Multiple improvements to
transaction email templates

You can now add extended data to email templates, use time zone information, and see template name and schedule from Console.


Email is typically the most important way for you to notify your users about everything happening in your marketplace. 

In particular, every single transaction usually involves multiple emails sent to both providers and customers. You want to notify them about each other’s activity and send them reminders if they don't take a certain action on time (like accept a booking request or leave a review). More complex transaction processes can easily involve dozens of email notifications.

Sharetribe Flex allows you to set up any number of such email notifications. It comes with a set of pre-built templates, and it's easy for you to add more. The latest addition to Flex makes transaction emails even more powerful than before. The release consists of several small improvements.

Use extended data in email templates

Previously, it was not possible to add information from the listing or transaction extended data to the email templates. This option has now been added. 

Would you like to display the location of a listing in a template? Or perhaps the data you collected from the customer when they made the booking request? Maybe you'd like to translate the template into multiple languages and show each user the correct language based on the user's language choice? All this is now possible.

Use time zones correctly

Sometimes your provider and customer might be in different time zones. If you're using time-based availability, you need to show the time of the booking to them in their local time, which means they should see a different time. Flex makes this easy. 

Listing time zone has now been added to the context of email templates. The updated email templates display booking times in the listing’s time zone by default. If the customer has a different time zone, you can store their time zone in their private data and use that information when displaying the booking time to them.


See template name and schedule in Console

Flex Console’s transaction process visualizer now displays more information about email templates. You can see the template name and the schedule of the notification when you click to open the view of an individual transition.
Flex Console's transaction process visualizer with email template information.

Improved documentation

The reference article on editing email templates in Flex has been updated with information on editing transaction emails. With the recent release of Flex Command-line interface (CLI), editing templates and adding new ones is a breeze. Check out the guide for editing and adding transaction-related email templates.

On behalf of the Sharetribe team,

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CEO, Sharetribe

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