Build automations and new features based on user and listing events

Send custom notifications. Sync data with your CRM or marketing automation tool. Approve listings automatically. Events let you do this and a lot more.

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The concept of events unlocks a legion of opportunities for building automations and new features to your marketplace.

Any change in your marketplace activity can constitute an event. Events, in turn, can be used to trigger a whole slew of automatic actions. For example, the email of a new registered user can be automatically added to your emailing tool. An email notification can be sent to you about every new listing. Each message between users can trigger an SMS notification to the participants.

All these automations are now possible to create with Sharetribe Flex.

The first release of events lets you build automations based on actions related to users, listings, availability exceptions, and messages. You can query the events using the Flex Integration API. In an upcoming release, we'll expand events to bookings, reviews, and transactions.

What you can do with events

Here are some example automations you can build with events. 

Send notifications to your users. Send your users an automatic email when their listing is approved. SMS them when someone sends them a message. The new Flex functionality lets you query the latest events and then call a third-party service for triggering email or SMS notifications.

Send notifications to yourself. Want to know when a new user signs up or a new listing requires approval? Need to stay on track of any changes in listing details? With events, you’re free to determine what kinds of changes are worthy of your immediate attention.

Send data to a third-party system. Make sure every new user gets added to your mailing list in MailChimp, your marketing automation system in Intercom, or your CRM in Hubspot. Or use events to offer more tools to your providers. For example, you can now synchronize their listing availability data with a third-party calendar.

Approve listings automatically. Build a flow that automatically approves listings by users who meet certain criteria. For example, you can automatically approve listings by users who pass your verifications but require manual approval for all other listings.

View history of changes for auditing purposes. You can now check the exact time a specific change in user or listing data happened. For example, if a user has changed their listing price multiple times, you can review how each change impacted the listing's performance. Flex retains all changes for the past 90 days.

How to start using events

To start building features with events, start by reading the event reference in Flex docs. After that, you can follow the cookbook article that demonstrates how to build an integration that reacts to events. See also the Integration API reference for events, and learn more about how to view events in Flex CLI.

Stay tuned for the upcoming update to events, which allows you to react to changes in bookings, reviews and transactions.  This will open up even more possibilities for powerful automations and new features.

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