Build automations and new features based on transaction events

SMS sellers about new purchases. Update bookings to a third-party calendar. Keep your chosen payment system in sync. And a lot more.

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Last month, the powerful concept of events was introduced to Flex. Today, we are releasing an update that extends the concept to transaction events. You can now build automations related to bookings, reviews, and transactions.

As a reminder, any change in your marketplace activity can constitute an event. Events, in turn, can be used to trigger a whole slew of automatic actions, like sending SMS notifications or triggering actions in third-party apps. 

What you can do with transaction events

Here are some example automations you can build with transaction-related events.

Send SMS notifications about new bookings. Integrate to a tool like Twilio to send  SMS notifications. Notify providers when someone books from them, customers when their booking is confirmed, and so on.

Update a third-party calendar. Update a provider's Google Calendar whenever someone books a time slot from them. You can do this by monitoring booking events and then calling the Google Calendar API when a new booking happens or an existing booking is cancelled.

Synchronize transactions with each other. Want to build a transaction flow where multiple people bid on a project? With transaction events, you can ensure other bids  are automatically rejected when the customer approves one bid.

Update a third-party payment system. Adding a new payment system to your marketplace (instead of the built-in Stripe-powered system) is a lot easier with transaction events. For example, if a cancellation occurs in the marketplace, you can automatically trigger a refund in the third-party system. In short, transaction events help you keep your payment system in sync with the events on your marketplace.

Find events easily with the Flex CLI

In addition to support for transaction events, this release adds an improvement to the Flex developer experience. You can now use the Flex CLI to find all events related to a specific user, listing, or transaction.

There are many situations where this can be helpful. Some examples:

A complaint from a customer. A customer claims that some critical listing information has been changed after they made a booking. You can now check exactly what data each listing has had at any point within the last 90 days.

Debugging. Suspect that a listing is marked unavailable when it should in fact be available? Use the Flex CLI to check the exact changes in the listing’s recent availability history.

How to start using transaction events

To start building features with events,  the event reference in Flex docs is a good introduction. After that, you can follow the cookbook article that demonstrates how you can build an integration that reacts to events. See also the Integration API reference for events, and learn more about how to view events in the Flex CLI.

What will you build with the new event functionality? Are there more features related to events that you'd like to see in Flex? Let us know by replying to this email!

On behalf of the Sharetribe team,

Juho Makkonen
CEO, Sharetribe

P.S. If you have any questions, just reply to this email and we'll get back to you as fast as lightning! ⚡️

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