking lot calls for extra caution on the part of all drivers. Please be careful with your speed when entering the school grounds from 74th place. Kindly exit on 75th street by driving through the archway. Thank you for your cooperation.

End of 1st Quarter

The end of the 1st quarter will be on Wednesday, October 28.  Now that we are more than halfway through, you may want to ask your teacher or check on-line for missing assignments.    

Drop Boxes

We have two new drop boxes near the office entrance. The one in blue is for dropping off hot lunch orders. The other in white is for dropping off office forms or payments.


When a child misses school for any reason, we have to mark them absent even if they go online. The only exceptions to this are 1) you have chosen online learning for the quarter, or 2) you have been asked by your physician to quarantine for a period of time. These exceptions are marked absent only when they do not go online.
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